How to Hire People Through Instagram?

hiring through Instagram

Hiring through Instagram has become a norm these days. Instagram is a photo-sharing app available for both iPhone and Android users. It is a product of Facebook and business owners are now using it to find potential talents for their organization. It is being widely used by brands and influencers to increase their followers. Companies have started to experiment using this platform for hiring purposes. Hiring through Instagram is a way of social recruiting where job seekers can consider the position as well as focus on finding the company culture that they feel will suit their requirements. The same goes for employers who are looking for great talents that are not only the right professional fit but the right cultural fit as well.

Instagram is a great place to find talents at it allows businesses to build a strong, accessible brand through storytelling and by exhibiting insights into their company culture.

If you are an employer or a hiring manager at your firm, hiring through Instagram can give you a great deal of satisfaction. Since the social media platform attracts different demographics, it can be effective for your industry, especially if you are from creative industries.

So, if you are planning on using a new recruitment strategy for a change, here are a few tips that can help you on your way of hiring through Instagram.

#1 Start with building a brand

hiring through Instagram

Brand value and worth are what people look for when you mention a business. People would want to work with a company that is professional and is recognized as a brand. Building a brand means building trust. It is essential to show that your brand is professional so that people can take you seriously. First things first, you need to post a high-quality profile picture along with the details about the company and website. Providing a link to your website is important because if any jobseeker stumbles upon your company profile, the link will directly lead him/her to your company website where he/she can find additional information.

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Once you start gaining followers, you can post content that gives the potential employees an idea about what it is like working with your firm. You can share photographs of your team and give the followers an insight into what goes into their daily work life at your company. This is all about demonstrating a positive picture of your company so that onlookers can get to know more.

Since Instagram is a photo-sharing app, people believe what they see. So they are likely to apply for the role if they find your posts interesting.

#2 Start finding passive talent

As your brand is slowly building up, it is time for you to look for users and followers who are actually fond of your brand or interested in a similar brand as yours. Hiring through Instagram becomes easy if you can find passive talent. One strategy you can follow here is to look for people who are currently not looking for a job. According to reports, 80% of the population isn’t actively seeking out job opportunities. Doing this will allow you to build up your followers and reach a larger set of audience.

Even if you don’t hire, you can build credibility with this tactic. However, one thing to remember is not to follow everyone but only follow backs. Because this can become spammy and put people off. While you are interacting with passive talent on Instagram, ensure that you follow the credible users, like photos, thank them for sharing your brand, and comment on their posts. This will help you with brand awareness and allow you to expose your brand to a much larger audience.

#3 Search and use Hashtags

hiring through Instagram

A simple #recruitment hashtag will flood your comment section and message box with queries from potential talents. So, use as many hashtags (only the relevant ones) if you want to find talent through Instagram. When you are uploading posts and photographs, make sure that you use hashtags appropriately. Moreover, in the search box, if you search for relevant hashtags, it will bring you closer to people who could be your future employees. Stay clear of people who use useless tags and don’t spam your feed with meaningless tags.


Further, you can create your brand-specific hashtags and utilize them all across your social channels. These hashtags will highlight your employer brand. These hashtags will make it easy for people to find your content and other company-related aspects.

#4 Share locations

One of the best ways of hiring through Instagram is by sharing location. Instagram providers the feature of tagging the location along with the post. When you post a photo on Instagram, you tag along with the location where it was taken. Tagging location gives a sense to people that you are a credible enterprise. So, whenever you are posting pictures of your employees and office space, among others, make sure to tag the location where your office is located. This helps people in finding your address with ease.

Moreover, you can share locations of all the places you are doing business in. This is important because people residing in cities other than the place your office is located at may hesitate a bit when leaving their hometown. If they find that you have business all over the place, then it will make it easy for them to seek out to you.

#5 Remain active

Instagram is one platform where if you stop posting photos, stories, and other activities, then people will easily forget you. You need to actively post on your page and determine when your followers and target audience are most active. This will not only help your posts to garner more likes but also help you with the recruitment process. The key to hiring through Instagram is to actively post content that will engage users. You can upload 2-3 posts daily or weekly depending on your reach and number of followers. You can also create ads that communicate about an open job posting at your firm.

Final Words

Hiring through Instagram can become an easy process if you are able to understand how the platform works. It is all about the use of the right, engaging content with proper hashtags.




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