How To Draw On Google Maps? Here Is The Step By Step Process

how to draw on google maps
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Do you want to know how to draw on Google maps? You may be looking for the process of creating a route on a desktop and getting your Google maps lines and other things done. The process starts with marking your current location on Google maps. In this article, you will find the answers to the most asked questions, and we will try to cover almost everything you need to know about the process of drawing on Google maps. It would be best if you used your Google maps app on your android phone, and thus, you are ready to make things easier for you. 

Things You Should Know:

First of all, go to My Maps. You can use the app or open any browser from a desktop and type My Maps. After that, it’s very easy to plot the points, draw lines, add a driving route, and do your preferred things. All you need is a mouse to draw everything you want.

After that, the most important part is marking your location. If you want to draw something on Google maps, you need to let it know your exact location. It is better to type out the address of your area in the search bar.

The sad news is that My Maps Android is no longer functional, but you can still use My Maps on the smartphone through a mobile browser.

This article is prepared to teach you the process of how to draw on Google maps, and we will use Google’s My Maps Tool. You can access this through desktop and mobile browsers. 

Do you know that when you use My Maps, it lets you create maps with your custom details or information and make them personalized for you to use for future references and needs? 

how to draw on google maps
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How To Make A Route With My Maps?

It would be best to use your browser-based Google My Maps Tool, which lets you draw a custom route. The following process is a must to perform.

  • Go to your device’s browser and type My Maps.
  • Sign up to create a new Google Account.
  • Log in to your Google account if you already have an account.
  • Go to the (Create A New Map) and click on it. You can find this option in the upper left corner. It’s easier to get started. There is an option to choose an existing map if you have already created it.

Creating A New Map Button In Google Maps:

  • The process starts with entering your current location. Type the area address in the search box. 
  • Press enter to proceed or hit Return on your keyboard. 
  • Choose Untitled Map and name it anything.
  • You will notice that it highlights your location in the search box when you put your address in Google My Maps.
  • You need to choose the layer from the upper left maps tools box.
  • It shows you the My Google Maps Tool Box with highlighted added layer.
  • Choose that Untitled Layer to name oy with layer Marker. 
  • Now Save It.
  • You can highlight the names with Markers. It is possible through the My Google Maps layer name box.
  • Choose (Add Marker) and place it at the route’s starting point.
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How To Add Marker Tool In Google Maps:

While learning how to draw on Google maps, you also need to know how to add a marker tool on Google maps. 

  • Go to the Point One Box, type the name for the starting point of your drawing, and select Save. 
  • Highlight First Point On Google My Maps:
  • Choose Draw A Line Tool. 
  • You can see this tool highlighted in Google My Maps. 
  • Choose Add Driving Route.
  • It will get highlighted in Google My Maps.
  • Click on the starting point. It will begin drawing the route.
  • Double-click on the ending point and stop.
  • Now, you can see that My Maps has created the route, making the new driving layer available automatically.
  • Then you will see the highlighted route in Google My Maps.

Do You Know?

Google My Maps lets you add shapes, and you can further customize the maps. Click on Draw A Line and choose to Add A Line or Add A Shape. 

You can also use Google My Maps with Add A Shape Highlighted Or Add A Line Highlighted.

Use this tool to draw lines and signify paths you can’t observe on Google Maps. You can also learn how to draw on Google maps if you want to know how to draw shapes and highlight certain areas with it.

Do you know that Google My Maps lets you add a note on the Line or Shape? Then choose Save. 

Learn From This Note On Google Maps:

Do you know that your maps are automatically saved on Google drive? Yes, Google saves your progress to your Google Drive on the cloud storage of the same email address. Hence, you don’t need to worry about saving your work. 

Mark Your Current Location:

If you don’t know how to make your current location on Google maps, let’s teach you this simple thing. Open your browser and go to Google My Maps. Create a new map, and type your address, but don’t forget to type the address in the search bar. You can see this search bar at the top of the page. You can see a green marker on My Maps on your current location.

Why Is Google My Maps App For Android Not Working?

You may not know that Google removed the My Maps Android App from Google Play Store in 2021, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use its amazing features. You can use any of the mobile browsers and use Google My Maps. All you need is to navigate to Enter this address in Google, and it will redirect you to the official page of this app. 

How To Access Google Maps?

Now, you may be wondering how to access the Google maps that you have previously created if the My Maps app is no longer available. Right? But don’t worry because you can find and access your previously created maps, even if the app is removed from the Play Store. You only need to find your maps by opening the Google maps app and selecting save. You can also use the official page and access your maps from your account. Do you know that the My Maps app was never available for iOS? But you can access it from the browser on your iOS device.

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What To Know About Drawing On Google Maps?

Do you know that creating multiple shapes, displaying them on Google maps, and editing the same is easier? Google maps let you highlight areas on Google maps with your preferred colors, display the custom information, and proceed. The shapes you can use in Google maps are here. 

  • Lines
  • Polygons
  • Rectangles
  • Circles

The best thing is that you can configure the preferred shapes you want to let users use and edit or directly drag and drop.

Simple Process To Draw On Google Maps:

  • Land to the drawing page to choose the map.
  • Select the shape to draw on the drawing page.
  • The process of how to draw on Google maps includes clicking on the map, dragging the mouse, and creating the shape.
  • Then display the map.
  • The last step is modifying the shape properties. We have mentioned it in detail.

Here Is About Shape Properties:

  • The first property is stroke color. Do you know that a stroke is an outline? It can be the edges of the shape of a simple line.
  • Fill color is the second property, which is a solid shape. Stroke surrounds it to make it surface the shape.
  • Stroke weight works to set line thickness and outlines.
  • Stroke opacity specifies the outline’s opacity.
  • Fill opacity is the color opacity.
  • The last step is to save.

How To Draw Radius On Google Maps?

You can not draw a radius on Google maps, but there is a third-party tool that supports this feature. But Google maps lets you create a circle using a point and radius.

Can You Draw A Grid On Google Maps?

You can not show the latitude and longitude lines on Google maps, but that’s possible on Google Earth. You can go to Google Earth App and go to Settings. Navigate for Map Style and find Enable Gridlines.

how to draw on google maps
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Wrapping Up:

Did you understand how to draw on Google maps? In this article, we have explained the process of drawing on Google maps. We have discussed the type of shapes you can use directly from Google maps, the detailed process of drawing on Google maps, and properties. We explained the properties used in Google maps that you can learn. Do you have any queries regarding the process of creating, editing, and accessing Google My Maps? We have explained how to access Google my maps from the browser if you have previously created them from the Google My Maps Android app, which is no longer available on the Play Store. So, you can not use it anymore.

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