How to improve your eCommerce Performance with Better Web Design

How to improve your eCommerce Performance with Better Web Design

No matter how small or big your business is, there is always space for improvement. With successful eCommerce performance, you get to keep the already existing customers while also attracting new ones. This is why it is important to improve your eCommerce website in every way possible should be your number one priority. Here is how you can improve your eCommerce performance with a better Web Designing.

Optimize your website load speeds

Your eCommerce business greatly depends on your website. If your website offers extremely slow load speeds and not so impressive design, most people are going to leave before they even get a chance to see what it is that you offer. Stanford research shows that about 75% of Internet users tend to make judgments about a business’s credibility based on their first impression of the company’s website. By the time your website reaches 4 seconds of loading time, you have probably already lost approximately 25% of the potential viewers. This can be deadly for your online business and can cost you a lot of new customers. For these reasons, working on your overall website design as well as its load speed is the number one priority.

Target existing customers with remarketing ads and email campaigns

Although it is more cost-effective to sell to your already existing customers, your goal should be to expand and make your eCommerce grow as fast as possible. That is why you need to target your marketing efforts towards gaining new customers as well as maintaining repeat sales from your current ones. The two most effective strategies you could use are email campaigns and remarketing ads.

You should also aim to reach out to some of your previous customers via an email campaign. Believe it or not, email is pretty much still a very effective tool when it comes to contacting customers. It is especially useful when reaching out to customers who feel more comfortable with online shopping.

Optimize your eCommerce business for mobile access

We have more than one way of accessing the Internet these days. The number of people accessing the Internet from computers and laptops seems to be decreasing and more and more people are using their smartphones to surf the net on a daily basis now. This especially goes for younger users whose whole lives are pretty much based on their mobile devices- school, friends, entertainment, and so on.

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For this reason, when you’re building an eCommerce website, you need to take this factor into consideration and optimize your site for mobile users. If you fail to be up to date when it comes to Internet access you risk losing business. You should aim to create an eCommerce site design that is responsive. For instance, you need to make sure that your website can be visually adjusted to the size and shape of the screen it appears on. This way, both computer, and mobile phone users get to have the best user experience of the highest quality out there. It will help you to improve your eCommerce websites in a better way.

Harness the power of the landing page

If you want to achieve rapid growth of your eCommerce website, then you need to harness the power of the landing page. A landing page is especially important because it offers information specifically dedicated to a single product or offer. Here, every element is specifically focused on a single call to action. Every element is carefully and intentionally designed with a goal to turn a casual visitor into a loyal new customer.

When you’re working on your eCommerce website, you need to eliminate all the possible distractions. Apart from that, in order to have a successful and eye-catching eCommerce website, you need to provide a clear call to action as well as make it easy for customers to complete their purchase. Everything needs to be crystal clear for people who are just about to get in touch with your brand for the first time.

Provide social proof to build customer confidence

People are by nature very social creatures and long for being a part of a group. We tend to be encouraged to share our opinions when we see other people doing the same. That is why, when you’re designing your eCommerce website, you need to make a room that your customers can use to leave reviews and testimonials so that you improve your eCommerce website.

Reviews and testimonials are of great importance to your business. They provide valuable information to new potential customers who will most likely go looking for a trusted opinion before trying out someone’s services. These are some of the useful tips you should follow when creating space for testimonials on your website:

  • Make sure your testimonials are in prominent spots. They should be in a place where they’re easily accessible and easy to find, without overshadowing your call to action.
  • Whenever you have a chance, try to pin or include a picture of the quoted customer. Just make sure to get their permission first. It’s easier for people to relate and trust someone’s opinion when they can see their face.
  • Go for a testimonial font that is easy to read. Even though fancy can be fun, simplicity is always a safe choice.
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Apart from that, including a “best-sellers” section can also do wonders for your business. Not everyone who visits your website knows exactly what they’re looking for. If your company offers a wide range of services and products, people who are just casually browsing without any concrete goal may get lost and end up giving up. That is why you need to highlight some of the most popular and recommended products on your website. This section needs to be easily accessible and somewhere visible.

For this reason, you should never skimp on the design section of creating a website. Many business owners rely on professionals to help them with web design such as Orion Creative, so they use their professional services to get their website to the top of its potential.

Recover abandoned shopping carts to boost sales

Lastly, you need to work on your website’s shopping carts if you want to boost your sales. Most of the time, the final barrier between a potential customer and a definite sale is the shopping cart. Also, for most eCommerce sites, an abandoned shopping cart is the biggest issue. Customers load their carts and then decide to leave last minute.

There are many reasons why people do this such as a confusing check-out process, using the cart for storage with the intent of purchasing later, and shipping price shock. What you can do to avoid this is to review your shopping cart design and ask yourself these questions while doing so:

Is my shopping cart design confusing?

Does the process of buying my products take too many steps to complete?

Is the page too slow to load?

Is the shopping process cumbersome or buggy?

Once you handle these aspects and make sure your customers have as little as possible to do to get to that final point of purchasing an item, To improve your eCommerce website will have instant and significant improvement.


All things considered, there are several aspects you need to take into account if you want to improve your eCommerce website to grow. Keep these tips in mind and you will be able to drastically raise your sales.

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