Massey Ferguson 9500: Most Affordable Tractor in the Market

massey ferguson 9500

However, if you want to purchase the Massey Ferguson 9500 model, don’t have brief data for it, don’t stress; we are here to take care of you; you are on the correct site. This post will share with you significant data concerning Massey Ferguson tractor model 9500 in subtleties like highlights, specifications, value, motor subtleties, and any remaining significant data. Every one of the subtleties given in this post is real, and you can trust it. 

About the brand Massey Ferguson and History

Massey Ferguson is an American-claimed Company. It is a significant maker of agrarian gear situated in Brant-portage, Ontario, Canada. In 1997 this organization moved its central command to New York, and later on, AGCO gained it. In 1953 this organization got Massey Harry Ferguson’s name by the consolidation of homestead hardware producers Massey Harris of Canada and Ferguson organization of Britain. Later on, in 1958, it was abbreviated to Massey Ferguson. 

Significant items offered by Massey Ferguson are Agricultural equipment, Tractors, Agricultural hardware, loaders, and so forth. Massey Ferguson is an incredibly famous premium brand that offers a wide assortment of tractors and ranch hardware. It is a symbol in itself. It has been reshaping the horticultural scene of the world for longer than a century at this point. Perceived for its experience, advancement, and predominant form quality, this brand offers quite possibly the most exhaustive and adaptable scopes of agricultural and utility tractors in the business. 

Massey Ferguson 9500

It is a 58 HP classification tractor with three chambers motors. Dry sorts of air channels give the Massey Ferguson Smart tractor dust-free clean air to give the tractor the greatest yield. Massey Ferguson Smart is outfitted with Comfimesh gearbox with eight forward and two converse cogwheels. Massey Ferguson Smart accompanies oil-submerged Disk Brakes, which stop a tractor rapidly. Massey Ferguson Smart fitted with power controlling which makes the tractor simple to deal with on streets or in any horticultural/business movement. 

Massey Ferguson Smart accompanies PTO speed which is 540, Reverse, and multi-speed, with cutting-edge hydrodynamics programmed draft control and control valve. Massey Ferguson Smart has 70 liters of gas tank limit. The Massey Ferguson Smart is fitted with 7.5 X 16/9.5 X 24 front tires and 16.9 x 28 Rear tires. Massey Ferguson Smart is accessible in 2 WD, and 4 WD drive types. 

Pricing of Massey Ferguson tractor 9500 in India

The on-street cost of Massey Ferguson Smart in India is ₹ 9.10 lakh to ₹ 10.15 lakh comprising of numerous elements like ex-display area value, RTO enrollment sum, street charge, and protection sum. These parts are amounted to get the on-street cost of the Massey Ferguson Smart Tractor. Additionally, these parts fluctuate from one state to another. Price likewise changes, relying on the variation of the Massey Ferguson Smart tractor. 

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The best things about the Massey Ferguson tractor 9500

  • Massey Ferguson Smart is the most eco-friendly motor in 58 HP classifications. 
  • Massey Ferguson Smart has a lifting limit of 2050 kg. 
  • Massey Ferguson Smart furnished with five years of guarantee. 
  • Massey Ferguson Smart is a Multi-reason tractor that can be used for both farming and business applications. Massey Ferguson Smart Single Friction Plate type grip includes extremely helpful utilization of rotavators and other horticultural carries out. 
  • Massey Ferguson Smart accompanies 6 Spline type PTO at a Power yield of 56 HP. 

Tafe and Massey Ferguson MF 9500 

Indian-based organization TAFE is a huge secretly held organization in the Conglomerate industry that makes Tractors, ranch hardware, diesel motor, batteries, gear and transmission parts, designing plastics, water-driven siphons and chambers, vehicle establishments, and manors. The organization was established in 1960 that a base camp in Chennai, Tamil Nadu (India). 

Tafe and Massey Ferguson MF 9500 Tractor is an extraordinary ideal for some cultivating applications. It accompanies numerous highlights like agreeable seats, simple stuff shifting, and so on. This tractor is otherwise called Kheti Ka Boss and does a wide range of work, particularly uncompromising work. The definite depiction of this tractor is given as follows. 


It estimates 3745mm long, 1878mm in width, 2316mm in tallness, and a wheelbase of 1980mm for smooth and happy riding purposes. It has a ground freedom of 420mm. It weighs 2255kg. 

Motor Specification 

It has three chambers, SIMPSONS TSJ327 T III-A, Turbocharger motor with a dislodging of 2700cc. It has a rotating fuel infusion pipe, and the HP range is 58. Its gas tank limit is 60 liters, and the least turning circle sweep with brakes is 3250mm. Its gearboxes are loaded with eight forward and two converse pinion wheels. Its speed is 540 rpm @ 1790 ERPM. 

