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Our mobile devices have evolved over the years to primarily become multimedia devices, and whilst hardware changes haven’t come as quickly as some has hoped keeping many of the games we play a little more simple in design, that doesn’t mean the top choices aren’t solid options however as mobile gaming in particular has seen a huge amount of growth – the change of audience means a much wider demographic is now interested as women over the age of 34 now make up half of all mobile players, but which are the most popular genres in mobile gaming and which types of app stand out more than others?


Gambling apps on the rise – Over the past year in particular, there has been a shift as many Online Cricket Betting ID services have been able to find their way onto different app marketplaces and is something expected to continue as online casinos and betting sites thrive and many services like here with this Barbados casino for example the growth doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. Many services have also found success in recent weeks too as they’ve found a lot more representation in streamed media through the likes of Twitch with long viewer hours and a growing number of streamers in the space. 

Puzzle often tops the list – With the more casual nature of mobile gaming, simple games that you can click in and out of without requiring a large amount of time dedication like those above certainly work the best, and this is often why puzzle games are amongst the favourites too. They provide a way for players to have short bursts of play without losing progress or the need to commit large amounts of time and will likely always remain towards the top of the list for the most popular app gaming genres for this same reason. 

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Battle Royale is finding its way up the list – Following the huge success initially on PC, the biggest battle royale games in Fortnite and PUBG make up the majority of the mobile esports scene as it currently stands, and whilst the games do require more dedication and are a lot more difficult that other entries on the list, for those that aren’t looking for an experience as casual, it is a great option. Having additional peripherals to make the games easier to play certainly helps too, as the touch screen can take a little away from the experience from time to time.

Mobile gaming will only continue to change moving forward too as it becomes the home of handheld gaming, and as our changing devices allow for more complex and more exciting games to be played and accessed as a whole which may only further change the most popular genres further.

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