How To Do A Helpful SEO Audit In A Few Hours?

SEO Audit

To rank in the search engines, you take the chance to write. But, at a certain point, you need to stop typing and look up to how well your SEO content is performing. Only glancing at Google’s first page won’t do the trick. You need to perform a simple yet quick SEO Audit that will help in providing the adverse and positive aspects of your website pages. It is considered to be an important step so that it will help you eliminate all the bad SEO tactics. This is because such tactics are known to deliver a negative impact on your rankings.

SEO is known to be a crucial part of all businesses in the industry. It will help those businesses that wish to increase their visibility in the online platform. However, marketers, these days see SEO as an effective marketing tool. This is because about 82% is been reported that the effectiveness is rising. On the other hand, 42% has already stated that SEO is exploding. However, to know how to perform a good SEO Audit this document will provide you with the information you need.

Steps required to perform SEO audit

Given below are some of the most important and simple steps, which will allow you to perform SEO Audit under a given timeframe. 

  • Crawl the website you own:

SEO Audit

Under the category of SEO Audit, the crawl is known to be one of the most important parts of all. You need to crawl first before looking up towards the other steps. There are numerous types of SEO tools that will allow you to receive an overall picture of your website. With the help of these tools, you will be provided general information regarding the website. The information can be related to the most common keywords, coding errors, anchors and links information, and many more.

  • Be sure to check the on-page SEO:

Start of your operation by looking into your pages for duplicated title tags, content, and headers. If you have published too many contents, then some of the unrelated ones will show up in the crawl. This will not something bad since you are in search of duplicate contents. Next, you need to check the title bags. The title tags are part of the content, which relays on the form of a title for a page. Titles need to relevant and must contain a relevant keyword. The length of the title tags should be around 50-66 words. Lastly, check the description of the page. The description is also a part of the content that tells users and describes in brief about the content. The optimal length of the description must be 160-260 symbols.

  • Check the external and internal links:

Website links are considered to be one of the most important things under the on-page SEO. For which it makes this step to be a crucial part of the SEO Audit, which helps in checking the internal and external links of your website. So, how do you check the link? Simple, you need to type in your website address in the search box, and use the backlink profile category and the backlinks subsection. Once you have done, then check your backlinks and export all the data present by selecting the export button. With the help of the right SEO tool, you can also locate all the broken links and fix your backlink strategy, with immediate effect.

  • Check the speed of your website:

Another check you are required to add under your SEO Audit is the website speed. The faster your website performs, the better it will result from the bounce rate metrics. When the help of Google Page Speed Insights, the speed of your website can be checked. Therefore, for many individuals, who use this tool is known as the best way to check the speed of the website easily. All you need to do is open the tool copy for type in the website you wish to check and press on analyze. Additionally, the tool will help in providing tips and tricks to solve issues when there is any.

  • Check the analytics of your website:

SEO Audit


Website analytics are known to take a long time but not hours, but there is no need for you to check all the parameters. The analytics can provide you a good deal of information on the bounce rate, on your website. If the bounce rate is high this indicates that the visitors are not finding the things based on their needs and wants. You need to go backward and optimize your content so that they match the requirements of your customers.

  • Locate all the technical problems:

This step is considered to be one of the important ones for the SEO Audit category. This is because performing a good checking into your website for technical issues will allow you to fix it quickly. The checking should carry points like XML sitemaps, Bad redirects, Usage of flash and iFrames, the proper use of 301’s and use of JavaScript. With the help of a set of proper tools, this issue can be checked properly.

  • Choose a good auditing tool:

Before you start with the SEO Audit, you will need a good Auditing tool to continue the process. There are plenty of auditing tools available and you can use the right one by comparing them with the other auditing tools. Although the work of all auditing tools is the same, some come with additional features and options. You must choose an auditing tool, which will help you perform the auditing efficiently. 

Ending note on SEO Auditing

SEO Audit

It is quite understandable that this document is not that comprehensive since there should be more checks. However, it is enough for you to have a clear image of performing auditing for SEO. The information will help you perform a good audit when no issues in hand. All these steps are very important and you need to follow them well before the audit.


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