Know All About The Toyota Supra 2020 Before it Hits The Road


The last Detroit Auto Show attracted was filled with new models of car. But the one car which turned the most number of heads was the Toyota Supra 2020. It is one of the most awaited cars of the year. Toyota, which has made a place for itself among the supercar enthusiasts since the release of the supra, which was shown in “The Fast and the Furious,” hasn’t disappointed the fans with its latest comeback.

The last Supra that was sold in the US was in 1998, and the production of the car was stopped globally around 2002. And since then, the supercar enthusiasts from all over the world were eagerly waiting for the resurrection of the Supra.

But after waiting for almost 17 years, the fans are now gifted with a better version of the Supra. In the last Detroit Auto Show, Toyota has released the full specification of the Supra along with its performance, pricing, and fuel economy.

The latest supra model will be the fifth car from the series. It has been named the Supra A90 and has one of the best looks in the series, according to the fans.  According to the experts, the style of the car is hugely influenced by the FT-1 concept car, which appeared in 2014.

One can say that the Toyota Supra Wrap is one of those first cars that have followed the design of its concept car. Moreover, Toyota further hinted that the design of the Toyota Supra Wrap refers to the fourth generation of the Toyota Supra Wrap as well as the vintage sports car from 1967, 2000GT, which made its first appearance in the famous James Bond Film “You Only Live Twice.”

Even though the Toyota Supra Wrap may be kept on the reservoir for a while now, but it is on par with the 2020 Supra, which has the exact powertrain like the M40i version of BMW. It comes with a 3.-liter turbocharged straight-six that powers the rear wheels using an eight-speed automatic transmission.

Even though the BMW M40i comes with a little better specifications, such as a 369 pound-feet of torque along with 382 horsepower whereas the Toyota Supra Wrap comes with a 335 hp and a 365 lb.-ft. But, the amount of time taken for both cars to reach from 0 to 60 miles per hour is just the same, which is only 4.1 seconds.

The top speed for both the car is limited to 155 mph electronically. The electronically powered rear differential dispenses the power to the rear wheels. Apart from these, Toyota further claims that the Toyota Supra Wrap comes with a 50/50 weight distribution on both front and rear, which puts in extra advantage to the car handling.

The straight-six makes the Supra highly efficient as a sports car. The fuel economy is limited to 24 mpg for driving within the city. While on the highway, it will provide 31mpg and 36mpg in a combined road as per the Environmental Protection Agency. The four-cylinder model, which has been sold in Japan is the champion when it comes to fuel efficiency, but Toyota has no plan to sell this Toyota Supra Wrap model in the USA anytime soon.

For testing both the upcoming supercars, Toyota, along with BMW, made a platform/track which is known as the Toyota Supra Wrap/Z4 platform. They were overlapped for a quite number of times. The cars were tuned and tweaked by their respective owners separately.

For instance, the rear structure of the Toyota Supra Wrap has been reinforced as per Toyota following feedback from its Gazoo racing division who are in charge of taking the Toyota Supra Wrap to the track.

Even though over the years, it has become a common thing for automakers to offer their customers a wide range of choices for adjusting the setting of the car, but, Toyota has kept it simple by sticking to two particular driving modes for the car which are Normal and sport.

Further, Toyota has broken the Toyota Supra Wrap into two primary trim levels, which are the 3.0 and the 3.0 premium. Both the trim will feature some standard features such as 6.5inches touchscreen that comes with superfast Bluetooth connectivity along with with an Alcantra upholstery, a forward collision warning, an adaptive suspension, along with shift paddles as well as launch control.

But the premium models from the 3.0 series will have an 8.8 inches navigational touchscreen, a wireless Apple CarPlay, a 12.1 sound system, a color head-up display along with a wireless phone charging system. It will also feature leather-upholstered seats.

The buyers will have a couple of packages, which are $1195 and $2460, respectively. The $1,195 will offer a couple of trim along with a driver assistance package, blind-spot monitoring, rear cross-traffic alert, as well as parking sensors. The 3.0 model has an up-gradation amount of $2460 will come with an additional JBL audio system.

The enthusiast will be able to get their hands on any of the above-mentioned cars only after Toyota sells out its launch edition model. Only 1500 Toyota Supra Wrap will be in stock of the evolved 3.0 Toyota Supra Wrap. The limited stock will feature even additional features such as automatic high beams and automatic emergency braking. The color which is available for the Toyota Supra Wrap is nocturnal black, zero white, and the renaissance red 2.0. Further, they get red mirror caps along with 19-inches alloy wheels. Each of the Launch edition limited models will feature carbon fiber accents as well as plague engraved serial number of the car.

The Toyota Supra Wrap is available for sale in the United States since the summer of 2019. The prices of the car start from &49,990 for the 3.0, and one will need to pay an additional charge of $930 destination charge. The launch edition will be available for $55,250, whereas the BMW Z4 is priced at $50,000 for the standard model and $65,000 for the premium model.

This was all about this wonderful car that is going to launch next year. If you think any feature has been missed by us then send us to it in the comment box and we would love to know more about this amazing car.


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