How to Run Successful Facebook Ads?


With over a billion customers, getting a grip over the Facebook ads isn’t as easy as it sounds. One needs to go through every strategy to make sure that they are investing their money at the right place. And one of the vital part of this Facebook advertisement is optimization. Putting up Facebook ads is not all you have to do in order to optimize the advertisements. In addition, you have to notice whether they are working for you or not. With the help of Facebook ads, you can expect better returns from your investment. For best performance of Facebook ads, it is important that it should reach your target audience. Therefore, you should know effective ways to optimize Facebook Ads. It would be profitable for the product or service that the organization is catering to.

Create mobile and desktop ads separately 

In order to optimize Facebook Ads, it is better that you should try to set separate ads for desktop and mobile phones. In addition, you can optimize conversions and bids depending on the device in which you want to set it. It has been seen that call to action and ads perform differently on desktop and mobile phones. Therefore, before you set up the Facebook ads, you should keep this in mind. Here again, it would help you reach your target audience easily. When setting Facebook ads by using software, you get the option to choose your target depending on the device you are placing the ad in.

How optimizing desktop news feed effectively?

To have a strategic marketing plan, it is better to set segmented advertisements. However, to optimize Facebook ad campaigns, try to set news feed and right column ads separately. This would again help to reach out to your target audience easily. If you see a desktop ad with a bigger size of the image and a right column ad, you get to notice that how the same ad can perform differently depending on the way in has been placed in social media platforms. So, maximizing the use of Facebook ads, it is better to place the ads both in the desktop news feed and the right column section.

Using different images to reach the target audience better 

For any advertisement, images are an important part. It is also vital that you choose the right image that would help to convey the message of the advertisement. Also, depending on the image that you have selected for your ads, people will decide whether they wish to click the post or not. You can test with the help of different images and choose the one that has the ability to maximize the click-through rate of the audience.

Finding the right image is not all as you also have to find the right style that is sure to enhance the overall visibility of the image.

Choosing the right call to action 

In Facebook ads, with planning to optimizing Facebook ads, you can add the call to action. Depending on the call to action that you choose, it can have a significant result on the click rate. Therefore, before choosing the final one, you should test well which call to action would be perfect for making your Facebook ads more visible. When choosing the call to action option from the Ad setup details, you have several choices to choose from. Some of the options are to learn more, book now, download, and sign up, shop up and others. Therefore, depending on the need of your page, you can choose the option that is likely to increase the visibility of your Facebook ads.

How to segment audiences depending on Ad sets?

When applying the same set of Facebook ads, it is going to perform differently on a different group of people. It would actually depend on the way each individual would perceive the advertisement. It is better that you should segment your target audience depending on topics and add one set of the ad for one topic. Some of the target interests are given in the following part of the article.

  • Google Certification Program
  • Facebook ads
  • Facebook marketing solutions
  • AdWords
  • Marketing online
  • AdWords expert
  • Facebook marketing
  • Online advertising
  • Digital marketing
  • Facebook marketing hour day

From this list, you can take three interests and categorize them, under one set depending on the target audience. However, the segmentation would allow you optimizing Facebook ads depending on different interests of the audience. In this way, you can effectively create Facebook ads and reach out to your target audience.

How to target the audience by behaviors?

Nothing can be better than using Facebook ads for specific group targeting. Therefore, targeting an audience by behaviors are effective than any other method of targeting a potential audience group. Depending on the behaviors of the audience, the groups can be like publications, gamers, and the ones who are using Internet Explorer to get access to Facebook. To target particular behavior, you have to select the same from the drop-down list that you are using when setting the Facebook ad. However, optimizing Facebook Ads can be done perfectly by setting the advertisements depending on the behavior of the target audience. A professional Facebook’s ads manager can help you to create customer-oriented ads.

Targeting audience by income group 

Products or services are often targeted depending on the income of customers. For the expensive ones, the high-income group audience is targeted. This also helps the business to maintain a tough competition with its competitors in the market. Therefore, Facebook ads prove to be the best option to sell such items which are expensive as the business is able to target customers based on their income. Therefore, for optimizing Facebook Ads, choose the right option when setting the ads in the social media platform. You have to choose the audience through demographics option. Following this, you get the option to choose audience depending on the income target.

Try to choose the income group that makes sense for the products or services that your business is catering to. This can be made easy by keeping in mind the ad structure.


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