MKV Video Files: Everything You Need to Know

MKV Video Files

Are you a movie and show enthusiast? In that case, having an HD video copy of your favorite movie and shows is a priority. It would also not be surprising that you run into .mkv video files now and then.

But what are .mkv video files?

Whenever we download HD videos from the internet, we often run into this video format. In some cases, we can even receive video files in an MKV format.

Despite being pickier than other multimedia formats, MKV is one of the best file formats. Do you want to learn more about this file format? Know all about MKV video files with the help of this article.

What Is an MKV Video File?

MKV or Matroska Video is a video format type that stores several subtitles and audio tracks in one file. These video files take up a small space but have high-quality video footage.

Whenever we download HD movies and TV shows, most of them use MKV. They also hold videos, movie audio, and subtitles better than other video formats. Because of that, the MKV format already functions as a universal media container.

Unlike what others believe, a .mkv file doesn’t compress audio and videos. MKV is more of a multimedia format. It works by incorporating videos, audio, and subtitles into a single file.

Although an MKV video format is remarkable on its own, these files don’t work on all kinds of devices. Not only that, but users will need a specific player to support and play them. While some players can play the video, sounds and subtitle support are unavailable.

MKV video files can hold many media files. Here are some of the file formats they can contain.

  • AVI files, including those with MP3 or AC3, XviD, 3ivX or VP6, DivX, and PCM
  • QuickTime MOV
  • MP4 files
  • Windows Media files
  • Matroska Media files
  • OGM files like FLAC and OGM
  • Audio files such as WAV, AC3, MP3, and AAC
  • Subtitle files like .srt, .ssa, and .ass

MKV files have a lot of modern features like fast file-seeking and chapter entries. These files also have selectable subtitles, audio, and video streams.

Comparing MP4 Videos With MKV

For some time now, many have been arguing about MKV and MP4. While these formats are the most well-known for videos, their differences are identifiable.

The MP4 video format is the most popular format most video files use. It’s a video format that supports different video codecs, and many modern devices use them. Like Matroska Video, MP4s have small file sizes and carry quality videos.

But these files are more difficult to soft-sub. More than that, putting different audio tracks in MP4 files is hard to do. Despite that, MP4 videos are better for streaming and support HLS streaming protocols.

While MP4 and MKV files are small, the former can get smaller in size. Because of this, MP4 files are easier to download and save more memory.

Apart from that, MP4 video formats have the support of industry associations. It also went into more checking processes to become an ISO standard. MKV format is still under consideration, despite its presence all these years.

Benefits of Using an MKV Video Format

MKV video files can only get supported by certain media players. But they still offer quality videos. Here are some of the advantages of MKV video files.

  • Flexible
  • Open and free
  • Has lossless option/ lossy
  • No region-based restrictions
  • Easy to change
  • Compact
  • Playable anywhere on any capable hardware

MKV file formats offer more features that make watching trouble-free and more comfortable. It’s also free and open software.

MKV Video Resources

Getting MKV video files on the internet is easy due to available resources. Movie enthusiasts can make MKV files from their Blu-ray and other DVD copies.

When ripping DVD copies, we first need to decrypt the Blu-ray discs and remove their BD protection. By doing that, we can watch our favorite movies in HD anywhere, anytime. This method also works for other DVDs with chapters, menus, and subtitles tracks.

Mainstream online sites like YouTube are also great resources for these files. While YouTube doesn’t support MKV formats for uploads, we can still download MKV files from the site.

Most, if not all, torrent sites are irresponsible with illegal downloads. But there’s no denying that it’s one of the biggest sites where we can download movies and TV shows in MKV format.

How to Play MKV Video Files

Many people give up on MKV video files when they don’t play well on their computers or smartphones. Since MKV is not yet an industry standard, not all media players can support the files.

Not to mention, Matroska Media files get encoded in different codecs like HEVC, AAC, and DTS. These codec differences make them unplayable on media players with specific codec installations.

For instance, players can’t play MKV videos due to codec incompatibility. When they somehow play the file, it stutters, lags, freezes, and even crashes.

But we shouldn’t get disheartened after a few unsuccessful runs. There are ways to resolve MKV errors and allow us to play MKV files on our computers and mobile devices.

Owners of Windows laptops can use any media player adapted from DirectShow for their MKV files. Some of the best MKV video players we can install are the following.

  • VLC
  • Eltima Player
  • PotPlayer
  • GOM Player
  • MPC-HC

There is also an available MKV video player Mac. MacBook users only need to choose the one that will suit their needs.

A Guide to Understanding MKV Video Files

MKV video files are great and modern multimedia file formats. However, not knowing much about this kind of video format also affects our way of dealing with it.

Learning what MKV video files are and how they work is crucial. That way, we can find easy solutions for playing and using them.

Did this article help clarify your confusion about MKV? Read more of our other blog posts to get relevant information from different topics.



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