Top 6 Money Earning Apps on Android for Online Income

money earning apps

You’ve often heard that smartphones and social media have caused a lot of trouble in our lives. It is also known as a blessing as well as a curse in recent times. How do you perceive this concept of boon and curse?

If you think that smartphones are a curse and cause wastage of time then you should definitely read this article. Yes, here we discuss the money earning apps available on the android platform. You can download these applications on your android smartphone from the Google Playstore and earn money online.

Best Money Earning Apps on Android

Who doesn’t want some extra money in their bank account or in their online payment bank such as PayPal, Paytm, etc? To earn this extra bit of income you just need to download these amazing applications which are available in the Google Playstore. Do not worry as all the transactions are highly secured and you won’t be cheated in any means. Here is a briefing about these applications so that you can learn more about them.

1. Ebates

Ebates is known as one of the best money making application on the Playstore among other such apps. The app was introduced in the year 1999. In the category of money earning apps, this is an industry staple. Ebates has gifted around $1 billion cashback to the users. This application can help you use in-store coupons and compare prices and win cash backs on purchasing goods through the application.

Using the application is very easy. Ebates has a total of 2500+ retailers who showcase their goods for sale. As you purchase goods from these retailers, you earn a percentage of cashback through the purchase. Further, the app has in-store coupons which help you get the best deal.

Apart from all these, there is another perk of using this application. This is the quarterly earning you get through the app. After you sign up for the first time and start using it, you will get paid quarterly. This, in turn, will help you earn up to $5.01. Once you’ve earned this much, the quarterly payment will stop, but you can continue getting cash backs through purchasing goods.

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2. Shopkick

Another amazing shopping app which can help you earn money is Shopkick. Have you ever imagined that you will get paid for shopping? Well, this is like a dream come true for women. Shopkick offers gift cards for every purchase you make. To shop from Shopkick, you just need to download the application from the Google Playstore on your android smartphone.

Now you just need to walk into the store you wish to shop from. It is not necessary you have to buy though. Next, you need to scan the barcode of the products you wish to buy. Now check whether the store accepts Shopkick linked card or not. If yes then you just need to swipe the card to earn rewards. Besides all this, you can also shop from online stores and purchase goods from the Shopkick partners.

3. Foap

Well, it doesn’t have to be a shopping application to earn money. Here is Foap, an app which allows you to earn money by selling your photographs and videos. This is a great initiative for aspiring videographers and photographers to start their career. Foap aims at creating opportunities for budding photographers and videographers by providing a platform to showcase their work.

When you upload a photo or video on Foap, there are agencies and buyers who will bid for your work. The amount for which your work is sold will be divided into two equal parts. 50% of which will go to Foap app while you will get the remaining 50% amount.

Additionally, you can sell one photo or video more than once which is a great way to yield more money for one work. To enjoy the services of Foap, you just need to download the app from the Google Playstore. Further, there are photography and video projects hosted by Foap which can help you earn hundreds of dollars.

4. Google Opinion Rewards

Opinions do matter and this is what Google will pay you for. The world-famous search engine Google has an application called Google Opinion Rewards. Among many money earning apps available in the Google Playstore, this one is the most trustworthy.

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Through this application, you get to do a general survey about hotels, restaurants, TV shows, shopping malls, retailers, merchants, and more. For each survey Google will pay you something in between $0.10 to $1. The payment will be credited through PayPal or Google Play credits to your bank account.

5. iPoll

The iPoll is quite similar to the Google Opinion Rewards as this too is a survey app. To get started you just need to download the application and provide some personal information. There are certain missions that you need to complete to earn money through the application. These missions are generally visiting stores, testing products, clicking pictures and uploading them in the application. You can redeem your earnings from the iPoll website. These earnings are provided in terms of gift cards, discount vouchers, airline ticket vouchers, etc.

6. SlideJoy

The joy of sliding is rewarded by SlideJoy. Your smartphone lock screen is the key to your earning. Yes, you read it right. We often see lots of ads in online videos, multi-player online games, and more. Now, these ads will start rolling on your lock screen when you download SlideJoy. A study suggests that on an average a person unlocks his or her phone 75 to 85 times a day.

SlideJoy is an ad running application which pays you for viewing ads on your smartphone. If you swipe right on the lock screen, you go to the lock screen. When you slide left, you get information on the ad you view. If you slide up, you get to see more ads on the lock screen. For each ad you view, you earn Carats. A total of 1000 Carats will fetch you $1 which will be credited to your account the very next day. Further, these ads running on your lock screen will not consume your battery too.

Final thoughts

All these applications are free apps and you don’t have to buy any of them. Besides, the entire process of earning rewards is completely secure. So if you are ready for some extra earning, you can try any of the applications listed above.


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