How to sign up for online apps without mobile phone number

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In modern days a lot of popular apps, especially those that are considered instant messengers, require users to pass mobile phone number verification in order to use their features. But sometimes it is not possible to do due to different reasons. For example, if it is unavailable, cannot be used in order to protect the confidentiality, or its country of origin is not supported by a certain platform. However, no matter the case, all those issues can be easily solved with a virtual phone number for receiving verification codes from websites and online applications.

VoIP phone numbers a simple and cheap solution

A few years ago the use of a personal phone number was mandatory for registration in online applications. However, recently, this situation has changed fundamentally. Nowadays it is possible to create accounts on various websites and apps with the help of such an instrument as VoIP (Voice over IP) phone numbers without even using a smartphone.

This solution is not only more convenient but also less expensive than buying a new SIM card from a cell phone carrier. The range of uses for such a feature is very wide. You can use virtual phone numbers to sign up for:

  • Social media sites;
  • Instant messengers;
  • Email services;
  • Online marketplaces;
  • Food ordering and delivery platforms.

Those are just the most popular use cases for virtual numbers. Technically they can be used to sign up for any type of website or application that requires users to complete a mobile phone verification process for creating an account or unlocking its significant features.

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Getting virtual numbers from reliable provider

You do not have to do anything special to get and activate a virtual phone number to sign up for an account on a specific app. There is even no need to go anywhere. There are several online services that allow using such a tool within a few clicks. One of them is SMS-Man. It provides an opportunity to receive SMS online from more than a thousand different applications using virtual numbers in all the existing countries.

In order to start using this service, users just need to complete a simple registration process with an email address or Facebook, Google, or GitHub profile. After that, all functions of the platform will become available. There are two options to choose from. The first is the purchase of a disposable virtual phone number. This is an effective solution for doing a quick registration in a single application. It is easy to use and has a cheap cost that rarely exceeds one dollar.

The second option is represented by rental service. You can take a virtual number for a fixed period of time up to one month. It costs more than the first solution but brings its own benefits to the table. Such a number can be used for receiving multiple verification codes means it is possible to use it to sign up for Telegram, WhatsApp, and WeChat all at once. Also, it allows to log in with created accounts anytime when needed or easily transfer them to other devices.

Signing up for online apps with virtual phone numbers

Getting virtual numbers is simple and at the same time the most difficult task when dealing with them. Once obtained, there is not much left to do to activate it. It works the same way as real phone numbers that we use on a daily basis. You just need to enter it on the chosen app and request to it the verification code, then go back to the provider platform and click the corresponding button to reveal received text message. The last step is to use received code to complete the verification process and create an account. This is it. There is nothing difficult about such a feature as virtual phone numbers which is definitely worth giving it a try.

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