How to Play Apex Legends Arena Mode


The terrifying aspect of Arena Mode is fighting closer to the enemy when the circle starts to get tighter. If you play Apex legends but haven’t tried this Arena Mode, you’re in for an intense fight. In the Arena, you’re not going to see other squads, but it will be you and the enemy fighting to be the last one standing. 

Moreover, the game is a 3v3 combat that will stretch you to the limit while trying to survive and win. Also, the material you have in previous rounds is what you can use to upgrade your weapon, healing supplies, and others.  

But don’t worry, there’s always a simpler way to make it out alive and win the match. In this article, we will share the details on how to play the game. We also recommend that you grab proven Apex cheats to simplify the mode and enhance your experience. 

How to Play Apex Legends 

1. Understand the Arena Mode

Before jumping into the game, first, understand how the mode works. Two teams play the Arena Mode made up of three players each. The teams will fight on two new maps called the Party Crasher & the Phase Runner. The players will have little materials to play with at the beginning. They can use these crafting materials for healing items, special abilities, or their weapons. But as they play on, they can discover up to 200 crafting materials on the maps. They can also find healing items and the Phoenix kit when they loot containers. Every round in this mode ends whenever one team kills the members of the opposing team. 

2. Choose the best weapons.

The weapons you craft at the beginning will determine the way you play the game. So choose your primary weapon right and also know the one that won’t use up your materials. We recommend you pick G7 Scout instead of Spitfire. That way, you can add shields and health packs to the selection. The good thing about crafting material is that if any player in the team gets the 200 crafting material, all the team members will get it too. But no matter what you do, don’t carry two primary weapons. Just use the material to get shield batteries and Medkits. 

3. Mind the Hero you pick

If you want to win in Arena Mode, choose your hero right. When selecting, make sure you’re targeting the defensive heroes such as Rampart and Gibraltar. You can also add Fuse to the team for defeating the weakened enemies with the AOE attack. Don’t forget to add the Bloodhound team for more advantage. Also, try to add Lifeline to your team to help revive teammates during the fights. But don’t bother with a hero like Pathfinder in the Arena Mode as their abilities are not important there. 

4. Map knowledge is crucial. 

The maps in the Arena mode differ, and as such, the styles and weapons may have to change to suit them. This is why you must understand these maps to know how to survive. Another reason to know these maps is to locate the position of the circle when the round starts. This will guide your decision to choose the buildings to target in the Arena. 

5. Don’t play without your team. 

The Arena Mode is terrifying. Every little mistake may lead to your death or that of a team member. The fights are so intense that you may not even have a second to outrun the enemy. This is why you must constantly move together and not separate for whatsoever reason. This is why it is good to have Lifeline so that she can heal teammates even while fighting. So, try to stick together and don’t lose focus to prevent unwanted death. Remember, once a team loses all its members, they will lose the round. 

6. Always be on Alert 

One of the reasons to remain alert in this game is to maximize indicators. Some of the things to look out for are the Artillery and the canisters. Whenever you see a zip line bouncing on Artillery, it means that an enemy is around it. Also, when you check the map and notice that one canister is missing, it means that an enemy is around that location. So, all these indicators will help you to know where to find enemies to kill. 


The Arena Mode is a fast-paced game to play on Apex Legends. Every second matter and every kill takes you to the winning side or the losing side. So, you must prepare your mind for the battle and craft the best materials. Also, don’t pick useless legends as they can help you to lose the rounds instead of a. Lifeline is vital due to her Revive ability that allows her to heal and fight at the same time. No matter what you do, stick together and stay alert. 


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