How To Lose Your Friends In 30 Seconds By Playing UNO Rayman


Are you getting bored shooting your fellow opponents and getting shot from out of nowhere? Are you seeking some violence-free games to play with your mates while you can grab some munchies and get some points? Well, if you are a player who is in love with board games you are in the right place. The best card game ever UNO Rayman has become the next favorite game of card players all around the world. Almost everyone is barging in to challenge their best mates and have a laugh of a time. The super relaxing jive energy couldn’t be more entertaining. The game is absolutely hilarious. You can see your friends screaming at the top of their lungs and complaining that you have created them.

What’s more, fun you can challenge them and show off what metal you are made of. Moreover, you can enjoy the game with your gang using voice recognition speech in the game. You can talk all nonsense with your friends and challenge them. It’s more fun when someone tries swearing because when someone does it, the sound is very hilarious. You can listen to nothing more than a beep and swoosh sound which makes the person swearing more comics.

The ambiance and environ

The UNO Rayman game is set in a lush green forest surrounded by different insects. Everyone wants to grab hold of the Soft dragon up here. The screen gets full life filled with all sorts of hilarious stickers and animations. They pop up now and then to celebrate your win your friend’s loss. You will find all sorts of creative and innovative ways to mess up with your gang members and your best friends in the game. By messing with each member of your gang, you can pave your path towards victory and a “UNO”.

The UNO Rayman cards are another great deal among other card games. If you are bored with your old and traditional cards with the same pattern and styles, guess what? Here you can even customize your own card by purchasing it on the UNO Rayman game.

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Moreover, you can hide what leads you are holding away from your friends in your cards. You can always rely on swatting back at the players with Wild Draw Fours. That’s so exciting because you get all-new ways to gain a UNO and a victory. You know you can even mix up everyone’s hands if you feel too courageous and confident about your win.

Knowing the types of cards

Now there are many types of cards for you in the UNO Rayman which is completely free. For example, you will get all the sets of cards ranging from 0 to 7.  You will also get “Jump-in” cards which will help you during the game to win the round.

At the beginning of the game, you have to make your own profile. As a caution remember that you are not going to kill someone, but you are surely going to beat some of your buddies. So be geared up with funky and cool names for your profile. The profile image has to be something cool funny or something hilarious.

Most players here put on their own pictures: pictures that are extremely weird and funny. This complements the theme of the UNO Rayman where everything is fun and frolic and full of laughter. Same like any other UNO game; you can have only four team members playing against each other or two groups playing against each other in the game.

How the game commences

When the match starts in 3, 2 and 1s, it’s a fabulous world inside the UNO Rayman. The setting of the game is inside a lush green dark forest and there is a table where you play the UNO. You will see some funny fireflies hovering around the table. The green background of the game is quite a relief to the eye after being stressed out for so long in games where the backgrounds are mostly too colorful or else dark and murky. The table is blue and luminescent and you get all your team members sitting around the four corners of the round table.

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“Jump-In” Cards

Once the game starts, you can immediately start jumping in the game by throwing your “Jump-In” cards. Then you simply need to pick a color. Remember, you need to pick the color of which you have string cards in your lot. You will not be distracted because the turns move clockwise so you will know very well whose turn it is to put the cards and you will get to know which friends of yours cheated you, while you were munching on some snacks.

While playing you often get the option of challenging someone or declining it. Choose whichever right for you at the moment. If you win the challenge you can sometimes fall in trouble and sometimes even if you decline you might some extra cards.

You will get an option at a time during the game that you can play or keep. This will enable you to Escape. The Escape will let you have a sneak peek at the cards your friends are hiding from you while you can hide from them the set of your cards. Be ready for this special card with the happy frog face because you can also choose to show your team your cards so that you can plan out the next strategies. Don’t worry others won’t be able to see what cards you’re showing to your team members or exchanging with your team members.

Sometimes you also get bursting hearts when you are doing well in the game. You want to keep waiting for the Soft Dragon. This dragon will get you the victory and it also means the game has ended and you will be invited for the second rounds. The Pink Soft Dragon eats all the cards on the table and tells everyone that you won over them. It then gives you some new sets of cards.

So, what are you waiting for? Download and play this fun UNO Rayman game.



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