MacBook Selfie Stick: What You Need To Know About This New Invention

MacBook selfie stick

There was a time when there were huge bulky cameras that only professionals used for different purposes. The technology then moved to small hand-held cameras, which enabled everyone to collect photographs according to their need. For advancing them and getting rid of the expensive reel, digital cameras came into use. And finally, the camera on our phones and laptops became famous because of their convenience.

As the front cameras of mobiles got better with time, the concept of selfie came into existence. Everyone was seen clicking their own pictures and not relying on another person for the same. Then the experts brought in a new accessory that made selfies better, i.e., a selfie stick. Now, the world has gone all mad with the invention of the MacBook selfie stick. 

We tried to cover the entire history of photography in one paragraph here. You can conclude only one thing from that, i.e., people’s craze for clicking pictures. They find one or the other method to accomplish their goal. That is why selfie sticks became extremely famous in no time. Before moving on to the topic of MacBook selfie stick, let’s see a few facts about selfie sticks. 

Selfie Stick Facts

MacBook selfie stick

#1 Selfie Stick Is Not A New Concept

In the 1980s, a photographer named Hiroshi Ueda went on a vacation in Europe with his family. There he asked a child to take the group photograph of his family, but the child took his camera and ran off. Being keen for photography, he realized the need for an extended stick. So he attached an extendable rod to a tripod with a small camera. He also placed a mirror in the front, that enabled the photographer to see what is being captured. He even patented his idea that later did not run quite well. And look now, not only for mobiles but there is a MacBook selfie stick as well. 

#2 There Are “Selfie Sticks Banned” Areas

Selfie sticks became popular in the year 2014 when its name was also mentioned in the best inventions’ list. But then people saw a sudden rise in the deaths due to selfie sticks. As people tried to capture that “perfect shot,” they did not even realize when they put their lives at risk. So, places like Disneyland and Six Flags banned selfie sticks in their premises to avoid any such accidents on their rides. So if you get a MacBook selfie stick, you can not use it in these places. 

#3 Selfie Sticks Still Kill People

The ban on selfie sticks was only about a few places. Except for them, all other public areas do not have any restriction over the use of this technology. So people use them everywhere possible. And despite all the cases that they read about selfie stick deaths, they continue to use it. Plus, now there is a MacBook selfie stick. We do not know what can be expected from this concept. 

#4 They Have Been Replaced

The primary aim of a selfie stick was to capture wide-range images that were not possible with bare hands. But then the risks related to this little piece of technology came in. For replacing them, several mobile phone brands started incorporating multiple front cameras in their devices. This enabled people to click wide-angled photos without using the stick. However, this invention did not affect the popularity of selfie sticks. 

MacBook Selfie Stick 

MacBook selfie stick

Now that you know all about selfie sticks let’s move on to the MacBook version of this little extensible stick. If you do not own a modern smartphone camera and still want to click those trendy selfies, this will be the solution for you. The best part about the MacBook selfie stick? It will help you out with your arm workout because you will be holding your laptop with a single hand. 

But the sad news here is that this is not an official product. It was only a fun project that was created by a group of students. When they used it in the city of New York, it caught everyone’s eyes. One of the makers of this stick, Tom Galle, mentioned on his blog that their invention went viral within a few hours. After they roamed around the city for two days, with their MacBook selfie stick in hand, many news websites and blogs were already talking about this crazy product. They were discussing how far the selfie culture has gone that people now are using laptop cameras to click those most wanted pictures.

However, this does not imply that the product does not hold any future. It may be only a fun project at the moment, but as the concept has been found now, you may be able to see these in stores anytime. All it takes is a dedicated person with funds, who must be willing to invest in the idea. 

The Use Of MacBook Selfie Stick

The main question here is whether the idea is even feasible or not? It may sound fun to click pictures with your MacBook in public areas, but there are a lot of drawbacks to the concept. The very first problem can be seen with the weight of the laptop. You will have to carry it everywhere, and for clicking a picture, you will also have to rise it a little bit. That will put extra pressure on your hands. 

Plus, if you check out blogs and news, they all are calling this idea crazy. So the concept of MacBook selfie stick may not find the due support to come into use. 


Selfies are an enjoyable way to capture moments without anyone’s help. Also, they reduce the risks of devices getting stolen as you can click pictures on your own. And to make selfie experience better, selfie sticks are present in the market. But the concept of MacBook selfie stick seems to be a little over-the-board because it makes much less sense to carry your laptop for clicking pictures. The impact of this idea can only be seen once the product comes into use, which may not be happening any time soon. 


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