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Have you heard of the ironman of tennis sports? In this article, we will discuss why Marton Fucsovics has been called an Ironman of tennis sports. We will know him closely through some of his life events and facts related to his life. If you have not known this tennis player, you can consider this article as his biography to know everything about this tennis player. We will discuss his starting of playing tennis, when did he hit the bullseye, who was his coach, his best rankings, and almost everything you need to know about him. Let us begin with who he is.

Who Is This Ironman Of Tennis?

Marton Fucsovics is an Ironman of tennis sports and is a Hungarian Tennis Player, and he is a professional player of sports tennis on the ATP Tour. He is a Hungarian that was born in Nyiregyhaza. It’s the seventh-largest city in the country Hungary, in Budapest. Joszef and Edit, his parents, both were accountants. This tennis player has been playing for the country Hungary, the Central European nation. It still looks for the first Grand Slam Singles Champion in the Open Era, in the Davis Cup Team.

Marton Fucsovics Bio:

This tennis player was born on February 8, 1992, and has turned 29 years old. He lives in Nyiregyhaza, Hungary. 

His height is 1.88 m (6 ft and 2 inches). He became Pro in tennis in 2008. His country of origin is a tennis player in Hungary. Do you have any doubt what type of game he plays? Then you should know that he plays right-handed (two-handed backhand).

Marton Fucsovics’s Hobbies:

Marton enjoys and loves to travel, spending time with his dog, hanging out with his friends in his free time, and watching movies. He supports FC Barcelona. You can know more about him from his website. This Hungarian is also available to follow on Instagram, having thousands of followers. He also regularly updates his followers about his personal life and the time he is off the tour on his channel. This Ironman Of Tennis is covering all possible social media to make his fans know him more.

Tennis Career & More:

Marton was famously known as Marci as it’s his nickname. He started his tennis games when he was just five years old. At that time, Marton played with his father and the local club in Nyiregyhaza. He also played several other sports and games like basketball and football when he was a kid. It was the time when he still had not committed to tennis. 

His Record As A Junior:

In 2010, Marton Fucsovics peaked at the level of No 1 in the ITF World Junior Rankings. Marton won the United States Open Boys’ Doubles Title in 2009 with the Chinese Taipei Hsieh Cheng-Peng. In the same year, he also won the Wimbledon Boys’ Singles title. For that, Marton had beaten Benjamin Mitchell. Even though he started playing at his faith year, he quickly came through ranks and played in the field 3-4 years older when he was just eight years old. 

In 2003, he won the group National Championships and Nike Junior Tour. It helped him represent Hungary at the world final in Sun City, South Africa. As you know, he showed his talent in basketball too as a youth, but he chose tennis as his career.

Big Success As A Junior Player:

After a long playing experience, he got his first success in 2009. It was the United States Open Boys’ Doubles Title that he won with Chinese Taipei Hsieh Cheng-Peng. In the Next Year, in 2010, he came to the semifinal of an Australian Open Boys’ Singles. After a few months, he won the Wimbledon Boys’ Singles title by defeating Benjamin Mitchell in a straight-set final. In this tournament, he never lost a set. He also participated in the doubles’ event alongside Czech Libor Salab. He also reached the quarterfinals. After that, he came in the semifinal of the 2010 United States Open Boys’ Singles. But this time, he lost to Jack Sock.

In the U-18 National Hungarian Tennis Team, Marton was an integral part. This team had won the prestigious Galea/Valerio Cup in Venice. It is to get Hungary’s first-ever boys’ European Summer Cups title. In this team, Mate Zsiga and Levente Godry also played well. In July 2010, he reached his way to No 1 in the ITF Junior Rankings. As a result, he entered the Youth Olympics being the top seed of the tournament. But there, a surprise loss was waiting for him, and the quarterfinalist was Oliver Golding.

Marton Fucsovics’s  Coaching:

Two Hungarian Zoltan Nagy and Miklos Jancso had trained him as his coach. He has worked with them since 2019. In 1997, Nagy had peaked at the number 297 in the singles. And in 1998, Jancso peaked at the number 318 in the doubles rankings.

Tournaments That Marton Fucsovics Has Won:

He won his ATP Tour Singles Title in his career so far, and he won the Geneva Open in 2018. Here, he had beaten Two Times Defending champion Stan Wawrinka in the quarterfinals and Peter Gojowczyk in the final. What did it do? It resulted and made him the first Hungarian player with an ATP Tour Singles Title. It was the time when Balazs Taroczy was a former World No 12, having 13 ATP Tour Singles Titles in his career. He also got two more ATP Tour Singles Finals in Sofia, Bulgaria in 2019 (lose to Daniil Medvedev) and in Rotterdam, earlier in the same month (lose to Andrey Rublev). At that time, Rotterdam was marked as the first ATP 500 final of his tennis career so far. You can read more about Marton’s updated list of his titles and finals on the ATP Website.

When Did Marton Fucsovics Had His Best Rankings?

In March 2019, after entering Sofia final and the Dubai quarterfinals in that year, Marton had his career-high ATP Tour ranking of No 31. At present, he is ranked as No 40 in the world. Also ranked inside the Top 100 Every Week since October 23, 2017. You can read his rankings on the official website of ATP.

Price Money That Marton Fucsovics Got In His Tennis Career:

According to the data available in 2021, Marton Fucsovics has won more than 3.8 million in his tennis career as prize money. In the first quarter of 2021, he won more than 330,000$.

His Records At The Grand Slams:

Marton has played in the main draw at 15 Grand Slam Events and entered three times in The Round Of 16. Of those, two of them were in the Australian Open (one in 2018 and another in 2020). In each of these, he lost to Roger Federer. He entered the fourth round at the Roland-Garros in 2020. At that time, he won 5th rank against Daniil Medvedev. In that match, Hungarian had 0-14 records against the top 10 players. Additionally, he gave the best performance at Wimbledon in the second-round appearance. It happened in 2019. 

Why Is Marton Fucsovics Ironman Of Tennis?

His height is 6 ft and 2 inches. It’s approximately 1.88 m, and his weight is 82 kgs. It’s approx 181 lbs. It is the reason we know him for his incredible physique, and it helped him to be called an Ironman Of Tennis. It’s a motivation for Hungarian. 

Marton said that he was always A Strong Boy and was working hard physically, even, at the time, when I was a young guy. At that time, he was a skinny guy, he said. That’s why his coaches suggested Marton work on his physique. At the same time, I wanted to improve, he said. It is as I always wanted to improve and reach my higher goals, he added.

Marton’s Rivals And Idols:

Lleyton Hewitt, Marat Safin, and Roger Federer are his idols. In the short film published recently, he spoke about Roger Federer and his goals to reach the top 10. He also discussed winning and a Grand Slam, among others. Andrey Rublev is a rival of Marton Fucsovics. He lost his last matches to one Russian from October 2020. And because of this, Marton said to Rublev that he hoped he wouldn’t play with him anymore matches in the same year. But it didn’t go that way. After 11 days, he would face him in the Miami Open. It was about their third straight clash at ATP Tour Events.

Wrapping Up:

Did you know that Marton Fucsovics has his channel and updates his fans about his upcoming events and offs? If you came to understand something new about Marton, we hope you will share your thoughts here. And let us know if you have never watched his matches, but this article has excited you to watch this dedicated Hungarian Ironman Of Tennis playing match. I hope you came to know why people call him an Ironman of tennis and how he plays his games.

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