An Informational Read About The Most Effective Amazon Advertising Tips


You are planning to open an Amazon store! And that’s apparently why you have been here; reading about top Amazon advertising tips which are just borderline magic!

Indeed, Amazon is one such platform where opening a store is pretty fast and easy. What becomes difficult (a little bit) is gaining the exposure. So many sellers are advertising the same product in versatile ways! Maybe, that’s the reason why starters neither acquire best seller ranking nor the chance to win a buy box! The best way you can have things sorted and sell on the platform is by leveraging Amazon ad campaigns.

What are Amazon ads?

Amazon offers three ad formats, and as a started in this field you are bound to be familiar with it! The first ad format is called Amazon Sponsored Product Ads. As a third-party seller, this is the most common ad format to use. This ad format virtually blends in well with rest of listings. It gives customers the idea that the product hasn’t been listed at top of the search results because it’s useful or popular, but, it has been so, because it’s a paid ad! The other two ad formats are referred to as Amazon product ads (or product display ads) and Amazon headline search ads.

Want to know more about Amazon advertising tips? Keep reading on!

Top Effective Amazon advertising tips to Help Optimize Amazon Campaign and Cut Cost

Nothing unlike other ad campaigns, it requires acquiring technical knowledge to run it. These effective Amazon advertising tips will help optimize Amazon campaign and at the same time save your money.

  • Opting for manual process but testing with automatic target

It always remains pivotal to keep control over the campaigns, for it allows making price-friendly decisions for the business. There are instances, nevertheless, where the automatic features are handy to deal with. You’ll have to be sure of performing a survey for the keywords, since key research is always requisite!

Automatic target campaigns give you the license to test market and find out the search terms that people use finding products similar to yours. Set up an automatic target campaign like the way of the manual one!

  • Using match types

The concept of match types and using it would be easy to comprehend in case you’re already familiar with what Google AdWords are all about! A quite similar to Google AdWords, Amazon ads uses phrases, broad, and exact! It navigates the match types in order to refine targeting.

The key here is simple, use a combination of match types for ultra-target and reach buyers with high level of buying intent.

  • Include target keywords in product listings

One of the most important Amazon advertising tips is ensuring that your product listing includes the target keywords is something that you need to pay attention to. For, customers always want relevant results when they search online. Since paid and organic traffic have one thing in common (they offer amazing user experience), you should avoid showing your Amazon ad without related information! In case it occurs, the ad would never seem related to the landing page!

Relevancy occurs when you prove to Amazon that your ads are related to the landing page. So, how do you do that? Simply by incorporating related keywords to your ads!

  • Organizing the campaigns

An organized campaign requires a structure. A structure which is vital for running successful yet budget-friendly campaigns! Or else, the campaign becomes messy and run the risk of spending more money than required! You have to make sure to cut the cost where it is possible. Say for example, spending more on clicks doesn’t make sense when you can do that at a cost-effective budget!

Multiple debatable ways are there for organizing campaign structures. But what remains the basic logic is to use related keywords with the group products. In addition to that, you can even organize the campaigns by brand, category, or even top seller!

  • Here comes the long-tail keywords

Again, one of the most essential Amazon advertising tips is using long-tail keywords! You know that your ad requires incorporating the primary keywords. Say for example, your product is a camping bag. The keyword is ‘camping bag’. But, what do you mean by long-tail keywords? To put things simply, these are the terms used before the primary keyword. Like, small camping bag, or cheap camping bag! By incorporating it would help you make ultra-targeted approach!

  • Restricting ads by offering irrelevant search

Here’s another, one of the most important Amazon advertising tips! Nothing unlike AdWords, Amazon ad too offers the “block” option for ads from showing specific searches via negative keywords. For instance, if you sell sandals and not sneakers, you would add the word ‘sneakers’ as the negative keyword! A user, thus, can find the ad while searching for sandals! But customers won’t see the ad while looking for sneakers online.

  • Finding key data for increasing conversions

If the interface of AdWords or Google Analytics was not user-friendly and you thought they were difficult to use, you can think otherwise after using Amazon! Platforms offer comparable functionalities! But Amazon can be messy concerning manual data retrieval. To use it effectively, you have to download the search-term report and then discover those keyword searches which retrieved the ads. Pay more attention to organizing the data in the report to visualize search terms and filter out them accordingly!

  • Time for optimizing it

Now that you know the above-mentioned Amazon advertising tips, here goes the last (apparently in this list) one! Initially, it might take long time to check the campaign results. You have to be patient to wait and see results right before making any optimization. You can use advertising settings like budget caps which allows you stay within your budget; thereby prevent any overspending while checking the results. Some key results that you should check are keywords impressions & keywords bids!

You have to ensure that the ads come with enough budgets so that it can get impressions. If not so, the ads can show often for generating conversions. And indirectly, it would hurt your campaign performance and at the same time decrease the chance of beating crucial competition!

These are some Amazon advertising tips that you can follow in order to optimize Amazon campaigns and save your budget!


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