List of Best Affiliate Programs For WordPress Niche


WordPress is used by many as a source of income. They can earn money by selling plugins, consultancy or themes. So, one frequently asked a question here is that what are the best affiliate program for WordPress Niche? This is required by acquiring skills to turn more traffic to their websites, and their products should be promoted in a better way! Here are some of the best affiliate programs for different things like themes, plugins and so on to become a better blogger

Before we start, we would want you to know that the affiliate programs included in this list are endorsed by hundreds and thousands of affiliate marketers across the globe. These are tried and tested plugins that you should use at lest once to know their true potential.

Let’s get started.

Genesis Theme

This is one of the most popular WordPress framework used by the most bloggers! It is mostly used by professional bloggers and serious businessmen as it is a bit expensive than other programs available currently. With a huge brand name in the market, it is very easy to promote using Genesis framework! For all those looking seriously at making money from WordPress should surely try Genesis! 

Join StudioPress 

Though Genesis is considered to be the best, there are some equally great options available, especially for the ones who are worried about their expenditure. Next to Genesis, this is must try option for the newbies in the world of WordPress! There are some others like ThemeForest affiliate program and Theme Junkie affiliate program which can be chosen for the better option of themes! 

Themeisle Program

One can always find the most wanted plugins on Themeisle Program! The sale percentage is very high, and some of the famous plugins like ad-block notify are a result of this program! There are few options available in the themes as well, making it easy to promote and sell! So, get this affiliate program and enjoy blogging and earning money! 

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Plugmatter Affiliate Program

This program is offered up to 50% commission or sale, which is quite high! This program has proven that your email subscriptions increase after using it and therefore, it is very popular amongst the bloggers! They offer a wide range of plugins to all the bloggers of the world to promote and increase their income! 

Click Bank Affiliate Program

Known as one of the most famous affiliate marketplaces, signing up to Click Bank Affiliate program is very easy! All you need is a ClickBank username, and there you go! For all the themes and plugins, it is very easy to promote and earn! This is the reason; Click Bank is so famous! There is nothing easier than using Click Bank plugin and promoting it! So, go ahead and earn! 

GravityForms Affiliate Program

This is one of the most used affiliate program for contact form plugins for WordPress! The reason behind their easy and quick promotion is that they offer a large number of tutorials in a feature pack. This becomes easy for the bloggers to promote it through their posts! The commission is 20%, which is another plus point! It is so good to earn 20% of the earnings just by promoting these plugins on your blog! 

DreamHost Affiliate Program

If you are aspiring to stand out in affiliate marketing, then make sure you try this DreamHost Affiliate Program, which is shared WordPress hosting affiliate program! They offer high amounts once a sale is done, which is why they are becoming popular day by day! Another shared WordPress hosting affiliate program is HostGator’s Affiliate Program, which is similar to the previous one. 

Join WPEngine’s affiliate program

This is one the managed WordPress hosting program which is an ever-growing field in today’s world of affiliate marketing. Though the product looks to be very costly, it is worthy as the income from this program is also very high. This program also pays on the basis of the sale done after promoting it. With each sale done, you can add a reasonable amount to your income! 

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ManageWP Affiliate Program

Do you have more than one websites? Is it difficult for you to manage them? If yes, then this affiliate program is just right for you! MAnageWP Affiliate Program is a program that allows bloggers to manage many WordPress blogs through one single dashboard! Amazing, isn’t it? I think every blogger, at least the professional ones, should use this program to handle their work with ease. 

OptinMonster Plugin Affiliate Program

If you want to increase your email marketing, then OptinMonster Plugin Affiliate Program is the perfect program to take! This affiliate program for WordPress plugin is well known for email capture! It helps a blogger in increasing email marketing by a large number! So, for all online marketers, this is a must try affiliate program. 

JVZoo Affiliate Program

There are some affiliate programs like JVZoo which is extensively used by the ones who need marketing online! There is a huge collection of themes and plugins which are easy to promote. These products are made keeping in mind the needs of bloggers! These programs are free and easy! So, definitely try this amazing program! 

So, these some of the most popular and best affiliate programs for themes and plugins which can increase one blogger’s income to a large extent! Being a blogger, whether a new one or an old professional one, it is important to keep track of all the top affiliate programs for WordPress which will add to your income! These are the latest, in trend affiliate programs, helping you to perform much better as a blogger! 

We recommend that before you install any affiliate WordPress plugin, spend some time with a professional (if possible) to understand the basics of referral programs. If you don’t know any professional in this field, you must research online and look for video tutorials. The goal here is to identifying what you want to achieve your referral program. this is the only way to select the right affiliate plugin for your requirements.

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