How to master pay per click advertising?

pay per click

Advertising is one of the oldest and most crucial services in the world. As businesses only gain benefit by advertising their products and services. If people would not know about their products and services, how will they buy them? So advertising plays a very important role in making businesses reach out to their potential customers and make better sales. This ultimately leads to better profits. But over time, the methods of advertising have changed drastically. From newspapers and magazines to the internet, advertisements have come a long way. Also, earlier there were very limited methods of advertising available like print ads and TVCs. But with the internet, many more doors have been opened for advertising like influencer marketing and pay per click ads.

Another new thing in today’s advertising world is that the customers are more aware than ever. Which does not leave the advertising strategies the same as before. Marketers have to give keen attention to many different aspects of promotion and then go for a particular strategy. Only this way, they can promote businesses in a safe and effective manner. One of the most effective ways of internet advertising is pay per click. What makes it better than others is the fact that it is capable of directing more traffic towards business websites, as compared to other methods. Before landing into the tips and tricks of mastering pay per click advertising, let’s see what does it means and how is it done.

Pay Per Click Ads

pay per click

The advertisers need to “pay per click” to the search engine they are advertising on. This means if they are publishing an ad on Google, then every time someone clicks on the published ad, then they pay a certain amount to Google. And they do not need to pay any other amount. Which means if they pay only if they are benefitted from advertising. This makes this method further efficient as it saves costs. While almost all the other advertising methods require some kind of initial investment and do not guarantee any benefits.

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Tricks for pay per click ads

No matter how efficient pay per click advertising is, it still requires some strategies and planning. Because many similar businesses might be trying to publish their ads on the top. So marketers need to optimize their ads in order to defeat all their competitors and get on the top of the SERPs. Here are some tricks that they can follow and make their pay per click ads better than others.

Write the correct way

The content that is visible to the users in these published ads, plays an important role. Because that alone, makes the user want to click on a certain ad or link. But while writing these ads, people do not want to go wrong and they end up writing plain and boring ads. Which does not interest the users and they move further on the page.

To avoid this ignorance and make the ad interesting, two things have to be kept in mind:

  • Writing creatively: The writers need to switch on their creative minds and write something catchy. For that, they need to influence people’s emotions. When the content will connect to people on an emotional level, they will want to read more about it and the website will get more hits.
  • Keep it safe: Sometimes creativity can be proven dangerous. So while writing the ads, writers need to make sure that they do not end up hurting someone’s emotions. Also, the ad should be easily understandable, only then people would be attracted to it.

Look for mobile traffic

More and more people are switching to mobile phones for their internet needs. This brings in demand for mobile optimization of all web services. Developers are already optimizing websites for mobile phones and it has shown tremendous effects on the traffic. Along with websites, the pay per click ads should also be optimized for mobile phones. The stats show that the majority of web traffic comes from mobile ads. So it has become important for advertisers to make sure that they keep their ads mobile-friendly. They can also add the call-to-action feature and make their ads more effective.

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Choose the right keywords

 pay per click

Keywords play an important role in search engine optimization. As pay per click ads also work on SEO techniques, keywords should be given special attention. Using the right keywords can help the advertisers in getting more useful traffic on their website. Because, if the traffic is irrelevant to the website, advertisers would be paying more money and getting less benefit from the ads.

For example, if a person is advertising about their beauty products selling website. And the people who visit their website want to read about products and not buy them, then they will still be paying for each click and the traffic would be of no use. So the ad will only add to their costs and would not do any good for the business.

Google AdWords also provides the advantage of cutting out negative keywords. Advertisers can tell the search engine about the negative keywords they do not want traffic from. And Google will cut out their ads from all those keywords’ SERPs. So they won’t end up spending extra money on useless traffic.

Show more information

The more easily a business is accessible, the more customers it will attract. Pay per click ads can make businesses more accessible with the help of their extensions feature. Extensions can help the viewers in knowing more about the business. Also, a lot of extensions can help the viewers in reaching the business in just a few clicks. Location, call, app, callout, site links are some useful types of extensions that can be used.


One last thing to remember is the google ranking. Google has a ranking system which ranks the websites and the pay per click ads on the basis of their Quality Score. Though many people say that google ranking is not something that affects the ads, the truth is a little different. Better Google ranking not only helps the advertisers in getting their ads on top of SERPs but also in reducing their per click cost. As Google offers low costs to better quality ads.

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