Increasing Video Engagement On YouTube

video engagement

Delivering content has always been a point of concern for people. The modes have shifted from the written content on newspapers to the voice content on radios to the visual content on TVs. And with recent evolution on the internet, all forms of content has shifted over there. Out of all these, videos or visual content have been a hit in the market. As nowadays, almost everyone owns a smartphone, it is easy to make, upload and watch videos. The reason for them being so popular is that literally anybody could watch them and as videos contain visuals, so people can connect better to it. But do all videos get people to engage and connect with them? The answer is no. Because video engagement and connection depends on a lot of factors like the content and topic of the video.

If we talk about YouTube, video engagement is a crucial part. Especially if you are using it for business purpose. From uploading promotional content to influencer marketing, businesses are benefitted in a lot of ways from YouTube videos. But it is not easy to get that content to people. Even if you somehow manage to do that, video engagement is another big task. Video engagement means that people not only open your video but also watch it till the end. And that is not easy because videos can be long and boring. But this article will give you some tips, and following them will make sure that you get maximum engagement for your videos.

Getting People Engaged

video engagement

This is a big task as preferences change from person to person. So how are you supposed to make a video that can be liked by so many people? Here is a guide for you:

Find Target Audience

This the major point in delivering any kind of content. You have to first identify your target audience. Once you have all the data like their age range, location, language, gender, etc., then you can frame your content easily. This can be understood easily by TV commercials, like a brand producing pencils shows kids and a hair colour brand shows older people. This works better because this way people are able to relate more to the advertisement. Similarly, you have to frame your video’s content in such a way that your target audience can relate the most to it. The better they will relate, the more they will watch and the better video engagement you will receive.

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. Short And Interesting Wins The Race

Long videos can be boring. No matter how much you try to keep the content good and engaging, there might be just a 3-second gap where your content gets a little boring and people will leave it right there. So make sure you cut out all these gaps. This way, only the interesting parts of the video will remain and more people will be watching it. Also, people might ignore the video altogether because of its duration because nobody has got the patience to watch a 30 minutes long video. So keeping your video short will help you in attracting more people towards it and more people will watch it till the end, hence increasing the video engagement.

Also, people look for interesting stuff in the first few seconds of the video. If your video’s first 10-20 seconds are interesting enough, they will stick for long. Otherwise, leave the video. So make sure you add something interesting in the first few seconds of the video to make people watch the video for a longer duration.

Choose The Right Thumbnail

Thumbnails are those little pictures that are seen on the side of the title. They play a vital role in attracting people towards the video. Because our eyes automatically move towards the picture, so it is important to keep it interesting too. For example, if a female beauty blogger is comparing two products in her video and she keeps a thumbnail of her sitting on a chair, will attract very few people. But if she uses the ‘final result’ picture of those products, she will be able to attract more people towards her video.

Also, remember that the picture should be in good resolution and should be in reference to your video’s title. If your title says something and the picture describes something else, you will end up attracting lesser people.

Keep The Title Short

video engagement

As YouTube has limited space to show the title, your long title will be cut. If you keep your video title too long, then YouTube will fit only the initial part of it and cut the rest. This way, people might not even know what your video is about. Or irrelevant audience will open the video and close it soon, as they won’t find it useful. This will lower your video engagement. So, keep your video’s title short and as informative as possible because that is what will be attracting people initially.

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Be Direct

As you must have seen that more people on YouTube are becoming direct. They directly ask and remind you to follow them, subscribe to them, like the video, etc. This does not sound annoying to the person watching the video and makes the process of content creation easy as you do not need to focus on this point too. You can also use annotations. These are the little boxes that appear on the screen during the video. In those boxes, you can ask people to subscribe to your channel or even give them a link to your previous videos. This will make it easy for them to find more content that you have created.

Use SEO For Promoting

SEO principles are not limited to the written form of content. You can use them with videos too. Like if you have seen, for certain searches Google shows a long list of YouTube videos instead of links. So, by putting keywords in the title and description of the video, you can make it easily reach the top of the SERPs. And it will reach to more people. Also, you should promote your YouTube videos on all your social media pages, so that it can reach to more and more people.

With these easy tips, you can easily reach to a large number of people with your video and make sure that they do not leave before watching your video till the end. Also, be consistent with your uploads, as people follow more of those people who upload content regularly rather than those who are seen once in a blue moon. So, follow these tips and make the most from your YouTube Videos.

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