Ways On How To Remove

Inquiries On Credit Report

It is a good habit to monitor and track your credit report regularly. In this way, you will be able to file for a dispute immediately once you see errors and inaccurate information in your report. This is also one of the first steps in being able to remove inquiries on your credit report.

What Are Inquiries? 

A hard inquiry occurs when lenders check your credit report to determine if you meet their criteria to be eligible for a loan. It is sometimes referred to as a hard credit check or a hard pull and it often happens when you apply for a new loan or credit card. On the other hand, a soft inquiry occurs when you personally check on your credit report. Of the two, the hard inquiries affect your credit score while the soft inquiries are often negligible.

Why Is There A Need To Remove Hard Inquiries?

There are instances that you are not aware of the hard inquiries reflected on your credit report such as when you are processing a mortgage application or a car loan. It can be that the real estate agent of the car dealership sent your application multiple times to different lenders to be able to get a deal with the most favorable interest rates. In this case, several hard inquiries under different company names may show up on your credit report and when you don’t necessarily recognize the company name that performed the hard inquiry, then you have the option of having it removed. As such, below are some of the ways on how you can remove hard inquiries on your credit report.

  • Credit Removal Letter

One way to remove hard inquiries that can lower your credit score is by contacting the company that performed the hard inquiry directly. You can do so by sending a credit removal letter that disputes the inquiry made. It will be beneficial if alongside this letter, you also send a copy of the page of your credit report where the inaccurate hard inquiry was reflected.

  • Automated Credit Repair Software

You can also leverage on the advancements in modern technology and use an automated credit repair software to have hard inquiries removed from your credit report. Business owners and several other individuals recommend using DisputeBee because it is a powerful software that is easy to use, regardless of whether this is your first time to file for a dispute, or you have been through it many times before. With an automated credit repair software, you can easily download dispute letter templates, know what to send, and stay organized even if you need to dispute multiple items from different creditors.

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Repair Software

You can remove inquiries on your credit report by getting in touch directly with the creditor. Send a credit removal letter, pointing out the inquiries that you want to be removed. You can also use an automated credit repair software to dispute inaccurate items in your credit reports such as hard inquiries conducted without your permission. These are all geared to ensure that your credit score is healthy and updated at all times.


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