Instagram Marketing 2020: Why Buy Likes at MrSocial.Marketing and How Followers will Help Boost Sale

Instagram Marketing

“Social media“ is the biggest buzzword in today’s market. When we think about social media we think about influencers, beautiful people on the beach, drone shots over exotic islands in the Philippines, and of course, likes.  But social media presence, in the business world, translates to so much more than just cool pictures. They are windows into the everyday life of a company, brand, or artist. This is extremely valuable. There’s so much hype around gathering likes that some may find it a dizzying pursuit without solid footing for traction. So, what are “likes” and can you trade or purchase them like a commodity?

What Are Likes?

Likes are the new currency of branding. The more likes that you have, the more traction you have in the social media sphere. The function of the like is a simple acknowledgment from another person. On a personal level, it means that somebody literally likes what you put out. In the business world, likes translate to the eyeballs. What they are is a means of tracking exactly who and how many are visibly interested in the product. Back before social media, companies would rely on Nielsen ratings to estimate how many individuals were tuned in to a specific TV show to measure how many people may have seen an advertisement. That “maybe” was a figure that was sold to companies in the media for millions. It compelled retailers and manufacturers alike to invest. You can organically get likes, by putting out specific content geared towards the audience, or you can get your foot in the door by jumping ahead with your brand and procuring lakes much like the networks procure Nielsen ratings.

Buying Followers

If branding and recognition is the goal of your business, you really cannot pull any punches with your strategy. The ability to buy Instagram followers gives you that extra padding of recognition that’ll attract even more people to follow the herd mentality and join. As long as you’re putting out good content that the people like, the amount of followers you have is irrelevant. People will follow you anyway. With that said, it would be more advantageous to have that extra bump in the numbers. 

Growth Strategy

Instagram Strategy

Some circles may look down on buying Instagram followers. But if you look at the most successful people on the Internet, they know how to spice this out. A good strategy is not to buy all the followers at once and show a suspicious spike. A good strategy is to get organic followers via your content and pad those daily numbers. Let’s say you would’ve naturally gotten three followers a day. Why not make it four? If you’re averaging 2000 lakes a day per picture, why not make it 2100? The point is to ease the number until you reach the amount that you are satisfied with.

The growth of your business on the social media sphere is hinged on the Instagram marketing angle. Even with its size, it hasn’t even begun to bloom. There are more options and even more angles that can be monetized. For now, buying likes is your best route. 


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