Memory Foam Mattress vs Other Mattress Types


Comfort is that the most vital issue that folks request once selecting a replacement pad to buy. Designers are performing on pad choices for ions to decide on from apart from the standard mattress. Water beds, air beds and pillow topnotch have all compete to the buyer trying to ease their body of aches with the comfort of sleep. It took NASA engineers to create the memory foam that folks currently worth as a viable choice to the previous mattress. to create a thoughtful call between a mattress and memory foam it’s vital to grasp the professionals and cons.

Does a pad with above-average conformist ability, pressure relief, and motion isolation sound good? Then memory foam can be for you.

However, you request a pad with the bottom chance of getting initial odor, retentive heat, lacking bounce, and proscribing body movement, then you’ll need to think about a distinct pad sort.

Memory Foam vs. Latex

Both memory foam and latex square measure responsive materials which will properly cushion the body’s pressure points, though memory foam tends to hug or contour a lot of to the body. one in all the most important variations should do with resilience. Memory foam slowly regains its original type whereas latex quickly springs back. This makes a natural latex mattress feel bouncier and makes it less possible to desire you’re sinking into the fabric. due to the character of the fabric, memory foam incorporates a larger tendency to retain heat and to in some cases inhibit motion (including sex) on prime of the pad. Latex is often heavier and dearer than memory foam.

Memory Foam vs. Innerspring

Innerspring pades square measure created with a support core of metal coils and square measure the foremost ancient form of mattress. Memory foam mattresses tend to urge higher client satisfaction ratings than innersprings. for several customers, this is often as a result of memory foam mattresses square measure higher|far better} at contouring to the body than innersprings and as a result square measure sometimes better at relieving pressure points. Innerspring mattresses have a lot of bounce and have fewer problems with sleeping hot or with offgassing. Innerspring mattresses square measure sometimes more cost-effective, however several have weaker materials that square measure possible to be less sturdy than a superior, high-density memory foam pad.

Memory Foam vs. Hybrid

Like associate innerspring pad, a hybrid incorporates a support core that’s created abreast of metal coils, however a hybrid incorporates a thicker (greater than 3”) comfort layer on top of those coils. In some cases, the comfort layer during a hybrid is in reality created with memory foam. The performance of a hybrid is a lot of variable than with a memory foam pad exactly as a result of there’s a lot of diversity in their style and construction. In general, though, a hybrid can provide a lot of bounce and infrequently a lot of edge support than associate all-foam pad with memory foam. reckoning on the thickness of the comfort layer, a memory foam pad might provide a larger level of contouring.

Memory Foam vs. Gel Foam

Gel-infused foam, or gel foam, implies that there square measure either beads or swirls of a gel material interspersed among the froth. Most of the time, these are literally memory foams with the gel, however in some cases there also are gel-infused polyfoams. The goal of the gel is to assist stop heat from build up within the foam long, however there’s no accord on what quantity this gel helps during this regard.

Memory Foam pad Warranties

Warranties for memory foam mattresses typically have lengths of five, ten or twenty years. The dearer memory foam mattresses don’t essentially go together with longer / higher warranties.

  • Warranty Length And pad period of time: Owner expertise information shows that with regular everyday use, mattresses usually don’t last the length of their warranties.
  • Non-Prorated Periods: Non-prorated suggests that there’s no value to the buyer to repair or replace a defective pad, not together with transport. For 5- and 10-year warranties, the whole amount is usually non-prorated, whereas the 20-year warranties typically have solely the primary ten years non-prorated.
  • Sagging Depth: “Sagging depth” refers to what quantity (in inches) a pad should compress / sag before guarantee coverage engages; the smaller the quantity, the higher the coverage. Most memory foam beds have similar drooping coverage.
  • Softening: As memory foam mattresses age and wear, they’re going to tend to melt to some extent. this is often thought of traditional and isn’t coated below guarantee. Memory foam pad warranties, however, might cowl associate abnormal increase in softening. however in contrast to drooping, such softening isn’t outlined that seems to end in few claims associated with softening being approved. This is often a possible weakness of the warranties as softening can be even as common and difficult  as drooping.


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