How To Make the Most of Your Virtual Workspace

virtual workspace

If you’re used to working in a traditional office, transitioning to telework can be a bit challenging. Some of the issues you deal with in your home office are much different than with an in-person job environment. How can you maximize productivity and make the most of your home office space? From decluttering to Google Meet virtual background options, take a look at these useful work-from-home tips.

Create A Professional Environment

We often underestimate how our environment impacts our productivity. Clutter around a home office can reduce cognitive abilities and impair focus. Things can also feel out of order when too many non-work accouterments intrude on your workspace. Toddlers’ sippy cups, Legos and piles of cat toys can easily turn into visual distractions.

Even if your office is clean, you must think of how seeing your space impacts others during virtual meetings. You may love the way your office looks, but they may find some visual elements distracting. And if your team worked onsite together at one point, working from home might require some mental adjustment — you don’t have the visual environmental cues such as company branding when working from home. The lack of visual branding in a home office setting translates into lost opportunities to strengthen your brand while meeting virtually with clients.

Zoom Office backgrounds are an ideal way to project a professional image without compromising personal style in your home office. You can choose from a wide selection of scenes ranging from individual office spaces to conference areas and waiting rooms. These can be customized with your company’s logo branding, which is superimposed over an empty portion of a background wall. It’s as if you’re sitting in a real workspace with the company logo right behind you.

Separate Work And Household Chores

Work and non-work spaces should be separate to promote focus and productivity. Meanwhile, you should also consider time management and organization issues. You can’t eliminate every single interruption that comes your way. However, you can take some useful steps to prevent work and non-work responsibilities from intruding upon each other:

  • Keep a log during the day and note when distractions happen.
  • Adjust your schedule around interruptions you can’t control.
  • Choose interactive toys for your pets.
  • Use walks with your pet as your break times.
  • Post a “do not disturb” sign on your office door.
  • Designate time at the end of your day for housework.

Your Home Office, But Better

As you’re setting up or modifying your home office and virtual workspaces, you’ll want to keep some additional pointers in mind. An adaptable schedule is another key to maximizing your most productive times, so consider negotiating a flex-schedule arrangement if you haven’t already done so. Also, make sure your equipment is up-to-date. Depending on where you work, your company may be responsible for supplying your computer and other devices. If you’re using your own PC, you could need to make some temporary adjustments — for example, using a hack if your machine doesn’t meet Zoom Virtual background requirements.


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