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joaquin phoenix movies

Hollywood stars have always attracted the eyes of movie lovers. Today the pick is Joaquin Phoenix. The American producer and actor caught the attention of his outstanding performance. He started his acting career on television along with his sister Summer and Brother River. His first breath-taking movie was the Spacecramp in the year 1986. However, he also made the best with music video releases.

Besides his acting and music career, he is an avid social worker. The remarkable star won various awards. Like for the music track “Walk the line” he bagged the Grammy award for superb compilation. On top of that, he won nominations, various awards, Golden globe along with Grammy award as well. Thus, today let’s get some more ideas on the Joaquin Phoenix movies list.

List of the Joaquin Phoenix Movies

The below information will highlight the list of the Joaquin Phoenix Movies. Go through them at once,


Admirers of Joaquin Phoenix movies will surely praise the characters in this movie. Director Spike Jonze eloquently described the role of lonely Theodore aka Joaquin Phoenix in the year 2013. Besides that other stars like Rooney Mara, Scarlett Johansson, Amy Adams also gave their brilliant shot in the movie. The watchers will praise the blending of science fiction with romance.


The story revealed the life of a deserted man Theodore who was in the last phase of getting a divorce. He spent his time on video games. But he did not have too many friends. Therefore did not get much chance to hang out. In the meantime, he decided to purchase the first ever-operating system in the world called the OS.

The story takes a turn when Theodore got attracted to the voice Samantha behind the operating system the OS1. With time, both of them discovered a love for each other. They started to spend more time and felt an attraction. Theodore in the meantime started to handle everything with feelings. He began to sense both doubt and joy.

Being powerfully intellect Samantha helps Theodore to deal with every issue easily. That might not have been possible without her. But the question is how does Samantha help him to tackle his love with an OS.

I’m still here

The American Actor Joaquin Phoenix is an all-time favorite. It is because of his easy fitting attitude into complex characters. All witnessed such an instance in the year 2010 under the direction of Casey Affleck. The other eminent stars of the movie were the Carey Perloff, Larry McHale, Antony Langdon, and Joaquin Phoenix. For those who are yet to watch I’ m still here catch up soon to get a glimpse of music and comedy under one umbrella.


In the year 2008, Phoenix declared that he thought to retire from acting. He took such a decision to start a new career with rap- music. The next year, the actor penned his composition and performed in front of the audience. The movie also clearly showed the actor in his home. The camera filmed him partying, smoking, and chatting on philosophy with Affleck.

The movie took the audience to surprise as they initially considered it a reality show. But Joaquin finely portrayed the relationship between celebrities, consumers, and the media. The documentary film was indeed mind-blowing.

Inventing the Abbotts

Among the various Joaquin Phoenix Movies, the romantic ones always touched the heart of the audience. Like the movie “Inventing the Abbotts”, it attracted eyes under the flawless direction of Pat o Conner. The movie had other brilliant stars like Billy Crudup, Jennifer Connelly, and Liv Tyler.


The movie dated back to 1950 backdrop. It focused on the characters of two brothers from Illinois. Their single mother raised the boys. They lost their father who was a real risk lover. He got into a bet with Lloyd Abbott and lost his life. They came in touch with three daughters of the native aristocrat Lloyd Abbott. Only three things matched the two boys Jacey and Dough Holt aka Joaquin Phoenix are the families, running after the Abbott siblings and table tennis.

The village

For thriller movie lovers the Village is an eye- treat. The movie shows a full-fledged mysterious drama with a subtle touch of romance. Under the direction of M. Night Shyamalan, the movie got many positive feedbacks in the year 2004. The superb acting of the bright stars like Bryce Dallas Joaquin Phoenix, Sigourney Weaver, William Hurt, and Bryce Dallas Howard also got attention.


The movie started with an isolated town in Pennsylvania. The inhabitants of the town had to adhere to strict norms. They could not step out of the village. If they do so, then the devils outside their boundary would attack the villagers.

The protagonist of the movie Lucius means Joaquin Phoenix was in deep love with Ivy. They both felt attracted to each other. But the villainous character Noah became an obstacle in their love story. Though, he lacked intellects but was a wicked type by nature. Getting envious, he attacked Lucius because Noah also had some feelings for Ivy.

The character Lucius would die unless blind Ivy crossed the border to seek for help. Therefore coming to the role of Joaquin it was very much engaging. His romantic gesture was truly eye stealing.

The immigrant

Joaquin Phoenix movies always won the attention because of his intensity in acting. Like the movie The immigrant, that was a full entertainment package. The director James Gray directed the movie brilliantly. He wonderfully balanced the comedy and romance elements. The movie came into the screen in the year 2013. The other stars who put their best into the movie were Marion Cotillard, Jeremy Renner, and Dagmara Dominczk and Joaquin Phoenix.


Two sister siblings Ewa Cybulska along with her Sister Magda came to New York. They were actually from Poland. The moment they landed upon Ellis island, the doctors detected that her sister Magda was ill. That situation separated the two sisters.

