Is The Digital Generation Going To Be Smarter Or Dumber?

digital generation

Individuals of today, are heavily dependent on technology that is making them less and less creative. Excess of anything is always said to backfire and this is how one can describe the effects of technology in this modern world. There is no doubt to the fact that the use of technology has reshaped and redefined the life of every individual across the globe. Even though the use of technology is still growing and today’s digital generation is moving forward to a future where they have become slaves to their own gadgets. 

How is the digital generation falling behind due to technology?

digital generation

Several ways provide evidence that the digital generation is falling way behind because of using technology too much. Take a look at the information below!

  • It is turning people into modern insomniacs: 

The young generation of today has access to tablets and smartphones. They have become addicted to the devices so much that it has started eating through their night time. The sight of their cell-phones is considered to be enough, which will wreck their brains off. The continuous blinking of the phone due to a new message has translated into more screen-time and allows them to go ahead of bedtime. Experts say that the light emitted from these types of devices release melatonin at night that creates issues with the normal sleep cycle. 

  • It distracts anyone easily:

The technology of today distracts the digital generation pretty much easily. Studies show about 2,400 teachers who are students from the current generation are said to be much more distracted than the previous generation. Apart from that, about 87% of the individuals claim that the shorter attention spans of students are due to digital technologies. Another study shows that 64% of individuals believe that technology has distracted the students more rather than helping them in academics. Checking your phone during a meeting, are one of the ways how people are easily distracted today.

  • Relying on Google way too much:

The digital generation of today is heavily dependent on the “Google” way more than they should. Since all information can be achieved easily these days, so you will know how and where to look for it. But you do not even remember the information by yourself. This is because everything you need is at your fingertips. All you need to do is provide the information you are looking in the search engine and you will receive everything related to it instantly. This clearly shows that the online platform has completely changed how your mind works when you are surrounded by technology.

  • You need GPS to drive around:

There have been many stories where individuals who used their GPS to travel and ended up getting lost somewhere. Researches show that the digital generation has become inattentive and lazy because of all these mapping applications and devices. The brain is said to carry a limited capacity as it processes a lot at one time. But keeping the eyes on the road and following the instruction together might be too much more for the brain to handle. It might be difficult for the brain to process everything at the same time.

  • People do not know how to spell anymore:

digital generation

Without the help of autocorrect you won’t be able to spell half of the words these days and a word without autocorrect is filled with typos. Being a part of the digital generation, your grammar and spelling skills have taken a different turn. The majority of the individuals feel embarrassed when they do not have technology beside them. With the presence of autocorrect and spell-check, it is making people incompetent, dumb, and lazy and they don’t seem to think about it much as well.

  • The real world is replaced by the virtual world:

Instead of going outdoors and doing some actively, kids of the digital generation keep their focus on computer games and play for long hours. Others like to take part in social gatherings, not by going to one but through social media applications like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and many more. You will lose your emotional side completely when there is a lack of social interaction. This also allows people to become more mechanical and lose their co-operative and social interaction skills, which is brought through human interactions, not by machines. 

  • Notifications are known as technology drug:

All the applications on your phone want to send you a notification and it is considered to be good as they carry important information and keep you updated. But that doesn’t mean it is a good thing for you. This is because, studies have provided evidence that too much usage of devices increases the dopamine in the brain, which is basically like a drug. It will make you feel good for some time but it will also enable you to experience nervousness, cravings, etc.

How is technology helping the digital generation?

digital generation

Several ways show technology is helping the digital generation and some of them are mentioned below.

  • Providing specialized knowledge:

Through specialized knowledge, individuals can become much more productive and efficient. It will allow all the skilled people to get employed and earn more than their unskilled counterparts. With the help of specialization, you will become good or an expert in many activities.

  • Making machines for others: 

When you incorporate your human skills on machines, it is known as black boxing. This is because it makes the entire operation to be invisible towards the user. Putting your expertise in machines will allow you to lower down the barriers for doing something, as there is no need for an individual to know much about it. The production of black-boxed technologies will allow their use to be widespread.

Digital Generation: Are you dumb or smart?

digital generation

To determine if using technology is making you smart or dumb will depend on how you use technology. Using technology to replace social interaction will make you dumb. But if you use technology to create assistive technology that will help people then you can be called a smart individual.


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