How To Increase Your Brand’s Audience Engagement On Social Media?

audience engagement

People invented different social media platforms for various purposes, but their ultimate aim was to connect people from different regions of the world. With these social media platforms, people can either know each other or share their thoughts with other people who have similar interests. But as these platforms became popular among people, they became an excellent platform for marketers to connect with their audiences. Due to this reason, more businesses started reaching social media. And initially, all of them faced the issue of audience engagement.

Let’s say you make a social media page for your brand today. Until and unless your brand is already famous, you cannot expect your social media page to get followers for at least a few months. Even then, it would only get hits if you properly strategize your social media actions. And your work does not end here. Once you start getting hits on your page, then you have to take care of other aspects of audience engagement such as getting “Like, Share, and Comments.”

Audience engagement on social is not as easy as it sounds because there are thousands or millions of profiles that might be competing with you. If you want to benefit your business from social media, then you have to stand better than all those competitors. The benefits that social media marketing company will provide to your business are:

  • It helps in increasing interaction with your audience, which further helps in connecting them with your brand.
  • Increased market for your business.
  • You can direct more people towards your business or content website.
  • The more people will like your social media profile, the more likely they become of recommending it to others.
  • You will be able to understand your audiences better through their likes and dislikes.

And as there are so many benefits of audience engagement on social media, why would you leave it out of your marketing bucket list? Here are some tips that can help you in getting better engagement on your business’s social media profile.

Creating Interesting Content

audience engagement

Content is the center of attention on your social media profile. Earlier maintaining the quality of the content was easy because you did not have to update too much. But nowadays, social media requires frequent updates. Due to that, most people often forget about their content’s quality because their focus is on maintaining the regularity of updates. That drags their profiles back and reduces the audience engagement of their social media.

The content that most audiences find interesting is an informative and entertaining one. Suppose if you are creating a promotional post for your business, and you create a fifteen lines long post, which describes all the benefits of using your products. Nobody reads these kinds of posts because they are boring. You may even end up losing your followers if you regularly post such updates. Now in the same scenario, if you add a few images, some emoticons to express feelings, and split your same fifteen lines into two or three paragraphs, then it can engage more people. That is because now the post has turned into an ‘interesting’ one.

Entertaining content can profoundly influence your profile’s engagement with audiences. So you have to ensure whatever content you post, people should find it both informative and exciting. Also, you can use hashtags to increase the reach of your content.

Humor Is The Key

You must have heard that laughter is the best medicine. But do you know, laughter can also cure your profile’s weak audience interaction? In this era of memes and funny content, no content that is weak in emotions can make its way. Adding humor to your posts can benefit you in three ways:

  • It increases audiences’ interest in your posts. As people are already tired of their jobs and studies, your humorous content can engage them more than anything.
  • When people find your posts funny, they will share it with other people. That means, promotion without any efforts, and who doesn’t want that?
  • Emotionally strong content leaves a long-lasting effect on people’s minds, especially humorous ones. So with humorous content, you can create a better impact on your audience.

Due to all these benefits, you might have seen many popular brands using humorous content nowadays. This type of content helps them in promoting their business better.

A Little Deviation Is Not Bad

audience engagement

We all know that producing regular updates of high-quality content is not an easy task. After a while of creating some mindblowing content, you might run out of ideas to entertain people. That is where a little deviation helps you. There are three ways of deviating your content from the regular promotional posts:

  • Share other people’s content: If there are some profiles whose content is relevant to your profile, and you like it too much, then you can share that content with your audience also. People need good content. It matters very less if it comes from you or not. Regular sharing can be a negative sign but sharing content once in a while is not a bad option.
  • Share customer stories: Stories of happy and satisfied customers not only make your content enjoyable but also created a positive impact on people’s minds. It also shows your audience how you keep track of each customer.
  • Talk about some general topic: Some topic is always trending on social media. You can either create your promotional content around that topic or talk about that topic in general.

These three ways can create a deviation from your regular content and will keep your content flowing. Also, people love changes. If you keep on giving them a similar kind of content, they will soon get bored. So these deviations will also help you maintaining audience engagement for a longer time.


With these tips, you can make your social media profile look impressive, and that will highly increase audience engagement on your profile. Along with these tips, you should also maintain the regularity of your content because that is what keeps on holding your audience while attracting new ones.


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