10 Live App Downloads That Will Improve Your Life

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Improving our lives using application downloads is something that can be realistically achieved if we put our minds to the task logically. One problem that most of us have is that we tend to download any old software and clog our phones with contradictory software or applications downloads that we really don’t know if the information being given to us is true. Let’s have a look at some examples of how people have been using their iOS and Android applications to improve their lives.

best apps

Alcohol is something that teenagers, as well as many adults, seem to want to partake in. It isn’t until you spend a night out sober that you realize how bad and vulnerable getting drunk makes you simply by observing your friends. Abusing alcohol should be something that we should all avoid no matter how much you think you are having drinking. Having a Malibu with coconut every so often to relax is perfectly fine, even a beer or two.

On the other hand, if you are binge drinking then the harmful effects this has on your brain, body, organs, and so on are actually worse than you might think. With so much study centered around the negatives effects of alcohol abuse, there are plenty of decent apps out there that can help encourage you to give up drinking. They show you how much money you save, the speed in which your liver repairs itself, how long it takes your brain to recover from the side effects associated with binge drinking.

In the end, you become healthier, wealthier, and all because there is an app spurring you on to quit drinking. Each day that passes is another achievement.

  • Downloading Apps To Quit Smoking

Another harmful habit people partake in is smoking cigarettes. You could also be smoking other substances. Either way, smoking is bad for you. It does not take a rocket scientist to see the harmful effects of smoking on your body. I mean check out this video as the perfect example of how bad cigarettes are for your lungs. After you have watched this, you should be sick – especially if you are a smoker.

There are plenty of apps that help you to give up smoking. There are games that you can play to help you get through the craving, the app tells you how your oxygen levels are after quitting, how your lungs are recovering and more helpful information. It is a shame that these apps do not have the video about built into them because then when you do feel like a cigarette, you can watch the video and see just why quitting smoking is so important.

Giving up smoking will help you live longer, reduce the risk of cancer, and arguably one of the biggest benefits that come with quitting smoking is that you never smell of smoke again!

  • Downloading Apps That Time and Track Exercise

There are some really cool application downloads out there that can track you via GPS. For example, you may go on a 20-mile bike ride. If you have an application that tracks your bike journey, it will record the route you took and the time it takes you to get from A to B. The next time you take the same route, you can time yourself to see if you are getting faster and thus your performance is improving as well as your fitness. Check out the Strava app download for instance.

This application not only tracks your time on a route for running, cycling, rowing, and so on. It also has a social media style interface on it so your friends can also see your achievements. They can comment on your ride and give you a congratulations message – in short, it has a built-in mechanism that encourages you.

On top of all of this, the application times you on certain sections of your route. This means you can see where you slowed down on a particular part of the exercise journey. Maybe it is a grueling uphill part of the track called ‘the cardiac’!. The name says it all really. You may want to improve your time on this part of the track by pushing yourself harder. Each time you beat your old time on that area of the track, the Strava app gives you an award badge.

Rather than just aimlessly going out there and not knowing where you could improve, use an application download for your fitness routines.

  • Downloading Apps For Weights, Yoga, Sit Ups, Press Ups, and Pull Ups

Most people that want to get fit go to the gym. Others simply do not have time for the gym. In fact, let’s be honest, there is not much the gym offers that you cannot do on your own or with a friend. You don’t need weights if you can do sit-ups and pull-ups and use variations of these exercises to target certain muscle groups. Plus, buying weights for your home these days is relatively inexpensive and soon repay themselves once you stop that gym membership.

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The only thing I would say is that if you really are a beginner when it comes to any of these exercises, then maybe the gym is the best option for you to being with. You can get good advice, and therefore learn how to exercise properly.

Most fitness application downloads will also teach you these concepts. There are apps that tell you to warm up, do reps and sets, when to do them, and when you should warm down. These application downloads also include when you should stretch. As long as you follow the suggestions made by the app, then you should not injure yourself and reap huge benefits from using the application for your regular work out.

  • Downloading Apps To Watch Movies

We all need time to relax. Watching movies is actually said to be good for you – apparently. I mean there are so many studies out there that conflict, but in general, most studies show that when you watch a movie it helps to relax your brain because it helps certain parts of it shut off, which gives this area of the brain a chance to relax. Although, there are many other rules you should follow such as not watching TV before you sleep.

Movie apps are a great way to pass the time while you are traveling to work or on a long bus journey. If you know you have a movie app, good 4G, and a battery pack to help keep your phone charged while you travel, then you may be more inclined to travel further afield.

It is always healthy to get out of the area you live in once in a while and go an see how other parts of your country or continent are living their lives. You can catch up with friends and family. Plus, you will always have something to talk about when the topic of movies comes up in a conversation.

  • Downloading Apps That Help You Keep Track Of Your Work Habits

There is a guy called James Donaghue who works as a freelancer. He says on his Medium blog about how he organizes his work life using an application called Time Doctor. The app helps him track how much time he spends on a particular task. How long is spent on a client, and how many breaks he takes in a day. At the end of the week, the application gives him a report and he compares that report to the amount he charges for each client.

The application lets him know which clients are taking up too much of his time, and where he needs to outsource some of the work so he can concentrate on more profitable clients. i.e. clients that take up less time and pay more. It also helps him price up jobs in the future.

