How to Make DIY Custom Mugs

How to Make DIY Custom Mugs

Believe it or not, we all have a special place in our heart for our favorite mug. We have an emotional attachment, we cherish it and sometimes feel ultra possessive about it. Who doesn’t like brewing his favorite beverage in the morning in relaxed tees with his favorite mug in hand? It gives a cozy, comforting feeling and gives a sense of ownership. Here is how you can make DIY custom mugs.

Your mugs are irreplaceable and what can be better than bringing a touch of elegance in it by having a customized mug of your choice. You can go WOW with your personalized mug of unique design and styles. You can even add a message, quote, design or photo to your custom mug to give it a unique touch.

Token of love for your own special someone….

Not just for personal use but custom mugs are also great gift options. Gifting personalized mugs can make your loved ones cherish special moments.

A strong emotion and fondness can develop even with an object. What can be more intriguing than a mug which drives you towards a memory lane every time you hold it and remind you of the old charm? A gush of emotion flows through when you sip your favorite drink from the specialized mug gifted by your friend. A mug is something that is used often and it can be used happily if we add our personal likings and touch in it.

Not so far away….

Far away from home and nothing to count on? Just grab a cup of coffee in your favorite family photo mug and your mood will be elated in no time.

Sitting in a desk and worrying about work, just a quick glance over your family’s smiling faces imprinted on your favorite mug wouldn’t make it a little less unbearable?

When a small mug can touch our life in such a beautiful and pleasing way, why can’t we make our own DIY mugs to make it more meaningful?

It won’t just help us to learn a new skill but also to improve our mood. Besides, our effort and love we pour would make it more satisfying and likable. That extra bit of effort that we put would make it more worthy. Furthermore, it’s a great way to put your ideas forward and express what you love through an art.

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So what are you waiting for? Give your artsy crafty self a perfect outlet to showcase your creativity. Even though, if being crafty is not your thing, not to worry, there are super simple ways that would take no time at all in adding a fresh finish to make DIY custom mugs.

Steps to make DIY Custom mugs:

Prepossessing Photo mugs

1) Before all else, grab your favourite mug, you could use any mug you like but generally a regular shaped mug with even surface will work best. You could choose mugs with solid colors or patterns that go best with the picture you want to put.

2) Now when you are done choosing your mug you want to give a fresh makeover, let’s pick a photo of your choice, be it smiling faces of your family or your favorite movie character or a famous dialogue of favorite sitcom (who doesn’t like it???) or some captured memorable moments enough to give you nostalgia and ooze many emotions.

3) At the same time, don’t ignore the size of the photo you want to print. Make sure it fits perfectly the mug; you definitely don’t want your picture to be too small or too big. Likewise, don’t ignore the quality of your printing paper. A transfer paper will work which you can easily get it on-line. These transfer papers are special printing papers that will help to permanently stick the picture onto your mug and would make it last long.

4) Now after choosing the adequate paper and printing the picture, you need to spray the entire paper with clear acrylic coating (easily available online). Some papers already come with an outside seal but those which aren’t will require to be coated nicely. After coating the entire image, set it aside to get dry.

It may take some time to dry completely, just keep a cool head and don’t lose patience.

5) Now when the coating of the image has dried, cut the image out from the paper and trim it accordingly. After getting the desired shape and size of the image, soak it in the water and make sure that it is fully submerged for one minute before applying it to the mug.

6) Eventually when your image is ready to be applied to the mug, take it out from the water and place it very carefully on to your mug. You can make necessary adjustments and placement of the image before it dries. Now, let it dry to get the image you desire.

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Once it is dried, make sure you wash it properly to clean away any residue left from the process. Finally your much awaited DIY Custom mug is ready.

Marvelous Marble mugs

Likewise, if you want to add a bit more personal touch and artistic skill to your mug, then why hold-up? Pick a plain white mug. You can also choose a different colored mug but make sure you choose dark colored nail paints for that. Rinse and wipe up your mug.

Take a bowl and add water to it and now pour some drops of nail paint to it. Don’t add much, some drops would be enough. You can add different colors, make different combinations.

Play with colors and make your own beautiful mugs for yourself and for giving gifts. Drop one color and then other and use a toothpick to make patterns and designs you want to create. Now place the side of your mug in water where you want the design.

You can find the beautiful design created by you when you take the mug out. Now, repeat this on the other side if you want to entirely cover your mug. Leave it untouched for enough time to dry before you use it. And, here it’s done, your simple yet attractive and cute mug.

Glitter, glitter everywhere…Dazzling glitter mugs

You can also create your gorgeous glitter mug by rubbing alcohol to clean your mug. Let it dry for some time and then coat the area you want to put glitter with Dishwasher safe Mod Podge.

Later, sprinkle glitter generously over it and repeat until the area is completely concealed. To wind up, shake off the excess glitter and wipe off any extra residue. Apply additional two to three coats of Mod Podge over the glitter to secure it and let it settle to dry up.

Here are your fabulous, special personalized mugs prepared to embark beautiful memories.

To Sum Up

These pretty old ways of gifting mugs can never go out of trends and especially when these are fabricated by you. Make DIY custom mugs to earn anyone’s affection and are widely accepted and appreciated. Your time & effort adds extra meaning and value to it.

So why not give it a shot and make your very own collection with the help of above mentioned super easy and convenient tips.

Your Ideas need Expression……..


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