How to re-publish your existing blogs on Medium to drive more traffic?


Blogging is one of the oldest methods of delivering content to the audience. But with time and advanced technology, blogging has been changed drastically. Earlier, writers just had to compose high-quality content. Readers then automatically found their blogs. The reason behind this was limited websites and selected bloggers. But as the number of websites along with the number of bloggers raised, the readers started getting confused about which one to read and which one to leave. To help them out, search engines began rating blogs on the basis of various factors. Due to this reason, the way of blogging and the meaning of quality content changed. Also, there are many new popular sites, like Medium, that have given the chance of writing blogs to emerge writers.

Nowadays, bloggers need to write their content by taking the search engine’s ranking algorithm into consideration. Because they want their blog to reach out to as many people as possible and to do so, they need to get a better ranking from search engines. This is where re-publishing helps them. Re-publishing means publishing an already published content again on a different platform. This helps the blogger in reaching out to a new set of audiences and hence making their content more popular. One of the best platforms to re-publish the content is Medium.

The Reason For Choosing Medium


Medium is a great platform for online publishers. But the reasons that make it fit for re-publishing are:

  • Free platform:
    Medium is a free platform. So if the blogger has already spent money on making a website for their blog and publishing blogs there, they do not need to spend on re-publishing them. Which means they can reach out to people and promote their content free.
  • Easy to operate:
    Unlike other online publishing platforms, Medium’s user interface is extremely friendly. And people can easily register on the website as its account creation process is pretty easy and fast. So they do not need to put in many efforts in order to re-publish the content.
  • Rel=canonical tag:
    By using this HTML tag, Medium enables its users to provide the authority of their content to their website. So, the bloggers need not worry about content duplicity.
  • Insights:
    The platform also provides its users with the insights of their published stories. They show them the number of visitors along with the number of reads of the story. This can help the blogger in maintaining a record of their popular posts.
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Along with these, Medium also has a 416 global rank. Which means it is visited by millions of people every month. And because of all these reasons, many famous bloggers prefer to re-publish their content on this platform. And who all still does not, should start doing soon.

Guide To Re-publishing

Well, re-publishing sounds like so much effort. Again uploading the content and checking through all the aspects. But actually, this is not true in the case of Medium. As it provides the users with an import tool. By using this tool, bloggers can easily import their content from any other website. The only drawback it holds is that it is not capable of importing images and videos. So the bloggers have to do that manually.

Once the blogger has successfully registered on the website, then they can follow these simple steps to re-publish their content.

Step 1: Selecting the right post


If the blogger has just started their re-publishing journey but they have a good collection of previous work, then this step can be a little tough for them. If they want a good start of their journey, they should select their most popular blog post. When a certain set of people already loved the story, there are more chances of it gaining a good number of views again. Rather than that story which never gained any popularity.

Step 2: Uploading

Once the post is selected, further processing is quite easy. The blogger needs to go to the import tool of Medium and insert their selected post’s link in the provided space. After inserting the link, they have to click on the “Import” button. The exact post is copied from the source, leaving behind just the images and videos.

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But the work is not done here, as there are some more changes that have to be made like:

  • Inserting images:
    As the import tool did not transfer images and videos, the blogger will have to do that manually. Inserting accurate images makes a blog more interesting for the readers. And as the blogger is selecting images by themselves, so they can even select new images.
  • Title:
    The title of the re-published post can be customized. So the blogger can easily select a more SEO friendly title. And this will help them in increasing the traffic on their re-published post.
  • Permalink: Medium also provides the feature of customizing the link of the post. So the blogger can select a more SEO friendly link and get more hits on the post.
  • Tags:
    This is the most crucial part of the post. Just like Twitter and Instagram, tags help in making the story easily discoverable. ‘Medium’ allows its users to pick up to 5 tags. Tags can also be customized according to the need of the blogger. One thing they should keep in mind is to select tags that are relevant to the post. So that more relevant readers can be targetted.

After making all these changes in the post, bloggers can finally click on the publish button and their post will go live on Medium.

Step 3: Keeping track

Keeping a track of published content is very important. Only this step lets the blogger know if their re-publishing is showing any results or not. As already mentioned, Medium offers its users to see all the stats of their individual posts. Using this feature, the blogger can easily see the number of hits their re-published content is getting. And they can plan their further strategies.


With this re-publishing process, the content can reach to a new set of audience. This means the blogger can easily make their content popular by re-publishing it. And Medium is the best platform for doing so, as it is one of the most popular publishing sites. One last thing that all bloggers should ensure is that their posts’ content is of high-quality. This means it should be relevant to the readers along with being SEO friendly. Only then all the strategies and processes will be beneficial for them.


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