Being able to keep track of how productive you are at work is vitally important to your career progression. Even if you are not a freelancer, you can track which tasks in your job are taking up too much if your time. You can then outsource this work to someone else and work on other tasks. This way your boss will be scratching his or her head wondering how you are so productive and efficient.

Yes OK, so you have to give up a small slice of your salary, but when it comes to your annual work performance review, you will shine and the small investment you made outsourcing non-business critical or private work could result in a large pay rise, bigger bonus, and even promotion, which usually comes with more money!

  • Downloading Online Gaming Applications

This section maybe should have come after movies, to be honest. Or maybe we should have tied it in with the subject of movies. Gaming is a little different to movies because it is interactive. There are so many gaming options out there today, who knows where to begin.

MOBA gaming is multi-player online battle arena gameplay in which you can play on a team and your team needs to beat another team of people playing the same game as you. This kind of game is said to speed up your reflexes, help your mind react quicker to situations, and generally brain train you to thin faster.

Other games like card games are more math based. These games also help to train your brain. Check out this games of chance strategy blog for advice on how to strategically and mathematically play card games as well as other games of chance. There are plenty of games covered here and if you click on the strategy blogs, you can start to gain some very useful insights into how to play games that require math.

I seem to recall that math played a huge roll in the famous MIT team that ripped apart the Las Vegas and Atlantic City casino scene using card counting before anyone knew what card counting was. These people made millions before they were eventually sussed out.

  • Downloading Driving Apps

Why do people still insist on winging it to get from destination A to B when they are driving. As soon as you follow the wring sign or make a wrong turning, you are going to forced to stop and ask for directions. Driving apps or even something as simple as Google Maps that has driving as well as walking features on it will make sure you get from A to B. If you do take a wrong turn, then Google Maps will recalculate your best route to get back in track.

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This was certainly worth a mention because it is surprising just how many people do not use any form of driving application. Rather they use a paper map and hope for the best. Now you may argue that you do not want to rely on technology. Well, that is fine if you have all the time in the world to get lost. Think about this though – surely there are times where you need to get somewhere, like to a special occasion, and getting lost could make you late.

Here’s another reason to use a driving app. It tells you how to get around traffic or where there is congestion on your original router and the quickest way around it. Taking a 10-mile detour can often be quicker than waiting out the traffic jam ahead.

  • VPN Software To Protect Your Privacy

Now one of the best ways to make sure that your internet connection is safe when you connect to a WiFi router that is publicly available is via a VPN. This way hackers will not be able to get into your computer or device and steal important information about you. Most hackers are out there for identity theft purposes.

This means they want to sell your identity to people that are buying it. This can be achieved on the Darknet where a hacker that continuously sells good personal information that results in a successful fraud will make very good money. They are not the ones defrauding you, and simply they are just collecting information about you to sell.

VPN software is also handy for other purposes aside from privacy. Most software will offer you the chance to connect to servers in other countries. For instance, if you are in China, you cannot access Facebook or Google. But actually, you can. With a VPN you can tunnel to a server outside of China. From here you will be able to access all websites the Chinese government’s proxy server blocks.

In other instances, you may want to connect to websites in your country that are geo-restricted. This means that the only way to connect to the information on these websites is by being inside the country. Everyone has heard of the BBC. If you are not in the UK, then a lot of the BBC’s video content is not available. To get around this, all you would need to do is connect to a VPN server in the UK. Your computer will act as if it is in the UK and the video content will then be available to you.

Also, the world’s most popular movie channel can be accessed via a VPN. Let’s say you are Italian and you want to connect to Netflix, but you are in the UK. You will be directed to the UK Netflix servers. This is not ideal because you want to see your favorite Italian shows and also watch them in Italian if your English is not that good. How can you fool Netflix into directing to catalogo Netflix?

You use the same method as a UK user would use to get into the BBC network. Connect to an Italian server. You will then get your native version of Netflix.

  • Download Cryptocurrency Applications

Now you may have heard cryptocurrencies are dead. Well, that really is not true at all. In fact, there are so few Bitcoins (BTC) in circulation that there is barely enough for everyone on earth to own even a tenth of a Bitcoin. This is not the only virtual currency you should be looking at either. There are plenty out there that are starting to make headway and others that have been around for a long time and have held their value like XRP, which is sort of a part of Ripple.

Having a good cryptocurrency wallet set up and putting some money in there every so often means that you will not miss out on this up and coming new found way to transfer funds anonymously and for very low fees. Most freelancers today prefer to be paid in crypto because the fees are much lower than using an e-wallet like PayPal, which we might add that it is extremely surprising to learn that PayPal still has not jumped on the cryptocurrency bandwagon – who knows what they are waiting for?

Just having cryptocurrency in your wallet also opens up several doors. There may be that time when you see something you could buy quickly and the person selling it only has Bitcoin. Or you could have a friend in need abroad in a country like Thailand that has legalized BitCoin as a legitimate currency. You can send them cryptocurrency directly to Bangkok Bank in the country where they can pick this up in cash.

Literally, this is one futuristic digital world that you should not ignore. Especially if you are young. In the future, cities like Dubai will run almost entirely on blockchain technologies in which cryptocurrencies will be a major part of the way people transact with each other. At least, try it even if it means investing just a few dollars.


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