In the meantime, Ewa came to discover the negative side of Manhattan city. On the other hand, her sister had to attain the quarantine. Her sister was desperate to reach Magda, the younger one. But destiny compelled her to meet Bruno, ( Joaquin Phoenix). He was a devil by heart. It is because he forced Ewa to become a prostitute.

But one day, she met Bruno’s cousin who was the only hope for Ewa to escape from there. Talking about the acting of Joaquin Phoenix it was astonishing. He stepped into the character seamless that made admirers fall for him once again

Irrationational man:

The movie Irrational Man surfaced in the year 2015. You will love this among all the Joaquin Phoenix movies. It is because it has all the elements in fine balance. That means you can expect to get Romance and comedy in equal proportion under the direction of Woody Allen. Stars like Emma Stone, Joe Stapleton, and Parker Posey also played prominent roles in the movie.


The movie started with the entry of a Philosophy professor who dropped at Newport in Rhode Island. The professor named Abe Lucas was not a good person. People called him a flirt. He was an alcoholic as well. People did not know that he had negative visions. Abe was unsuccessful in changing the world. Therefore he was living in a state of frustration.

Joan Phoenix fluently played the role, Abe Lucas. Evey expressions he made were realistic. His chemistry with one of his students Jill Pollard was amazing. The movie highlighted his platonic love with her. Until, one day when both of them met on a dinner table and had a conversation. That conversation turned the story in a different direction.

Reservation Road

Talking about the Joaquin Phoenix movies, many are there in the list. But this movie Reservation Hood stole the attention. The movie came into being in the year 2007. It is a pure crime drama packed with thrilling instances. The movie earned appreciation all due to the superb direction of Director Terry George. The rest of the stars like Elle Fanning, Jennifer Connelly, Mark Ruffalo worked outstandingly.


The story started with an evening in September. During that time, three personalities, Professor Ethan Learner along with daughter Emma and wife Grace attended a concert. A young boy of 10 years named josh played cello at the concert. His sister including his parents was very much happy about him. The entire family halted at a gas stop on the Reservation road.

On the other hand, the story threw light on the character, Dwight Arno, who was a lawyer. Along with his son Lucas who was, 11 years were at the baseball game court. They were cheering at their sought after team Red Sox.

In the meantime, Dwight was heading to drop his son Lucas to his mother Ruth Wheldon. He was rushing through the Reservation road. Until a terrific accident took place there, that happened so swiftly. Lucas was not aware, while Ethan was shocked. But Dwight drove away fast. A little later, police began to investigate the happening.


The recent drama Joker packed with crime and thriller pulled lots of movie buffers to the cinema Hall. Released in the year 2019, it earned many good comments because of the flawless acting of Joaquin Phoenix.

Talking about the director Todd Philips he had made the character flow in his natural way. Other eminent stars like Robert De Niro, Zazie Beetz also performed excellently.


The story unfolded with the Gotham city. It shows up a mentally troubled man Arthur Fleck. The tragic part was that he had some mental problems and due to that he did not have any control over his laugh. Whenever he used to get nervous, he began laughing uncontrollably.

Now, this situation often dragged him to the worst scenarios.

The society people did not treat him normally. Instead, they demeaned him for this behavior. Also, they humiliated him. But Arthur Fleck aka Joaquin Phoenix from his heart wanted to get acceptance from all.

In the meanwhile, he suffered tortures. Like he did not receive his medication, even people beat him as well. From there onwards, his life took a different turn. Precisely, the movie showed his journey into the world of violence, tricking people, and breaking laws. Until one day he became the notorious joker in Gotham and the master of crime.

Hotel Rwanda

Hotel Rwanda is again one of the engrossing movies. It is a biographical based historical drama. The movie became the blockbuster of the year 2004. Director Terry George threw light on important historical aspects in the movie. In addition to that, the flawless actings of stars like Sophie Okonedo, Joaquin Phoneix, Xolani Mali, Don Cheadle is remarkable.


Rwanda mainly consists of the Tutsis and Hutus, as the core of the population. But the arbitrary rule of Belgians was worst. Despite the independence of Rwanda, they were used to that arbitration. A Hutus named Paul Rusesabagina was the house- supervisor of the Hotel Des Milles Collines at Kigali. He married a Tutsi woman named Tatiana.

The Hotel Milles was the property of the Sabena, note that it was Belgium’s national airline. The main purpose of the hotel was to serve the richest white people from the west. Paul worked with loyalty. He also felt proud deep down that people respected him. Precisely Caucasians he met due to his profession all greeted him the best.

However, a particular incident disturbed the calm relationship between the Hutu military and the Tutsi- guerrillas.  In the meantime, people also applauded the role of Jack Daglish aka Joaquin Phoenix, he was a journalist from America. He had to cover the story regarding initial Rwanda. Indeed the acting of Joan Phoenix did justice to character Jack.

Final words

Finally, the list of the Joaquin Phoenix movies to date is engaging. It made one stay glued to the screen. In the future also, viewers will always love to catch him in new roles.


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