Spy Apps That You Need To Know Right Now For Android & iOS

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In this digital time, most people are using technology, especially computers and mobile apps, which is good since it works and studying much easier. But sometimes, because of technology, other people would try to infiltrate important information. Here are some spy apps that most people use. 

Some people worry too much about what they’re loved ones are up to. That’s why they’re looking for spy applications that would help them keep track of their loved ones. Security is one of the reasons why some people are looking for mobile applications with this kind of feature. Here are some of the apps that you need to check

List of Spy Apps:

FlexiSPY Spy Apps

Do you want to know about the world’s best spy app monitoring software for tablets, computers, and mobile phones? If yes, then you should know FlexiSPY. For you to learn more about FlexiSpy, there are two questions to be answered, “what is FlexiSPY” and “why should you choose FlexiSPY.”

FlexiSPY is one of those free spy apps software that you can download through your mobile phone, computer, and tablet to answer the first question. It started to operate in 2006, in which until now it still provides excellent service. Despite having many competitors, FlexiSPY stood its ground in delivering the best in unique features and quality service.

FlexiSPY’s Unique Features

Nowadays, phone calls and SMS are a thing in the past because most people are already using instant messaging. FlexiSPY has an Instant Messaging feature in which you can monitor conversations, and having the ability to view stickers just like other instant messaging apps right now.

You can also monitor all audio streams when using FlexiSPY; this feature is perfect if you want some proof about the conversation that you had with your colleague. You’ll be able to record while listening to Phone calls and Instant Messaging calls. This feature right here is rarely seen in other similar spy apps, and that’s why FlexiSPY is better than them.

It also has a powerful remote control feature. You can control your phone to open its camera, record videos, and even extend its microphone for you to listen to your phone’s surroundings. Also, if in case you’re unaware that you deleted or removed a very important conversation, FlexiSPY will get screenshots of them for you to pull-up anytime.

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FlexiSPY also has other features such as Parental Control, to monitor your children’s online experience. Employee Monitoring to manage your employee’s productivity while you are away. Direct Deliver, FlexiSPY will deliver to your doorstep a brand new phone with pre-installed FlexiSPy software for you to use right away.


Are you trying to find a tool or software that you can download on your mobile phone or computer? Cocospy is an excellent tracking and surveillance app that you can easily use on the go. The Cocospy has an undetectable technology that you can use, especially if you are dealing with confidential information.

The Cocospy is very easy to install either on your computer, tablet or even on your mobile phone. Just go directly to their website, and since it is only very light, you’ll be able to download it in less than five minutes. By the way, this app is available for both Android and iOS operating systems.

Key Features Of Cocospy Spy Apps

In Cocospy, you’ll use WhatsApp’s instant messaging, accompanying conversation or chats, check timestamps, and open photos without being detected. All you need to do is download Cocospy, sign up, set up your account, and you’re good to go. It’s effortless, and at the same time, it’s very reliable.

Like WhatsApp, you will be able to exchange messages with your co-worker or your boss without being spotted on Snapchat. You can also track conversation timestamps and even check their contact details. There are also a lot of causes why you need to spy on someone’s Snapchat, and one of those reasons is to monitor your children’s activities.

Cocospy also provides Text Message Spy; you’ll be able to read or view incoming and outgoing messages, access removed messages, open attached timestamps, and browse media files. There also have a Phone Location Tracker wherein you can also view WI-Fi-based location and GPS, see entry and exit times, and read geographical coordinates.

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Besides those features that have been mentioned, Cocospy also offers more useful tools such as Geofence Alert, FB Message Monitoring, Instagram Spy, Viber Spy, Website History Monitoring, and SIM Location Monitoring. Cocospy is an all in one package for your spying needs.

GuestSpy: Syp Apps

What is GuestSpy? GuestSpy is actually an app that you can download to your mobile phone, laptop, computer, and tablet. It is a free spy software just like other spy software, which you can use to gather all sorts of important information from any type of device.

When using GuestSpy, you’ll be able to access any type of information on the device that has been installed, but of course, you still need to connect first on the internet for this to work. Below are some important features that you’ll be able to use in GuestSpy.

GuestSpy Useful Features

GuestSpy can have a GPS tracker feature in which you can find or track the device’s exact location. This feature is handy, especially if they lost their mobile phones, laptops, and even tablets. Although, just like other GPS trackers, it will only work if the device is connected to the internet.

Message Spy, Spy Call, and Contact Checking are also available in GuestSpy. These features will allow you to navigate through a specific device’s messages, calls logs, and contacts history. You can also record live calls and spy on different social media sites undetectable; this is nifty, mainly when you track social media accounts.

In A Nutshell

Trying to find a secured spy app right now can be tricky since there are already many spy apps that you can easily download on your mobile phone, laptop, or computer. Although there’s a little problem because some of those apps may provide viruses or worse, you might also lose valuable information.

The most critical thing about these applications is that you can guarantee that all of your information is secured and you can assure that all of their features are working correctly. Navigation is also very user-friendly, which means you’ll be able to use these apps without having any problem.


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