How to Set Parental Controls to Protect Your Child

Parental Controls to Protect Child

The Internet has put the entire world at our fingertips. From our favorite movie & TV show to the news from different areas of the world, it has provided us with an ample amount of information. Let’s learn how to set parental controls to protect your child.

But if you are a parent, this would make you a little problematic because the Internet contains the necessary contents and the contents that can harm your child. Different adult websites or contents that are not appropriate for your child are available on the Internet.

Even if you have talked about the online behaviors and time limits with your child, it is still tough to control them. In this case, parental controls can come in handy. You can use different parental control techniques to keep your kids on the right path. 

What can Parental Controls Do? 

Parental control is software that allows parents to monitor their kids’ Internet activities. They prevent children from accessing illegal sites, adult sites, or other inappropriate sites that are not suitable for them. Not only blocking sites but also setting time limits on apps usage, tracking location, etc.

It can be implemented in different ways, either by setting parental control on web browsers, with the help of the settings provided by Internet Service Providers, or with the use of third-party parental apps.

What Are the Best Parental Controls You Can Use

1. Enabling Google Safesearch:

If you want to limit your child’s search, enabling Google Safesearch is the best way. It would help if you made sure that Google is the default search engine. Then, you can enable Google Safesearch in any browsers they use. 

It is the first step you should take if your child is starting to go online. You can limit their searches to the appropriate content for them and make sure they won’t stumble on something unnecessary that can divert their mind.

The ultimate guide to enable Google SafeSearch:

Step 1: Go to search settings.

Step 2: Then tap the “SafeSearch filters” section.

Step 3: To enable it, tap “Filter explicit results.” To disable it, tap “show the most relevant results.”

2. Block Websites and Filter Internet Content with System Settings:

If you limit your kid’s exposure to inappropriate content such as porn or adult apps and games, you can enable parental controls that are in-built into the system. Operating systems like Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS, and even Amazon Fire contain parental control settings so that the kids are not exposed to content that is not appropriate for them. 

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You should update your operating system to the latest version to enable in-built parental control settings. You must log in with your user profile to enable the settings. This setting is applied to every content that the computer has access to.

Every operating system has different features like setting limits to access the Internet, activities reports, blocking sites, etc.

3. Using Parental Control Apps

You can find different third-party apps that can help you with parental control. Mobile Spy, Qustodio, and Disney Circle are some popular parental controls apps with good customer reviews. 

These parental control apps allow you to track your child’s web activities, web histories, text messages and view people they communicate with. Also, the features like setting screen time limits, tracking using GPS tracker, etc. You will need to install one of these apps on your kid’s devices, and you can track all the activities from your phones & tablets remotely.

Out of many parental apps available, we recommend you to choose Mobile Spy App because it has many features which you can obtain at a reasonable price. It’s compatible with iOS and Android devices. You can also view your child’s activities on different social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, etc.

4. Track my Kid’s Location

You can use GPS trackers, which are available in apps like Mobile Spy and FamiSafe, to track down your kid’s location, which can help you to keep your kids safe. For a GPS tracker to operate, your child’s phone must be switched on.

5. Controlling your Wi-Fi

Different solutions work with your existing router to control your Wi-Fi activities. You can pause your Wi-Fi access, filter inappropriate sites, or set time limits for all the connected devices to that router. 

Some popular Internet Service Providers such as Verizon and Comcast have parental control systems in-built in the router. This technique is for you if you have a large family and want to set parental control. You can’t track each and everyone’s activities. 

6. Parental Control On Youtube

Youtube Kids is a YouTube version for kids which is parental control enabled and filtered for kids. It is available on both Android and iOS devices. So if you want to show some videos to your kid on Youtube, choose Youtube kids rather than the standard Youtube.

It will keep them safe from inappropriate videos, which can guide them to the wrong path. Youtube kids focus on music, education, rhymes, and other perfect categories for kids. 

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But if you want to use standard YouTube, then you can set parental control on it too. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Sign In to the Youtube app.

Step 2: Click on your profile and choose Restricted mode.

Step 3: Then enable the Restricted Mode.

For iOS, you can find these settings under Settings toggle, and for Android users, you can find this option under Settings > General.

What are the Best Parental Controls for iOS Devices?

If you have iOS devices, then Apple’s Screen Time allows you to manage all the settings. Also, you can view the time kids spend on a specific app and set time limits. You can even turn off the phone for specific times, such as bedtime or homework time.

Two ways you can enable Apple’s Screen Time are:

  1. You can set Screen Time settings on your kid’s iOS device then protect it with a password. 
  2. You can use your Apple account to set up Family Sharing and control the features from your phone.

What are the Best Parental Controls for Android Devices?

You can use Google’s Family Link if your kid is under 13 to track and manage their online activities. It includes viewing their text messages, social media activities using your phone. 

You can also use Android’s Digital Wellbeing Settings, which is in-built in the latest operating systems. Android’s Digital Wellbeing features show you how often you check your phone and how often you use different applications daily. Then, with features like Bedtime mode, you may set restrictions with daily app timers and unplug at night.

Can My Kid Disable Parental Controls?

Yes, it is possible. On the Internet, you may obtain various videos and instructions on how to disable parental control. It also depends on which app you are using. Some apps alert you by sending notifications if security is breached. 

If you notice something fishy, you should check the parental app settings. Sometimes, system updates, power outages, and other technical issues can cause problems. Some parental control software allows you to install the app on your kid’s phone and password-lock it. So, to change the settings or to uninstall the app, you need a correct password. 

Will My Kid Know that He is Being Spied On?

First, to spy on your kid, the app needs to be installed on your kid’s phone, which is a tough job. It depends on the parental control software you use. Some apps like MobileSpy, work in stealth mode so that the kids won’t know that they are being spied on. 

If you choose to use parental controls, explain why you’re doing so and how your ultimate aim is to learn how to engage correctly online and limit their usage on their own. 

To Sum Up, 

The Internet is a place where you can find and everything. So if you are a parent, you must be extra careful and monitor your kid’s activities. You can use all the ways mentioned above to set up parental controls on your kids’ devices.

The main aim is to keep your kids safe from inappropriate content that is not suitable for them. Parental controls can be adequate, and you can customize the settings as you want if you use some third-party apps for monitoring your kid’s activities.





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