How to Get Your Product On The First Page of Amazon?


It is a dream for every seller to get their products on the first page of every eCommerce sites. But, with the numerous sellers on each eCommerce sites, it is a continuous fierce fight among the sellers to rank their products above the others. But, have you ever wondered what brings the sellers on the first page and what the other is lacking, which are forcing them to stay away from the first page? Well, it all depends on how well your Amazon SEO Guide is optimized.

The algorithms of Amazon depend on numerous factors that affect the ranking of your page. But, if done right, you can improve the ranking of your product on Amazon’s page drastically. So, to help you better, we have listed out some of the best Amazon SEO Guide that will help you to improve the SEO ranking of your page.

Top Amazon SEO Guide, which you should know about. Get a grip over A9

A9 is one of the most important parts of the Amazon SEO Guide. It is a part of the Amazon’s algorithm, which would help you to rank your page on Amazon’s product page. If you have a good grip on the Amazon’s A9, then you will automatically have the idea regarding what changes you need to make to improve your ranking. And since the strategies of the A9 is always changing, so you will need to constantly update yourself regarding the rules and regulations of Amazon’s A9, which will eventually help you to rank better.

Learn the difference between Search Engine SEO and Amazon SEO Guide

An essential part of the Amazon SEO Guide is to learn the difference between a search engine’s SEO algorithm and the algorithm of Amazon’s SEO. Both of these SEOs are poles apart. The primary motive of Google is to provide its users with the most relevant search engine result, whereas, in Amazon, their motive is to sell as many products as they can. So, they will rank their products based on their popularity and the chances of people buying them.

The two primary factors which affect the ranking of your product on Amazon are the relevance factor and the performance factor. Amazon will keep a track over the past performance of your product. They go through the conversion rate as well as the sales to mark the popularity and success of the product. And the relevancy is what helps Amazon SEO Guide in determining how the product matches with the queries of the customers. And keywords have a huge influence over the relevancy.

Sell out ads of your products is included in the Amazon SEO Guide

An Amazon ad may not have the same impact on all age groups and gender. There is no point in spending money unnecessarily for an unprofitable age category. Therefore, this would help you set the budget of advertising properly. Also, by selecting the age group and gender, you can generate more sales. So, you have to know the best way for Amazon SEO Guide. In order to analyze gender and age group based performance, you can get the same from the ad manager option and opt for ‘reports’ option.

How can Amazon SEO Guide be used for Bidding?

When trying Amazon SEO Guide biding, try to know the strategies as it would help you reach your campaign goals in a low budget. As the bidding option in Amazon SEO Guide has changed, automatic Bidding has become beneficial for the Amazon pages. The bidding setup helps people know the way they should opt for Bidding so that they can expect high rates of return from the investment. However, the Bidding and budget of Amazon ads can be controlled in three ways.

  • You can control what you are planning to optimize your ads for
  • You can control the percentage of money that you have to pay for the optimization
  • You can have control on whether you are opting for manual bidding process or an automatic one.

Ways to set up bidding for Amazon ads 

  • Choose a goal – You have to choose your goal through which you can boost and promote your website clicks, videos, conversion and others
  • Select your audience – You cannot start bidding of the Amazon SEO Guide campaign without selecting your target audience. Depending on it, you have to select the content of the ad. This would help to reach your target group easily in less time. If you can narrow your target, it would be easy for you to reach the right group of people.
  • Choosing the right budget – This is one of the important parts, and it is where Optimizing Amazon Ad Spend. Therefore, you can either choose the bidding amount on a daily basis or choose the lifetime budget. This can also depend on the size of your business and the total money that you wish to spend. If you are choosing the Bidding on a daily basis, you have to choose the number of days for which you wish to choose it.
  • Optimizing ad delivery – Amazon SEO Guide ads would be shown to be the person who is likely to take action after going through the advertisement. Therefore, you can set the Amazon ad is such a way that it would reach out only to the target audience for effective results.
  • Setting a Bid amount –It is also important to choose the bid amount as depending on this, the Bidding of the Amazon ad would either become manual or automatic.

Quality Images is the key to attraction

An essential point where most of the sellers make mistakes is with the image of the product. While you are setting out the images for your product, make sure you are providing high-quality images over a neutral background. And never forget to put in multiple images. And try to describe the size of the product within the image as not everyone will have the time to go through the description of your product.

Apart from the above-said strategies, make sure that you are updating yourself along with the upgradations of Amazon SEO Guide.


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