How to help Developers Embrace Testing

Embrace Testing

Introduction- Developers desire to code, innovate, and construct unique technology without distractions and also Embrace Testing. These processes include software testing, according to many developers. Although most companies want to shift left, many developers still hesitate to have more testing in their procedures. This is because they consider testing a deterrent, keeping in mind the outdated QA testing and manual app testing platforms and techniques companies employ.

 Testers have to take up the initiative to discuss software testing with developers. They must discover considerate and creative methods to promote expanded collaboration. Different and higher approaches should be implemented to make it easy for developers to accept software testing.

Three Methods for Software Testing or to Embrace Testing

The following are three great methods to help developers to accept software testing:

Providing the Necessary Tools

Developers prefer to work with their chosen tools, like everyone else, with which they can be the most efficient and feel the most comfortable. These tools differ from the tools used by QA teams and testers conventionally. The first step to helping the developers accept software testing readily is to welcome the tools and techniques they prefer to use.

Testers generally prefer to invest in platforms like Appium, Selenium and WebDriverIO. They should also check out the app testing platforms and tools like TestCafe, Cypress, Playwright and Puppeteer. Since developers have a lot of excess obligations, ensuring comfortable surroundings will be greatly appreciated by them.

HeadSpin is a mobile app test automation platform that can be employed for testing both mobile and browser apps on thousands of real devices in different locations around the world. The key features offered are a global device cloud, bug reproducibility, audio and video testing, and a wide range of integrations, including API and CI and DevOps workflow.

Breaking the bubble

The conventional bubbles and procedures that have kept testers as individuals and QA testing as a function removed from the other core groups and software program improvement methods’ components need to be broken. This is essential to encourage developers to embody testing and work with testers. This does not include breaking all barriers between software testing and development. Although the two have different roles and additional features in agile development and DevOps, a more interdisciplinary approach should be taken for both the strategies and final actions.

 The conventional idea is that developers only take a seat and write the code, and the QA team sits separately, awaiting the final delivery cycle to check that code. This needs to be gotten rid of. Instead, all organisations, whether small or big, should consider the adoption of the “squad” technique wherein testers are included at once in development teams and work right alongside developers from the very beginning. This permits effective collaboration, the dispersion of the best practices, and collective work for supplying excellent customer experiences without any conflicts between the QA testers and the developers. This is an interdisciplinary technique that permits teams to concentrate on the amalgamation of all excellent signals such that the app’s health is the top priority and not who is performing the testing procedures.

Embracing a quality culture

A culture of high quality and empowerment should be created for helping developers embrace software testing. Quality is only defined by the QA team in most companies nowadays, and developers often have little say in determining quality. When developers are asked to get involved with testing, but their opinions are not considered for the kind of quality the corporation defines best, they show little to no excitement.

 It is essential to encourage the opinions of developers in defining the quality and ensure that they are employed in the strategy. But that is not sufficient – the direct emotional investment can be guaranteed only if the same is asked of everybody within the company. Everyone needs to participate, to take possession of quality. The developers should be the only individuals responsible for the quality. For this to be manifested, a subculture should be created wherein everyone inside the company, no matter which role, branch, seniority, or technical proficiency, can present and bring forward enhancements to the quality if and when the possibility provides itself.


This article explored a fundamental change — a reimagination of the role of developers and the concept of quality. Like any change of this magnitude, overcoming hurdles and fighting resistance is reasonably expected. But if these are overcome — if the developers are armed with the tools they want, the bubbles that restrict them are broken, and a culture of quality for everybody to adopt can be embraced — the benefits are manifold.



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