Top 10 Movies Like Fault In Our Stars To Watch In 2022 And Beyond

movies like fault in our stars
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Do you want to watch movies like the fault in our stars? In this article, we will share the names of the top 10 movies. You can watch if you enjoyed the fault in our stars. This list includes ten movies from Hollywood classics to new films, romantic drama, and more. If you have watched The Fault In Our Stars, you will be curious to know more about others films like this movie. It has created a huge impact on the box office. So, are you ready to watch more movies similar to the fault in our stars? Let us start this article.

Why Do You Need More Movies Like Fault In Our Stars?

How 'The Fault in Our Stars' became a cult sensation
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The fault in our stars is one of the greatest movies in the category of romance, drama, heartbreaks, and must-watch movies. Fans appreciated this film a lot and want to know more names. So, they are voting for movies and want to watch more films from the genre romance and drama. You may watch these movies on Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Prime Videos, Disney Plus, and more platforms.

The Fault In Our Stars

This movie stars Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort. The fault in our stars is one of the most popular movies due to the plot and storyline. In this movie, one girl meets a boy. But they don’t have a destined love! The reason is a fatal affliction. We know that teens and adults fall in love and get heartbreaks. That’s what is told in this movie with a mature screenplay and meaningful storyline.

Top 10 Movies Like Fault In Our Stars:

We discussed that the fault in our stars is one of the most popular romantic drama movies. So, it means there are hundreds of other films you can watch. However, it is not convenient for anyone to watch these many films. So, we have filtered out the ten best movies to watch if you liked the fault in our stars. So, get ready for this emotional journey to 10 movies to watch, like the fault in our stars.

My Suggestions:

The films in this list will connect with your heart at emotionally intimate levels. So, get ready to go on an emotional rollercoaster ride. You can get some popcorns and keep a tissue handy to clean your eyes and soak the tears. Of course, these movies are entertaining. But what you need to know is they will emotionally connect to your heart. That’s why tissue paper is a must to dry your eyes and clean your tears. Here we start with the first movie.

Remember Me:

In this movie, Robert Pattinson plays a young man who fights against his father to make his way to this world. However, the boy falls in love with a young girl named Ally. Emilie De Ravin played this role. The boy started feeling love for her. Do you know this romance didn’t have a happy ending? Of course, this is a movie like a fault in our stars. So, it couldn’t have a happy ending. Now, you may be wondering what happened to them. Right? But we don’t want to spoil your experience. So, go and watch it yourself.

Paper Towns:

One of the most popular and fantastic movies is paper towns. If you have watched the fault in our stars and willing to watch more movies like the romantic film the fault in our stars, this can be a great experience to watch this film. It will take you on a real adventure. Here, a hero of this film, Quentin, spends his time chasing the paper trail to find his crush. Her name is Margo. Quentin gathers a group of friends to set his goals to find out about her. You can watch this film like the fault in our stars.

My Sister’s Keeper:

Once you watch this movie, you will have tears in your eyes. It is the story of one young girl. She was diagnosed with leukemia and goes through ream tough time. So, when you watch teens suffering from diseases like leukemia, you can not stop yourself from crying. She got one sister, and their parents wanted her to give her organs to keep her alive. Of course, it’s a family movie. Still, you can find a young love story in this film. It is the reason why this movie is on the list of ten best movies similar to your favorite one.

Love & Other Drugs:

Love & Other Drugs (2010) | Radio Times
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In this film, you can see Anne Hathaway playing Maggie Murdock. She meets one guy Jamie Randall who is running a pharmaceutical. The girl has some early-onset Parkison’s. After their meet, they come into the relationship. They find themselves happy souls to meet each other. However, it is a movie, and there is no happy ending. They went through hard times. If you want to watch some movies like the fault in our stars, live & other drugs can be one of the best films in this category.

Me Before You:

Do you love watching a tragic love story? Emilia Clarke and Sam Claflin have played the best roles in this film. This film is from the genre rom-com. So, you can expect some boldness in this movie. However, the male character was paralyzed in this film. So, he was waiting for his death, but she came into his life like a sunrise and changed his mind. Moreover, he also wished to change her life too. So, one of the must-watch movies from romantic and drama genres is Me Before You that you should watch.

P.S. I Love You:

Do you like watching movies like tragedy romance? Then go to watch P.S. I Love You, and in this film, Holly Kennedy, played by a female actress (Hilary Swank). She followed her late husband Gerry’s love letters. You can call it an emotional love story and heart-touching. If you like movies like self-discovery, you can watch this Movie. This movie shows that Gerry pushes his wife t to become strong and tough. So, you can say it’s one of the greatest motivational love stories that you can watch.

Perks Of Being A Wallflower:

You can see a combination of love, romance, friendship, and learnings of maturity in this film. It touches on some critical subjects like suicide. So, if you think you are a teen and want to grow maturity, you can watch this movie. It’s one of the best movies like the fault in our stars and inspiring to the young audience. So, they can grow up and avoid cheap acts like suicide for their love failures. You can also suggest this movie to other people.

The Big Sick:

The movie The Big Sick is full of comedy, drama, and romance. Call it is a story of two lovers that have been facing odds. These two lovers are from different cast and religions. So, they find their relationship not be acceptable because of race and religion. Moreover, the female character develops a sudden life-threatening illness. Then she goes into a coma.

The Big Sick – Official US Trailer | Amazon Studios - YouTube
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Do you know this film is based on the real-life love story of Kumail and his Wife Emily? Yes, it is. This film is too heart-touching. Do you think it will have a happy ending? Think again! You can go and watch this film to see what happens next.

Me and Earl & The Dying Girl

Are you still looking for movies like the fault in our stars? Have you heard of something like Me and Earl & the dying girl? In this movie, a senior in high school becomes an inseparable friend with his junior girl. The boy is known to be an awkward high school senior. Do you love watching a movie where some juniors and seniors have love stories? If you like this kind of movie, then this one is for you. Once you watch this film, do not forget to let us know your reviews and how much did you enjoy this movie.

Endless Love:

It is the last film on our list of the ten best movies similar to the fault in our stars, but you can say it is not the least. Several hundreds of films like this are available to watch and have tears in your eyes. Here, the story is also of a high school student Jade Butterfield. She became the lover of David Elliot. He is one of the working class youth having troubles in his life. So, they quickly fell in love with each other, but her father didn’t agree to their relationship. So, these teens went for an intense affair with each other because of the parents’ disagreement.

Wrapping Up:

Did you find some of the best movies like the fault in our stars? In this list, we have covered the ten most heart-touching and heart-breaking Romantic drama movies. So, you need to keep tissue papers ready to clean your tears. Now, go and watch these movies and share your feedback with us.


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