How To Choose Best Hippie Outfit Ideas

hippie outfit ideas
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Do you want to attend any party or change the way you style? You may be looking for the best hippie outfit ideas that you can try and change your personality. Do you think looking like a hippie is tiring, hard, and tedious? If it’s true, the main reason you may not know is how to do it perfectly. This article will discuss how to choose hippie outfits to look differently. That’s the best chance to express yourself, enhance your personality, and look different. All you need to do is to follow this article and learn about it.

Overview of hippie outfit ideas:

This article covers different ways you can use plan for your hippie outfits. We will start with the first way until all five ways are explained easily, and you will understand the easiest ways to learn about hippie outfit ideas. Let’s start with the way one.

Hippie-fying (From The Waist Up):

In this idea, you can wear old and used clothes. You can roam around thrift stores, flea markets, or anywhere like garage sales. There are some gear designs you can choose as a hippie outfit. The main focus has to be on what you can buy at affordable prices for hippie outfits. You can find some handcrafted things that suit best on you. Here are a few things you can keep in mind about it.

  • Make your clothes if possible. It’s a better choice.
  • When you make your clothes and wear them used, there is no question you need no change or sewing because it fits perfectly.
  • Your hippie outfit idea will be cheaper when you make it yourself.
  • You can use clothes having muted colors, patterns, and smooth fabrics. It should be soft and shiny.
  • The tops should be smooth, comfortable, and natural. You can also use tie-dyed tops that give a different shine to your personality.
  • Take inspiration from India for the best hippie outfit ideas.
  • You can also try your best, which is a great option for hippie outfit ideas. 
  • Be careful about the jackets you choose. It should look vintage, classic, and luxurious. Some people also prefer army jackets, but you can check if it suits you or not.
hippie outfit ideas
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Hippie-fying (From The Waist Down):

A denim bell bottom is perfect for this style and hippie outfit idea. You must select torn, faded, and patched jeans to look like a perfect hippie outfit wearer. Also, if you are not comfortable with what you get for this style, the following points must be considered.

  • Patterned, corduroy, and denim pants are perfect. If you don’t like denim bell bottoms, you can use these pants are alternatives.
  • If you lack some shorts, you need to purchase some denim shorts, but remember to keep them torn or buy some torn shorts. 
  • The best suggestion would be to use your old ones. Tear them, rip, and fray out the shorts to make a perfect hippie outfit. 
  • Males must turn their old jeans into cutoffs, and females need to make their jeans short shorts. That’s the best idea to adopt hippie outfit ideas. 
  • After their teenage, most dudes don’t care much about their clothes, and they don’t focus on new or pressing clothes, but it’s important.
  • For females, bottoms like loose and flowy skirts, tunics and sundress dresses, mini or micro skirts, and more are benefits.
  • Do you know that males like to wear hippie outfits like skirts or robes? Don’t get confused because these skirts are designed and sewn for men. That’s why they don’t feel hesitant and shy to wear them.

Choose Your Footwear:

Footwear like sandals, flip-flops, or shoes must be selected appropriately. When you have adopted hippie outfits, it’s better to go barefoot, but if you like to put on some footwear, you can do it. Many people prefer flat sandals, but some find it’s not practical. They believe no shirts, no shoes, and no service, but that’s also not good. You must believe sandals are best for hippie outfit ideas if you prefer hippie outfits. The following points are a must consider.

  • The sandals you prefer must have a cork bottom, upper leather material, and a shiny look.
  • There are flip-flops styled leather shoes available that you can use because putting them on and pulling them off is very easy. 
  • Also, these types of footwear are great with dresses and skirts. 
  • There are various kinds of hippie boots available, and if you plan your hippie outfit idea for colder weather, you need to wear boots. They’re made of suede, leather, or tight and protective materials. 
  • Do you know that many hippie outfit wearers try wearing moccasins? You may be wondering what type of moccasin will suit hippie outfits, but that’s not the thing to confuse because most hippie outfit ideas include any comfortable moccasins. 

Accessorize Your Look:

Stylish and unique outfits are incomplete without handcrafted jewelry. One of the best things about the hippie outfit idea is that you can prefer your favorite jewelry. Do you know that you can make your favorite jewelry at home if you don’t want to spend much on jewelry? Search about it on the internet. Here are the points regarding hippie jewelry.

  • Choose long beaded macrame or necklaces. They look perfect for a hippie outfit idea. 
  • The jewelry you choose or make at your home must use natural stone. It will make it shiny and originally worthy.
  • If you make your hippie jewelry from seashells, that’s the best thing because most jewelry looks good with seashells.
  • It would be best if you planned to make large, ethnic, shiny, and luxurious earrings. It will perfectly suit on hippie outfit.
  • The belt has to be chosen wisely, it should symbolize peace, and mostly, the material would be leather. 
  • You can take better work from simple shoelaces if you want to go more than just crazy. Male hippies don’t prefer buying a belt and spending money on it, so it’s better to use shoelaces for their trousers.
  • Do you mind altering your clothes? If not, adding some fringes to your style is better than wearing the traditional hippie outfit. You can say there was a time when pants, vests, jackets, shirts, and anything else were cool with fringed. So, you can do it. 

More Than What Said:

  • You can use some embroidery for your clothes.
  • Paint your face with some skin care colors. You can paint some animals or birds, stars, signs, slogans, or anything that excites you.
  • There are some slogans and signs of love and peace on your clothes. That will blow others’ minds. 
  • Do you know that the anti-war movement, American flag patches, patterns, and pins, are also good?
  • Your ankles must be silent. Put your steps too wisely and ensure no voice is out of your footsteps.

Having Hippie Hair & Make-Up:

After understanding the basics of hippie outfit ideas, you must know that hairstyle is also a must for you while going for a hippie. Don’t you think about it? Of course, it matters. You need to grow your hair, whether male or female because long hair for hippies is a must. However, the following points for hairstyle are a must consider for a perfect hippie outfit.

  • Keep your hair clean, no matter if you are a male or female. 
  • There is no need for a special hairstyle.
  • You don’t have to play with your hair health because anything that comes to it will either damage it or give it good health, but most products damage your hair. 
  • For men, it’s mandatory to grow facial hair too!
  • A headband worn horizontally is a great idea to finish the hippie outfit stylishly. 
  • Women can have a flower clip to put their hair along with the headbands. That’s a great idea to look more uncommon and beautiful.
  • Don’t you have a headband? Don’t worry. You can use any stretchy cotton fabric or other material and tie your hair without hurting hair. That’s also a great idea that will look vintage.
  • No matter how long you have grown your hair, you have to control yourself from styling your hair maximally. A minimal hairstyle is a great way to look more natural and hippy. 
  • Your hair must be loosened, low-maintenance, and free to move in the air. 
  • There has to be no chemical put on hair to style because chemicals will hurt your hair. 
  • Makeup also needs to be minimum because you need to let people see your real beauty, but putting on more makeup will hide your real beauty. Yes, it’s strange but true in many cases.
hippie outfit ideas
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Wrapping Up:

Did you understand how to choose hippie outfit ideas for men and women? This article discusses five ways you can plan your hippie outfit idea for males and females. Mostly, we advise you to make your hippie outfits at your home. We discussed tops, bottoms, makeup, hairstyle, belt, footwear, and almost everything about hippie outfits. Are you ready to go on a crazy trip?


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