How to Raise Your Team’s Morale in Stressful Times


Over the past few years, you might easily be forgiven for thinking that small businesses like yours simply can’t catch a break. Stress can be a real drain on resources, creativity, and morale, which can cripple a business beyond help. As a result, you need to make sure that you are focussing on keeping your team’s morale high, to make sure that you have some hope of keeping things ticking over. If this seems like one too many balls to juggle, there are some things you can do to make the whole process a lot easier

#1 Use a Reward System 

Making your employees feel appreciated for all their hard work and effort is a sure way to make sure that they are increasing their morale. Using corporate gifts to make sure that they are feeling satisfied can be a great way to not only help your employees become happier but might also save you a little bit of money when doing it. This also has the benefit of showing your brand wherever the gift item is used, so it does have financial benefits to look at alongside the cost.

#2 Equipment and Facilities 

Happy employees need somewhere well maintained to carry out their jobs. If they are coming into work each day and the place is dirty and unkempt, and the equipment is slow and they can’t do their jobs properly, you are going to find that their morale is going to dive, much like the amount of effort that they are going to be putting in for your business. 

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By making sure that your equipment and your facilities are to a good, or better still, a great standard, employees are going to feel a lot more relaxed and be able to give each day their all, helping your business in turn. 

#3 Training

This is an obvious but sadly overlooked one. Training increases morale by boosting your employee’s confidence, not only in themselves, but in their fellow workers and the company too. Providing the right level of training is also bound to increase your employee loyalty, as well as make headhunting and attracting talent a lot easier, as you will be able to mention that you don’t scrimp on training for your employees. This can be great when it comes to taking on less skilled employees too, as it helps you mold a competent person into the shape of the job role you need them to do. 

#4 Increase Communication and Planning 

This can be a great way to make your employees happier across the business. Increasing levels of communication with them not only tells them that you care as their employer, but also helps them become aware of what they can do, and what they are currently doing within the business. 

It helps them to see an overall goal, know who is doing what, and how to overcome issues without too much of a problem. Communication can help communities and friendships and this, in turn, can boost morale further, as it gives your employees more of an incentive to come into the workplace. Planning can also help with foresight and making sure that your employees know what they are doing at work the next day, aiding their preparation. 

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