Madden 21: Everything You Need To Know About This Upcoming Game

Madden 21

EA sports love to perform a new console launch and there is no doubt to the fact that the Xbox Series X and PS5 will be hitting the shelves along with the Madden 21 right by their side. About this upcoming game, EA has been pretty tight-lipped about it but the newest addition to the Madden NFL series has some of the coolest features. The trailer of this particular game has provided some of the details and the Madden fans will definitely love them.

Introducing: Lamar Jackson!

Madden 21

The Madden 21 will feature Lamar Jackson, he was crowned as the breakout star for the last season and also was given the title of MVP. The game will feature him as the covered athlete because he became the early frontrunner for the game’s cover. It was also confirmed by Ravens QB that Lamar Jackson will be on the front position in this new game. This is a big reveal, which EA has lined up for all the Madden fans. And, they were pretty impressed once they heard the news. 

Features to watch out for this new game

Several new features could be seen in the Madden 21 video trailer. Given below are the features that make this whole new gameplay different from the other Madden games. 

  • The game is all about skill stick: 

In this Madden 21 game, the focus will be on the right-stick trickery and EA has guaranteed that you will be able to link clever combos, which will help in providing outstanding gameplay moments. Slide hurdles are one of the new moves that is added in this game. And, it can be motioned into jukes or spins. Many people who have watched the video trailer of this game, believe that Madden 21 should be all about Darren Sproles or Christian McCaffrey. But this is hard to predict through an online platform and prevent Madden from becoming an arcade game. If the traditional control schemes are included then the change will be considered a good one. 

  • Defense receives an additional focus: 

The defensive side of the ball is considered to be pretty important if EA wants to avoid trick-stick abuse. The tackling animation requires revamping but now in this particular game, you will receive three types of tackle. The three different tackles are improved dive tackling, breakdown, and location-based. Even though all of them are considered to be a welcome addition but the “location-based” is the most transformative tackling in theory. This means your defender will definitely understand where the pylon, first-down marker, and the end zone is when it goes in for a tackle and get to adjust its body position. 

  • 50 X-factors are inbound: 

Yes, you heard it right, Madden 21 has a total of 50 x-factors. Madden 20 has already extended its frontier of authenticity. But this new game will enable you to feel more like the real-life counterparts. You will get the chance to explore not just the x-factor abilities but also the superstar abilities. These abilities are freshly designed to help in elevating the new stars in the Madden 21 gameplay. If there is much more news on them, you will be updated by the gameplay’s official website. 

  • Realistic weather detailing:

Mother Nature will be playing an important part in this new Madden game. You will get to see standing water on rain-drenched sidelines. It will be along with the cold winter snow that accumulated within the field. Along with that, you also get to experience the visually improved weather conditions. And, it will affect the clothing definition on the athletes and will match perfectly with the environmental variables.

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Types of editions available 

Madden 21

The Madden 21 gameplay has three types of editions, which are mentioned below. Take a look!

  • Standard Edition: Under the standard edition, you will receive 1 out of the 32 players from the NFL team elite packs, and one “your choice” uniform pack. Apart from that, you will also receive 5 madden team “gold” team fantasy packs.
  • Deluxe Edition: This edition will provide you with three-day early access to the Madden NFL 21 gameplay, one “your choice” uniform pack, 12 madden team gold team fantasy packs, 1 out of the 32 players from the elite packs of the NFL team, and an MVP.
  • MVP Edition: The MVP edition is packed with numerous options that you will receive. The edition will provide you with 3-day early access into the Madden NFL 21 gameplay, Lamar Jackson elite item along with power-up, and 17 madden team gold team fantasy packs. You will also receive one “your choice” uniform, 1 of 32 players from the elite team packs, one huge Quick-shell training pack, and the madden championship series with the ultimate champion pack. 

When is Madden 21 releasing?

The official release of Madden 21 is August 25th, 2020 and it will land on X-box One and PS4. It will also be launched on the X-box series X and PS5. You will get the chance to purchase this particular game on the current-generation. After that, you can then upgrade it to the next generation, which will not cost you a single penny. The option was only available till March 31st, 2021, but it extended till Madden 22 is released. You can also take a look at the gameplay’s official website and stay updated with all the information.

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Things you must know about Madden 21

Apart from all the features and options that are added in this Madden NFL 21 gameplay, you will also receive the gameplay immersion. It will allow you to feel the contextual fan reactions, players, and bench. It will also enable you to experience the explosive passion on a game-clinching touchdown or last-minute winner. The cinematic images will help in delivering an unmatched match-day experience, which will pull you into the sounds and sights of the professional football game.

Experience a game like never before through Madden 21

From realistic and extraordinary functions to unique animation, the new addition to the Madden NFL series will allow you to experience a brand-new level of fun and excitement. The gameplay is slightly different than the other madden games, as it carries highly advanced features and options. The game has many things in store and you can learn about this particular game through the EA website or on YouTube.

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