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Are you doing to learn Python shortly? Here I have covered a few things that you should have known as a python newbie and beginners. No matter if you learn open-source software or paid software, you must have been using it with some goals in your mind and have understood how to apply your learnings. In this tutorial, I will make you knowledgeable regarding Python, why you should learn Python, your goals with the best python tutorial, and how to find the best python tutorial? So, without getting delayed, let us begin with this tutorial and understand what exactly python is.

What Is Python Software?

If you wish to develop a rapid application, writing scripts, and putting on some programs, Python is the powerful programming tool that helps you. Developers can use it for mobile app development, web development, scientific and mathematical computing, desktop graphical user interfaces, and for various purposes. 

You should have a basic knowledge of other programming languages to start with the best python tutorial. Any python tutorial may begin with the basic concepts and features provided in this open-source software. So, the Python tutorial has to make you able to write and read the basics of python programs, and you have to explore your developing skills by acquiring in-depth knowledge of python.

Why Find A Best Python Tutorial?

Do you know how did python get its name? It was named after the British Comedy Group Monty Python. This open-source software is interactive, interpreted, high-level, and object-oriented programming language. The software is highly flexible to allow you to do too many things. You can start writing and scripting both small projects and big projects. You can work on complex and large-scale enterprise projects and solutions. Any best python programming tutorial must have included the following;

  • It has to include desktop application building and GUI applications, CLI tools, and games. 
  • You must know the scientific and mathematical analysis of data.
  • Learn to build web apps and internet apps. 
  • You can perform computer systems administration and automating tasks. 
  • You can do DevOps tasks. 
Python Is Easy Accessible:
  • Python is used all over the world. Some of the most popular sites like Dropbox, Reddit, and YouTube have Python as the foundation of their development. Its web framework Django has powered Pinterest and Instagram.
  • Best Python Programming Tutorials Vs. Best Other Programming Tutorials:
  • Once you find the best python tutorial to start learning the python programming, you can understand that the software is free. And you can use it even for commercial purposes. You can contribute to it because it is open-source.
  • No matter what your age is, you can access it. Students of schools and retirees have accessed and learned python. You can use the script, data science, web development, GUI development, and many more. The software is best and allows you to code small scripts and automate repetitive tasks. You can also create complex and large-scale projects.
  • You can start experimenting with than compiled languages. Unlike other tutorials, you learn to write codes in different styles like object-oriented, functional, and imperative. You can check variable types at runtime, and you don’t have to declare them explicitly. There are no unsafe operations on incompatible types that go unnoticed.

Things You Should Learn From The Best Python Tutorial:

Any python tutorial that you enroll in should have covered all areas of Python programming. Python is used for many things, be it a small project, large project, online and offline projects, and many more. But it is best suited for web development, data analysis, and simple scripting. When you choose the best python tutorial, you should ensure you can learn at least the following.

  • Web Development:- you can learn from a python tutorial about creating web apps of various levels. You know excellent python frameworks like a pyramid, Django, flask, and many more.
  • Analysis Of Data:- for many data scientists, Python is the best choice. The reason is it has excellent libraries focused on data science and data visualization. It has made data crunching fun with all its numerous available libraries. JupyterLab and Ipython are other forms of python. They are improving Python in the field of data science.
  • Mobile Application Development:- you can learn python to create mobile apps and games by using python with Kivy, Pygame, and PyQt.
  • Networking & Security:- you can use Python to build networking tools and security tools that are used worldwide. Its remote automaton is faster, efficient, and the most secure for cloud testing of frameworks. It is the reason why most professional developers use python. They make the most secured frameworks and for socket programming.
  • Deep Learning & Machine Learning:- It’s the best programming language suited for machine learning, deep learning, and data analytics, with a stronghold in all of them.
  • Automation:- this open-source software is a flexible language that you can use to automate uninterested and repetitive tasks. Some administrators use it to write scripts and quickly execute the terminal. You can learn python to create bots that automate some of your daily tasks.
  • Artificial Intelligence:- you can use python extensively for the field of artificial intelligence (AI). Google has selected it to be the first well-supported programming language to train and interact with models using Tensorflow. 
  • Telegram Bots Development:- you can learn python to develop some python libraries to build your unique Telegram Bots.
  • Data Gathering Through Crawling & Scrapping:- you can use python to parse pages’ source codes and retrieve its data.

These were a few examples that you can expect to learn from the best python tutorial. Additionally, you can use Python for education advancement, desktop development, web & internet development, scientific studies & computing, machine learning, numeric computing, business app development, software development, browser automaton, game development, IoT, rapid prototyping, image processing, scraping data from the website, and data analysis. 

How To Find The Best Python Tutorial?

After understanding how you can use python and what you should expect from python tutorials, it is essential to know how to find your first python programming tutorial. Here, I have listed a few examples of python tutorials for newbies that you can choose to learn. But keep in mind that it has to consist from basics to advanced. It means all possible processes you can learn from it. So, you should check the content before deciding on your first python tutorial.

Additionally, you must have decided on your goals before beginning with the chosen tutorial. For example, if you want to learn web development, there is no meaning to go with the python tutorial for python data science.

  • The Python Tutorial:

The first and the most popular way to learn python is from the Official Python tutorial. Yes, it will cover all the basics that one should know to start the journey with python and refresh your knowledge of key fundamentals of python. The official python tutorial is fundamentally a tour of this language and standard library. It can be your quick-start guide to this open-source software.

  • Real Python:

This helpful and useful repository is free to use, detailed, and provides practical python tutorials created by professional python developers. It will teach everything you must have learned about python. The Real-Python will teach python from scratch to more complex topics like web development and data science. Thus, you get to know the python as ground up to cover and all the basics.

  • Learn Python The Hard Way:

You may have never heard of this because the name is something strange. Its tutorials will provide anything you want. Thus, you can say this tutorial is everything you need to learn about python to start with the beginning. It will start with the Hello World example from the console to the web. It is good if you have zero knowledge about programming or python.

  • Online Python Tutor:

Online Python Tutor will offer a visual step-by-step representation and introduction of how a python program runs. Thus, it’s best for newbies. So, if you are a newbie and want to learn it from the basics, it is the best option. Thus, you can say it is the best python tutorial that you can find to learn.

  • Think Python:

It helps you understand how to think like a computer scientist. This program introduces a primary computer science concept through the use of Python programming. It will help you explore its features, the information about the best practices, design patterns, and debugging.  You can find it rich in exercises, case studies, and assignments. 

Final Thoughts:

Have you understood what python software is? I have concluded with the best possible information. It helps you know why to use python and what to expect from the best python tutorial. If you still have doubts about the best python programming tutorials, let us know. Don’t forget to consider your need before enrolling in any program we discussed above to avoid inconvenience. You can search about these programs and visit their official websites to know what they offer in which program.


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