Is Escape Room The New Alternative Family Entertainment?


The idea of escape rooms has spread like wildfire worldwide. People, irrespective of their age groups, location, sex, etc., love and enjoy the thrill of these amazing escape games. Especially when it comes to family members having fun together, escape rooms can be the ultimate out-of-the-box treat that one would love! 

From the mystery rooms in Bangalore to the escape rooms in Ventura, you can come across various escape room ventures that offer family-friendly games. These escape room games are usually filled with intriguing puzzles and riddles that players need to solve in time.  

Whether you are still a newbie to the world of escapades or an escape room enthusiast, this article will be of immense help to you. So, hold on to your patience, and read on!  

What are escape rooms? 

Escape rooms are still a new and unique form of entertainment that you and your family can take part in playing. Typically, players will find themselves trapped inside a locked room with no escape. The room is usually based on a particular kind of theme, from fantasy to Sherlock-themed and historical to even scientific-themed; there is a huge variety of themes! 

The escape rooms are usually filled with several tricky and never-wrecking puzzles that players need to solve. But wait, there’s more! Once you step inside the escape room, you will only have a designated amount of time to complete the escape room game. Most of the escape rooms usually give players an hour, within which they need to solve all the riddles and puzzles. It is only then that they can win!  

What are the different activities inside the escape games? 

You can find different kinds of activities inside the escape rooms. You will chance upon a chain of interlinked puzzles and riddles in the mystery room. It is important that every member of your team equally participates in the escape room game and joins hands to search for clues and riddles.  

While there can be no end to the diverse forms of puzzles that you can find in the escape rooms, here are some of the most common ones: 

  • There are generally several hidden objects inside an escape room that players need to hunt for and excavate. These objects are often kept hidden in unprecedented ways. So, players would need to harness much more than just their physical strength inside the game room! 
  • Often a trick card may be hidden inside an ugly-looking book! That card might be important for you to proceed to the next step. So, you need to search for it and find it out. 
  • Escape rooms will have keys hidden in unique ways. You might need to turn on a bright flashlight to uncover clues that lead you to the key, or you might even need to use your light to look for the key itself! 
  • One of the most common puzzles in the escape room might be this: You will need to substitute every number for the designated alphabet in English to decode your clue! 

So, with fun and exciting activities like these and several others set in place, escape rooms can be one of the best modes of family entertainment in town!  

What makes escape rooms the new alternative family entertainment? 

You might often find it far too difficult to squeeze out of your busy schedule and invest it in spending some quality time with your family. As work pressure continues to increase more with time, families remain on the lookout for unique ways to spend some memorable time together.  

It is at this juncture that escape rooms take center stage. Not only has it become quite a trendsetter today, but it has also become effective in offering players an ‘escape’ from their lived reality.  Here’s how your family can benefit from visiting the escapades:  

1. A distraction-free zone 

While at home, it might not be possible for you to spend some quality time you’re your family, as there are so many distractions. But unlike your home, escape rooms are an essential distraction-free zone for all! Not only do players need to deposit all their gadgets before playing the game, but there is nothing at all inside the venue that might act as a distraction.  

Once you step inside the escape room, it is only you and your family, with no social media notifications distracting your attention. Hence, it is here that everyone can huddle close and work step-by-step as a team and enjoy the amazing escape room gaming experience.   

2. Communication is key   

Escape rooms are team games, and therefore, communication is the key to achieving victory in it. Every player needs to continuously keep on communicating with one another throughout the game. Players need to share their discoveries, opinions, and theories with everyone else.  

Escape games also require players to remain patient in listening to what their teammates say. Therefore, these games provide space for parents to show their kids that even their opinions are valuable! Thus, the escape games provide you room for talking to each other and sharing and evaluating each other’s views and opinions.   

3. Nurturing active involvement  

Escape rooms require every player to put their efforts into deducing clues and solving puzzles. No player can remain inside the escape room game as a passive observer. Everyone needs to keep their senses on alert and participate in whichever small ways they can.  

Players might often need to take on more than one task at once since time always seems so short inside the escape rooms! Therefore, all your family members playing the game would remain actively involved in the process and pay attention to it.   

4. Families spend quality time 

Escape rooms are a unique and exciting form of adventure that your family can participate in. These games prioritize quality over quantity and thus ensure that you spend the best time of your life inside the game room.  

Once you play these games with your family, you can grow and strengthen your bonds with your family members effectively. Furthermore, when you spend an hour in an escape room, you create so many great and funny memories. You can always look back at these memories and cherish the times that you have spent together!   

5. Unleashes your unique skills!   

Escape rooms provide the necessary space for your family members to unleash their skills and talents. From keen observational skills to creative and intuitive thinking abilities, there are varied skills that these games call for.  

While one of your family members might be good at solving tricky problems, someone else might be good at observing things minutely. In the escape room games, you can make room for utilizing the skills of both! Therefore, every team member gets to be the hero as they play an escape room game.  


Escape rooms welcome people across all age groups and help them indulge in a unique and realistic gaming experience like never before. It helps families get together without any distractions and spend some quality time together.  

The escape room games undoubtedly offer you an unmatchable gaming experience that you must try out with your family! Who knows, the escape room game might even potentially bring your family members even closer than they were before!  



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