How To Wear Your Knit Dresses In All Seasons

Knit Dresses

Knitwear is universally becoming fall wardrobe staples because they look stunningly sleek and can be seamlessly transitioned to just about the perfect option for any event. They offer similar warmth and cozy feel as a sweater does, so there’s no reason to not rock these elegant silhouettes and eye-catching prints with exciting detailings. So, whether you’re out to have brunch from work or you have a dinner date to attend, trust us, you’d find the fail-safe statement pieces that work absolutely fine.

These dresses are worthwhile investments for every weather and not just the cold times as opposed to what most stylists say. Depending on the style of your knit dresses, you can switch them into wearable options for all your day-to-day activities and events. To create a fun statement, opt for an edgy leather jacket layered over your alluring knit dress. You can step into your favorite sneakers or knee-high boots to enhance the overall look. Ready to replace the style for an evening ceremony, opt for a pair of elegant over-the-knee boots and sleek trenches coat. Want more tips? Let’s get stylin’.

Guide to Wearing Your Dream Knit Dresses

Wearing What Fits

A dress tailored to your size will look put together on anyone, but if you like to be daring, you can go for sizes below or above yours. Mini-lengths, sultry cutouts, and body-hugging fits help you tap into the luscious feel of your femininity. Voluminous sleeves, midi, and maxi lengths, oversized fits, and layers are best suited for the cold seasons. You can also switch the styles depending on what feels more comfortable to you.

Choosing Colors

Monochrome pairing or two-toned moments adds visual interest to the clothes. The color contrast of the two-toned style is something you can play up or down with accessories and boots. For a toned-down look, opt for a thin chain necklace and short boots. While for a dressy appeal, wear a chunky statement necklace with over-the-knee heeled boots. Introducing a purse in a matching color scheme or a fun bright color can help you stay on theme.

Dressing Up For The Event

Your weekend casual styling should not be the same as your formal event prepping. While a square neck long-sleeved midi knit dress or a turtleneck sweater dress can be worn formally, an open-back or deconstructed dress of the same length may not look best for the locale.

A pair of sneakers with a sweater wrapped around your neck or shoulder area is easily an off-duty uniform. To dial up the look for everyday wear, strap on a crossbody bag. Opt for an easygoing midi knit dress with cutouts and a fun neckline in summer. Embrace the moment by pairing it with some clear sandals or beige boots. For winter uniforms, layers do the trick. And if you’ve not gotten over the voluminous look, go for thick puff sleeves. Tall riding boots will help keep up with the drama.

Add Layers To Your Dress

Layers are everything about fascinating. Lumpy sweaters and bulky coats can easily take away the struggle factor when you’re trying to dress up in a cold weather style. Pairing a knit dress with a menswear-inspired coat is unquestionably a style for your winter collections. Turtlenecks are your no-brainer fashion pieces that you can wear under your strappy knit dresses. Step into a great slouch, riding boots, or shaft boot with the underlay to keep your style in rotation.

Peel off the coats and strap on jackets, blazers, or anorak in spring, then, add more layers with a cashmere scarf or a puffer coat to keep the look interesting. Cropped cardigans also add a pop of color to the dress in summer. You can also invent more styles by adding extra layers to your dress. Tie the cardigan over your waist for a more casual look. To finish the look, ankle boots or heeled shoes are great additions that work year-round.

Amp Up The Look

An easy way to par everything down is to go for the necessary accessories in complementing shades. Accessories can be flattering on an already stunning dress but only when you make the right choices of them.

Jewelry pieces can be bold on a statement or styled with subtle effort, depending on the pattern of the dress. While asymmetrical necklines may not require any necklace, an off-the-shoulder knit dress would look impressive with a choker-style necklace. For effortless elegance, throw on your best pair of strappy heels.

Keeping The Focus On Your Dress

Keeping your styling minimal and refined helps to maintain the focus on the dress. Opt for minimal accessories and accessories that only complement but do not steal the spot from the knit dress. Just like you wouldn’t wear much or any accessories with a shimmery dress at an evening event, so you’d keep the glances on your outfit; in the same way, a minimalist ensemble and pared-down accessories allow the dress to shine (even if it doesn’t have sparkly embellishments).

Buying Quality Knit Dresses

A fitted yet stretchy dress is an enviable fit but if it’s not from a good brand, the stretch of the dress will fall within months and may not offer the best of looks when worn. Invest in quality brands so your dress can last longer for you. We recommend buying from SunsetFashionLA. They are a credible online fashion store; plus, you can get some styling inspiration from them.


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