Getting Started With Love Nikki – Dress Up Queen Game

love nikki dress up queen

Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen is a free dress up game available for Android & iOS. This application allows you to dress the up various characters inside the game and you will get score according to your dressing quality.

This application includes so many outfits, a variety of clothes which you can buy to dress up the main character, Nikki. There are some additional kinds of stuff like crafts, makeup kits, collect, evolve and so many other things are also available which you can purchase and make your dress much better and adorable.

love nikki dress up queen

Love Nikki Game has a collection of free daily fashion, free design, gorgeous outfits which you have to apply on the character and make her look attractive. The gameplay of Love Nikki is to defeat the other participants in events and battle organized by them.

In case you also wanna try this application, you can easily download this game for free. If you are an Android smartphone user, you can download it from Google Play Store. While Apple users can download this game from the Apps Store. There are some Love Nikki Codes are also there which helps you to get in-app purchase for free.

However, it would be quite difficult for new users to getting started with this application. There is no tutorial is available that can help and guide newbies to get started with the game. Well, once you try the game, you can easily able to learn and explore this game on your smartphone.

Well, if you are totally unaware of this game, do check out some tips which you can follow to become and good starter of this game. The tips are given are as follows:

  1. Do your regular tasks
  2. Keep your eyes on your outfits
  3. Hoard your currency
  4. Only Battle Players with 20k Points Lower Than You in the Arena
  5. Share On Facebook to Earn Rewards
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Hopefully, these tips are enough for getting started with Love Nikki – Dress Up Queen Game. In case you have any queries regarding this article, feel free to ask us in the comments section.


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