Top 10 Movies Like Don’t Breathe To Watch In 2022 And Beyond

movies like don't breathe
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Don’t breathe is a super tight thriller movie. Do you love watching movies playing in real-time? There are many films available to watch in the category where Don’t Breathe lies. Don’t breathe is a thriller movie to keep people’s hearts beating fast. So, if you want to watch movies that make your heart beat faster, go along with this article. We have listed the ten best movies like don’t breathe to watch in 2022 and beyond. These movies are all thriller and will make you involved and feel the real scary and thriller experience. Let us start with Don’t breathe.

Here are top movies like don’t breathe to watch in 2022

Don’t Breathe 2016:

Don’t breathe movie is based on home invasion idea with more of a super thriller experience and tense. People who want to watch movies like Don’t Breathe are, of course, a fan of these types of thriller films. Fede Alvarez released don’t breathe in 2016. It was a new and original story that premiered at the south by Southwest film festival in 2016 before it came to theatres.

In this movie, the characters break into one house where they thought to find a fortune. They were three criminals to steal something from the house. However, they didn’t know that even though the homeowner was blind, he had prepared to protect his home. So, this film is super thriller and entertaining at the same time, being an original story.

Top 10 Movies Like Don’t Breathe To Watch In 2022:

The best films like don’t breathe, including several movies. You can watch SciFis, horror actions, monster movies, ghost movies, creatures, and many more. So, if you don’t have an idea about films like don’t breathe, watch these ten movies.


You can watch this film on Vudu and Prime Videos. If you like movies with a few locations, a good plot, and the effectiveness of turns, it is the best movie to watch. It’s one of the most home invasion horror films of all time. Here, you can see some shapeless interlopers create terror at the couple’s house.

Them | Official Teaser Trailer | Prime Video - YouTube

You will not feel bored even though the scenes are longer than usual. There are many scares and terrific turns of the storyline. So, it had created a significant impact on the audience for the category of home invasion films.

The Strangers:

If you are looking for a more solid home invasion movie, watch strangers. In this story, a couple returns from the wedding reception. They took a break at a vacation house for the night. They came to know the presence of three strangers in the middle of the night. So they needed to do is fight back to secure their survival.

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The movie is quite a straightforward home invasion thriller. So, if you are ready for action-thriller home invasion films, watch The Strangers.


Crawl is available to watch at Hulu. The story starts with two people in the home, a father and his daughter get trapped in their old family home. The reason for this incident was a hurricane. It also encouraged the alligators who came to their home because of the blooded area. It makes the film thriller and scary to worry about the father and his daughter.

Can you imagine that you and your father or daughter are in your home, but the house has uninvited Guests alligators because of the flooded area, and there is a hurricane outside waiting for you to leave your home?

Blue Ruin:

Do you want to make a movie on a limited budget? You can watch Blue Ruin. The story is of a boy who has lost contact with his sister after their parents’ death. Ten years ago, their parents were murdered. After the killer had been released from prison, the boys wanted to take revenge. Everything that happened came into his mind. And he reminded him badly he killed their parents.

So, he plans to take revenge. If you love action-thriller movies, watch this film, and then let us know what you think about the story and plot.

Deadly Games:

You can watch deadly games on Shudder and AMC+. It is a french action horror movie like don’t breathe. A man visits the boy’s home in a dress of Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. Do you have watched the movie Home Alone and its sequel? You’ll get the same entertainment from this film. Here boy traps these guys.

Deadly Games' is the Christmas Horror Movie You're Probably Going to Fall in Love With This Holiday Season - Bloody Disgusting
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But what the audience thinks is that Deadly Games is more violent than MacCauley Culkin. Of course, it means the boy wasn’t so kind to those guys, and they were not to the boy.

You’re Next:

You’re next to is available on Hulu. Have you ever had an awkward family dinner? This movie shows what happens when it occurs. There was an awkward family dinner inside a remote mansion. There were many guests having dinner. Suddenly, some armed men behind animal masks attacked them. You can say that they are similar to thieves in Don’t Breathe.

They were trespassing but didn’t know that one of the guests was a trained survivalist. She was a woman with an assortment of weapons that took on those killers. Don’t you think it’s great to see a powerful fighter woman taking those killers? Of course, and so, go and watch this movie.


Do you still need to know more deadliest movies and home invasion films? Watch Hush. Here, you can see an impaired woman. There is a suspecting chess match experience. Can you believe it? A dead and mute writer lives in the woods for a solitary life.

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However, she becomes too aggressive and dangerous when she finds some masked killers arrive. So, it becomes a terrifying nightmare for killers when they sew her like that. You can not say the movie has copied content. No! The story, script, and craft are original. So, you can watch new content like don’t breathe.

The Collector:

You can watch The Collector on Tubi, Pluto TV, Vudu, and Prime Video. This movie shows a handyman, Arkin, with severe debt. So, he takes on a wealthy family where he works. So, he tries to mischief the home at night and finds several deadly traps in the house. Of course, the entire movie is not like don’t breathe.

However, if you like movies of the category Home Invasion, it can be a good experience. So, we have included this film in our list of movies like don’t breathe.

Green Room:

Do you watch movies like cat and mouse thrillers? If yes, you should give Green Room a try. Here, you can see a Punk Rock Band finds themselves at the wrong place at the wrong time. This movie is slightly slow, but you can imagine how cat and mouse films go. So, if you want to find films like don’t breathe, watch Green Room.

It is a horrific murder story where Punk Rock Band has to fight back against the skinhead negative people of the movie. Have you ever imagined what happens if band traps in some horrifying situation?

Bad Samaritan:

In this movie, you can see two thieves who wanted to get more than they bargained. So, they entered a house one night while being on the Job. One of them was a car valet that broke into the wealthy house of Patron Cale. He found a woman called Katie held captive. So, the idea to steal expensive things turns into a home invasion thriller experience.

If you want to know it turned out for that thief, watch Bad Samaritan today. You can find more films in this category. However, we have listed on ten best movies like don’t breathe.

Bad Samaritan (2018)
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Frequently Asked Questions:

What Movies Can I Watch Like Don’t Breathe?

Any movies that include the concept of a home invasion thriller story are like don’t breathe. You can try watching as many movies as could and figure out how they all differ. Moreover, films like creatures, unknown guests, thieves, deadly homeowners, and many more are great to enjoy.

How Many Movies Are Watchable For Home Invasion Category?

There are hundreds of movies like the film don’t breathe available to watch. You can search on the internet and learn about other films that we have not included in this list.

What Movies Are Best Of All Time For Home Invasion Category?

The movies we have included are born, old and new. However, old movies are also more thriller and scary, even if released in years and decades. So, you don’t have to skip old movies.

Wrapping Up:

Have you watched these ten movies like don’t breathe? If you love watching films like don’t breathe, which would increase your heartbeats, you must watch these horror and thriller movies. Moreover, any action movies in the category of creatures, mansions, guests, murders, and storms, includes, home-trapped people, are great to watch. Many people don’t know how many categories are there for films like don’t breathe. So, we have explained everything that you needed to know.


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