How to Increase Engagement on Instagram to Kylie Level Clout

How to Increase Engagement on Instagram to Kylie Level Clout

Instagram hit a significant milestone last year.

They had over a billion active users on the platform for the first time. While that’s exciting growth, it’s more important than ever before that you know how to master this platform to help support your brand.

That starts with achieving some fantastic engagement levels each time you post new content. This guide will explain how to increase engagement on Instagram and show you what works for top influencers.

Target the Right Audience 

It’s easy to become enchanted by the prospect of thousands of followers and becoming an instant celebrity.

But mastering Instagram engagement is about understanding one crucial rule. That rule is: the person who follows you is ten times more critical to your success than the raw numbers of followers you boast.

You want your audience to enjoy and relate to your content. That starts by targeting the right people. So if you’re going to boost your engagement on Instagram, start by researching your niche and profile your perfect follower.

Upgrade Your Content 

Keeping active on Instagram can feel like a challenge when you are busy with other demands. But you must stay on top of content, even if it means hiring a specialist to help. The better your content, the better your engagement.

Upgrade your content to the highest standard you can reach. It needs to be authentic and unique.

Ask yourself if it’s “save-worthy.” Instagram has a save feature for users who want to return to a post in the future. So question if you have something so valuable that your audience will want to keep it forever.

That’s your sweet spot.

Get Measuring

If you don’t know how your Instagram account performs, how do you begin to improve? That’s why metrics are essential.

Capturing data showing how your audience interacts with your content is the first step to improving engagement. It will help point you in the right direction about what content works well with your audience and what content falls flat.

You’ll also get lots of other valuable data, such as the time of day when it’s best to post for the highest engagement. If you still need to grasp the finer details of social reporting, this blog goes into it more.

Try a Giveaway

Suppose you find it hard to excite your audience. In that case, you need to freshen up your account with an exciting or new social media campaign. So why not try hosting a giveaway.

Offer a fantastic bundle of prizes and ask people to enter by interacting with your Instagram account. You could do something simple like get them to comment on the post and tag a friend (or two).

That will help your account get noticed by new people. Or you could ask them to submit content with a hashtag specific to your brand and competition.

How to Increase Engagement on Instagram

Forget tricks and tactics for mastering social media. If you want to know how to increase engagement on Instagram, follow these tried-and-tested methods and let the results speak for themselves.

If you enjoyed this guide, discover how other brands use Instagram marketing for their business by browsing our latest news.



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