Simple tips to follow regarding how to make private number

how to make private number

Sometimes you do not want your phone number showcased when you call someone. No matter what may be the reason, there is a simple way of hiding your phone number or Caller ID on Android devices. When started, you can hide the Caller ID for just a call or all calls. When you call someone, a “Private number” will be displayed rather than your number. Before the pandemic attack, you possibly did not use your smartphone to make calls much. At present, carriers are reporting an increase in calls as people look for more personal connections while adhering to guidelines of social distancing. You can make phone calls using your laptop, computer, or tablet which many people may not know. If you wish to know how to make private number calls you should go through this post.

Block your number on Android and iOS by default

If you possess an Android or iPhone gadget, automatically block your number by adjusting a simple setting. Your number will appear private for all calls you make.

To block your number on Android:
  • Go to the Menu on the Phone app 
  • Select Settings, and then click on Call settings
  • Select Additional Settings, and then select Caller ID
  • Choose the option “Hide number,” then the number would be concealed
To block your number on iPhone:
  • Go to Settings, select phone
  • Tap on Show My Caller ID
  • Use the toggle switch to hide your number

You can use *82 to unblock your number if your call gets rejected for the time being. Few users and providers will automatically block private numbers, thus, by means of this code will assist you to avoid this filter.

Hide your number using *67

On a per-call basis, you cannot use *67 to hide your number. This works for landlines and smartphones. Open the phone’s keypad and dial * – 6 – 7, followed by the number you are trying to call.

This hides your number, which will show up on the other end as “Blocked” or “Private” when reading on caller ID. You will have to dial *67 every time you want your number blocked.

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Take control of your landline

Whether you are on landline or mobile, there are many useful codes that can assist you to control your privacy. Mentioned below is a list of the most common “star codes” you can use with your keypad:

*60 – Block Call: Stops calls from chosen phone numbers and offers callers a soundtrack that states you are not taking calls.

*57 – Trace Call: Tracks the number of the last incoming call received. Helpful when the call warrants legal action.

*70 – Call Waiting: Puts your call on hold; therefore, you can respond another.

*67 – Caller ID Block: Conceals your number on Caller ID.

*77 – Anonymous Call Rejection: Private callers’ calls are blocked.

*69 – Call Return: Redials the final phone that contacted you.

*72 – Call Forwarding: Call gets forwarded to another phone number.

*87 – Disable Anonymous Call Rejection (*77)

*80 – Disable Call Block (*60)

*82 – Disable Caller ID Block (*67)

Use a burner app 

A burner app may be what you require if you are not keen on messing around with your carrier or phone settings. The apps make use of your internet data for calling, which offers your phone a second number to use effectively.

You can download several burner apps for Android or iOS if you are thinking about how to make private number, but these are the most popular ones.

  • Google Voice allows you to select a new phone number to make texts, voice calls, and audio messages for free. All you will need to begin is an active Google account. Different from the other options, you do not need to shell out a monthly fee with Google Voice. It utilizes your handphone data and minutes, but the number that exhibits will be your Google Voice number.
  • The burner is the most popular app on Android and iOS devices. The app can route your calls to your secondary number directly, which means you do not even need to be anxious about hiding it. Burner app offers a seven-day free trial. Afterward, you will need to make a payment per month.
  • Hushed is not free, but it is much reasonable than many players. At only $2 per week, you can avail 20 call minutes and 60 texts. You can terminate at any time. A monthly unlimited plan is also available, but even the basic plan allows Hushed users to talk for free.

Ask your carrier to block your number

Not every device has a similar process to block your phone number, and it is a pain to block on a per-call basis. That is where your wireless carrier can assist. If you are using a different phone or want the lines on your private account, ask your carrier to block all outgoing calls. Get hold of your carrier by dialing 611. Ensure to tell the recording you want to talk to “customer support” or “technical support.” A few carriers’ lines send you to the bill-pay department automatically.

After your carrier sets you up with a private number, you can still use *82 if you run into call rejection. This step unblocks your number temporarily on a per-call basis.

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Final Thoughts

If you are thinking about how to make private number; you can refer to the steps mentioned above. Unnecessary calls are annoying for individuals and expensive for small businesses, requiring the phone lines to be free to reply to customers and prospects. Regardless of the advanced technologies available today that permit us to identify numbers as fast as carrying a Google search, it is feasible to keep your phone number private. While carrying out this, it is important to think about the reasons you want to guard your number — there are several advantages for businesses sharing their number, particularly if it is in your client’s local area or is a familiar vanity number — as knowing this will lead you to the most suitable method of privacy protection for you.


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