Mathematics- Practice, Pattern, and Phobia



In students, we find a very different version of phobia, which arises whenever an examination for a mathematics subject is about to be conducted. The dread is very from the usual exam phobia or phobia for other subjects. Have you ever thought why?

Let us help you understand everything going on. 

Mathematics is the only subject that cannot be mastered overnight or even in one week. Even if you have prepared well and covered all your notes, there is still the possibility that you could probably panic in your exams. It is an exciting subject and demanding at the same time. It requires a definite amount of practice regularly and revision through the notes correctly to always keep the concepts in your mind. It requires your mind to do more complex work than general. Generally, you probably have attended subjects like social studies or others. You will probably be there in your memory, and therefore you recall and write it into your answer sheets. Mathematics is all about the practice you have done, remembering all your classroom sessions, essential formulas from your notes, and other resources you might have visited to prepare your formula chart. It will only be fruitful when you have been in a regular practice of applying those formulas or concepts in questions. 

In your exams, you have to reach your answer by applying both your mind and memory. Mathematics is a subject that students do not prefer initially as they think the concepts are complex and require more time than other subjects. Undoubtedly, the subject requires and demands time from you if you want to have a powerful grip over the subject, but this does not mean that the subject is complex, tricky, or boring. Mathematics is the most important and exciting subject. If you observe that every field be it Science or arts, or commerce, requires you to have prerequisite knowledge over basic mathematics. 

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This time of the year is crucial for students who will face their boards in March or April. Therefore, at this time of the year, we thought that it would be excellent and advantageous for our readers who will be appearing for board exams and are scared of maths to read this article full of optimistic tips for boosting your preparation. 

Acknowledge the Fear 

The first thing we would like to suggest is for the students with a mathematics phobia to acknowledge that they have it. Denial is only going to harm you. Once you have accepted your fears and weaknesses, it becomes easier for you to overcome these and take steps forward to resolve the actual problems and take help from your teachers, parents, elder siblings, and even friends. 

Stay Healthy, Do Regular Exercise

Mathematics especially requires a lot of critical thinking and problem-solving skills; therefore, you need to stay all fresh with your brains. For that, you got to take care of yourself, eat healthily, and try breathing and meditation exercises. Proper sleep must be part of your daily routine. 

Practice, Practice, and Practice 

You must have heard of the phrase that “Practice makes perfect .” If this proverb has to be dedicated to one subject, it will be mathematics. 

To gain expertise and confidence in the subject demands regular and constant practice. The practice you will be doing regularly will help you understand the subject’s complexities. 

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You can also try other ways to practice, like searching maths puzzles with answers or motivational quotes for students on educational apps to provide you with a different approach to the same solution.


Other more practical and significant ways to do that is through applying the subject in your real life, doing a practice that involves your surroundings and thus will help you retain the concept much paper.


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