Slowing down and Handling 

It has been included with power directing. The stopping mechanism is oil-submerged brakes, and tire size measures 7.50*16, 16.9*28 for front and back individually. It also accompanies a double grip. It has smooth transmission control, and it has Comfimesh type transmission. It permits simple and smooth stuff shifting activity accordingly, guaranteeing longer life for the stuffing box and less driver weariness. It accompanies Draft, position, and reaction control. Connections fitted with Cat 1 and Cat 2 balls (Combi Ball) three-point linkage and controls and 2050kgf lifting limit (lower joins at flat position). It accompanies a 12V 75Ah Battery, 12 V 36 An Alternator. Its forward speed @ evaluated RPM is 35.8kmph. 


It is used in different applications. Some of them are recorded underneath: 

  • Rotavator 
  • Cultivation 
  • Sowing 
  • Puddling 
  • Threshing 
  • Spraying, and so forth 
  • Crops 
  • Orchards 

Furthermore, not just the above, it is additionally used in developing different sorts of plantations. Some of them are Grapes, Mango, Oranges, and harvests like soybean, cotton, labyrinth, and sugarcane. 

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It is extraordinary compared to other fit tractors for farmers. It is used in different sorts of uses. It has a great motor specification and the slowing down and taking care of the framework. 

About Tafe and Massey Ferguson MF 9500 

Tafe and Massey Ferguson MF 9500 is the most acknowledged tractor by the farmers that accompanies 2700.00 CC Simpson TSJ 327 TIII A; Turbo accused motor of 3 chamber that gives an elite cultivating work like rotavation, development, planting, sifting, showering and all haulage tasks. Aside from this, the tractor accompanies numerous accommodation highlights incorporated to make this superior tractor like Multi-plate Oil submerged Brakes. It has a fully comfimesh TM side shift with Planetary Drive with eight forward and 2 save gearbox speed, power directing, 2050 lift limit on Hitch, GSPTO PTO with 540 rpm Speed, 31.45 mm turning sweep, 12v 80AH battery, oil-drenched brakes, and 60-liter gas tank limit. It accompanies 1700 kgs Hydraulic Lift Capacity that can undoubtedly bear a significant burden and support for haulage activities. 

What is Massey Ferguson 9500 Tractor Engine Capacity? 

Massey Ferguson suddenly spikes in demand for a 58 motor Hp that produces 1790 motor-app appraised RPM and a high 55 power take-off Hp. It makes the tractor reasonable to run proficiently with horticulture hardware like rotavator, cultivator, etc. Massey Ferguson mileage is efficient in each field. 

What makes Massey Ferguson the best in the market? 

  • Massey Ferguson has a double grasp stacked with Comfimesh transmission technology. 
  • The guiding sort is Power Steering, which helps the farmers control the tractor for both horticultural and business use without any problem. 
  • The tractor has Oil-Immersed Multi-Disk Brakes for smooth tasks and an appropriate foothold. 
  • The PTO type is the Qudra PTO that runs at 540 RPM. 
  • Massey Ferguson has an eco-friendly 60-liter enormous tank to keep going for extended periods on the farmlands. 
  • This two-wheel-drive tractor weighs 2305 KG and has a wheelbase of 1980 MM. 
  • The gearbox contains eight forward and two opposite gears that make gear shifting basic. 
  • It accompanies a powerful lifting limit of 2050 KG with Draft, position, and reaction control linkage focuses. 
  • The tractor is plausible for adorning it with apparatuses like a top connection, shelter, guard, drawbar, and so forth. 
  • Massey Ferguson is stacked with three chambers and a strong 2700 CC motor. 
  • The water cooling framework helps screen the motor temperatures while the dry air cleaner helps add life to the tractor. 
  • This tractor is exceptionally gainful and renders proficient outcomes with reasonable costs. 

What is Massey Ferguson Price? 

Massey Ferguson 2WD cost in India is sensible at Rs. 7.40-7.90 Lakh. Massey Ferguson’s new model costs are very moderate. You can get all fundamental data at tractor intersections alongside Massey Ferguson cost in Punjab, UP, Haryana, or other states in India. 

What is Massey Ferguson On-Road Price in India? 

As the tractor costs differ because of different variables, check our site to find out about the on-street cost of Massey Ferguson. 


We hope you got the data about Massey Ferguson 9500 tractor value, specification, motor limit, and so forth. We have tried our best to provide you with all the details. In case something is missing, you can write that in the comment box below. We strongly recommend you purchase this tractor as its specifications are fantastic, and the price is also affordable. We hope you find this article helpful.


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