How to generate traffic from Pinterest?

traffic from Pinterest

Social media marketing has become a key part of every business. Putting out a business on one or more social media platforms is the most effective way of generating traffic. Stats show that this method of marketing has given better results as compared to any other form. Due to that reason, all big and small businesses have made their way to social media in the last few years.

However, this raised the problem of higher competition and lesser results, as most marketers prefer to stick to only one social media platform. And when they are selecting only one option, then it has to be the most popular one. So they all end up on the same social media stages. In this situation, it would be a good trick for marketers to track other platforms as well. This way, they can generate more traffic for their website. With this article, they can learn how to produce traffic from Pinterest, one of the most amazing social media platforms. 

Here are five tips that will help everyone in generating more traffic from Pinterest

1. Grow Reach:

traffic from Pinterest

A Pinterest profile might have a massive number of followers, but if its pins do not reach out to new people, then the benefits of social media will be limited. So marketers need to ensure that their posts are reaching a wide range of audiences who do not even follow them. To obtain that, they can follow the following steps. 

  • Keep Posts Relevant: The marketers must keep their pins relevant to their business. For example, if the company manufactures beauty products, then their pins should be all about beauty. Irrelevant pins will attract useless audiences, which would be of no use for them.
  • Correct Keywords: Pinterest has started allowing people to follow interests instead of specific profiles and pages. To make their way to these interests, marketers need to use the correct keyword in their board title and pin descriptions.

With both these steps, one can attract more people towards their pins, and that will automatically generate more traffic from Pinterest. 

2. Use A Business Account

Pinterest has both personal and business account services. If marketers sign up for the personal account, then they will miss out on various features of Pinterest like,

  • Analytics: Analytics is very crucial to social media marketing. It helps marketers in tracking whether their strategies are working or not. With the numbers provided, they can check the reach of their pins as well as the page.
  • Rich Pins: Pinterest has a feature where users can put more information on their pins. These are called the Rich Pins, and their usability is authorized only for business accounts. With these, marketers can add more information about their business in the pins, like the link to their site.

Along with these two main features, several other tools can be used by a business profile on Pinterest. With all these strategies and tools, marketers can make the pins reach out to more people. Hence, gathering better traffic from Pinterest. 

3. The Correct Images

traffic from Pinterest

Pinterest is all about images. If marketers do not incorporate click-worthy photos, then there is no chance they can generate traffic from Pinterest. Once a user finds the image attractive enough, they will open the pin and ultimately visit the business website. The first thing they should consider while selecting a photo is its relevance to the business. For example, if the company is about clothing and the pictures used are of makeup products, then they will not attract the correct set of audience. 

Even with the most relevant image, marketers need to check the following features in it:

  • Quality: The most pertinent and exciting picture becomes unattractive if it is blurred or low on quality. So they should ensure that the image is clear enough to depict everything related to their business.
  • Emotional Touch: In today’s time, marketers must give a sensitive touch to whatever content they put on social media. And Pinterest images are not excluded from it. They need to have an emotional value that can affect the viewer’s mind.
  • Proper Information: If marketers need to provide some information through their pin images, they have to double-check that they include precise and complete data. Otherwise, their content will look incomplete and will attract fewer people.
  • Proper Font: Image font is usually different from the one used in descriptions and titles. If there is a requirement to add text to the image, then the font should be clear and readable.

4. Frequent Uploads

This is a piece of general advice that is given to all marketers regarding social media marketing. To generate more traffic from Pinterest, they need to manage regular pin uploads. Also, the content uploaded in each pin should be kept unique and exciting. They can take help from various available social media planners, which reminds the marketers about their scheduled uploads. 

Further, these pins should be done at the correct time. Now the question comes, what exactly is the right time for uploads? The answer to that is simple. The right upload time is when most people out of the relevant audiences are present on the platform. If they upload at times when there are very fewer people available on Pinterest, their pins will be pushed down by the time those people visit the platform. 

5. Repins

traffic from Pinterest

Just like backlinks work for search engines, repins work for Pinterest. Based on repins, the platform decides the ranking of different profiles. Preferred are those pins that manage to collect more repins in lesser time. Also, the repins must be achieved through regular active users of Pinterest. 

Along with getting a better position for the pins, repins will help to get the content to various other users as well. With more promotion of the pins, marketers can gather more traffic from Pinterest. 


Pinterest is an excellent social media platform for promoting any business. That is why marketers should consider taking their brand to Pinterest before competition becomes severe. Further, people might find various other tricks for gathering more traffic from Pinterest. However, most of them are outdated, which works for modern-day Pinterest. But the ones mentioned here are the best tips for achieving massive traffic from Pinterest that will never go out of date. 


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