How IoT (Internet Of Things) Is Changing The Way Your Gadgets Connect With You? 

Internet of Things

All of you must have heard of the word IoT. The term stands for the Internet of Things. Although the term is very small, the definition is indeed quite broader. It actually refers to the connection of a series of objects via a single network connected through the medium of embedded sensors.

Perhaps you can connect the Internet of Things with all sorts of devices, be it your smartphone, fridge, vehicles, lights and many others. According to a survey report, it has been inferred that by 2026, there will be at least 64 IoT devices that will come into play. With that said, given below are a few of the gadgets that have been revolutionized by the Internet of Things to a great extent. 

  • Cars
    Internet of Things

Cars that are integrated with the Internet of Things can help you in a lot of ways. Firstly, you can share access to other people using the same network. The reason is most of these vehicles are integrated with an Internet connection. It’s almost like providing the privilege of a wireless network in a home or office. Already, bountiful of vehicles have been launched in the market along with this particular facility. Hopefully, the IoT integrated cars will help their different users to a great extent along with a lot of beneficial features ahead. 

  • Wearables

Wrists watches have longer limited themselves to telling people time itself. With the integration of the Internet of Things, these watches have come up as a multi-utility device to many of its users. To be even more specific, these devices act less like a wristwatch and more like a smartphone. You can now text messages, give calls and serve a lot more other purposes effectively. Moreover, if you are a fitness freak, it’s best to purchase a wearable device integrated with the Internet of Things. The reason is you can also obtain effective tips and ideas in connection to your workout regime and which workout routine is the aptest for you through this particular device from time to time. 

  • Smartphones

Smartphones are currently the most popular device integrated with the application of the Internet of Things. The IoT has affected the mode of these devices by the various users out there to a great extent. These IoT integrated smartphones are cheap and are available in a bountiful quantity in the market at the moment. The most popular products in the market being the Nest Thermostat and Amazon’s Echo. Besides, there are also ample products in the market sharing similar features. Users can make the best use of these devices by controlling their voice through it. This gets them the feel to stay more connected with the rest of the world than before. 

  • August Door Bell

Hearing the ringing of a bell at the door and turning up there in person to attend your visitor has almost become an outdated practice with the Internet of Things coming into play. With the innovation August Doorbell Cam, the picture has completely changed. This allows you to retort to any of the standing visitors before your door while you are at a remote location or elsewhere. Not only this, but it also captures the varying emotions that are taking place near your door. This particular device is integrated with floodlight which gives off an effect of a fully-colored video along with impeccable clarity. Besides, it’s also integrated with custom-made locks which let your guests to easily enter inside your house. 

  • Kuri: The mobile robot

All of us interact with the various family members of our house, but how if you get a scope to chat with a non-living being? Kuri is a talking robot that gives you the essence of human-to-human conversation and also captures the most compelling moments while wandering about your entire house. It is another breakthrough innovation of the Internet of Things which lets users perceive the true flavor of a human-to-human conversation as if talking to any of your family members. 

  • Flow By Plume Air Pollution Monitor

This is another major innovation of the Internet of Things which has been launched recently in the market. It helps you to track the data about the dire quality or polluted air in a specific geographic location in an effective manner. If you are residing in an area possessing dire quality or impure air, a map will pop up on the screen, getting you a piece of comprehensive information in relation to the concerned location within minutes. Its external body has been made up of a sturdy stainless steel framework and is comprised of a capacitive touch on its body. The vegan leather strap incorporated into it gets you comprehensive updates about the existent air quality that is prevailing in the concerned location at the moment. 

  • Nest Smoke Alarm

The Nest Smoke Alarm is a mind-boggling creation of the Internet of Things that alerts and speaks to your mobile phone about any sort of impending danger that is going to take place in your house. The user can easily manage this alarm via your smartphone itself without requiring the integration of any sort of hardware. Moreover, the installation of this particular gadget is quite easy and can be done through either an Android Phone, iPhone or that of an iPad. Besides, the Nest Smoke Alarm is also integrated with an auto-testing tool, which implies that it can automatically test its efficacy without the need for human assistance. It also gives off certain colors like green, yellow or red to signify the severity of the danger that is supposed to take place in your house. 

  • Philips Hue
    Internet of Things

This is another beneficial innovation of the Internet of Things to customize the usage of lights according to your personal choice. It’s basically a wireless lighting system that lets you personalize the brightness of the lights according to your preference in order to create the perfect atmosphere for your living space. 

The Bottom Line

So, these are some of the gadgets that have revolutionized the usage of the various devices which are associated with our lives in some way or the other. 


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