List of best multiplayer online games that are the future of eSports Industry

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After decades of offline betting and a career as a sportsperson, the digital era has finally opened new doors of opportunities for gamers to win big. Do you know? Each year, over 95 million online viewers watch esports tournaments on bookkeeping websites. The phenomenally growing eSports industry has a fantastic touch of success for gamers. However, when we talk about gaming, we often think of small game championships like PUBG. But that’s not it. According to our research, the best multiplayer online game eSports tournament’s prize money has crossed 200 million USD. What are these games? Let’s find out: 

#1: Dota 2 (2013) – International Tournaments

To begin with, Dota Two is one of the most complex games launched in the 2000s. Since its launch in 2013, Dota 2 games still have challenging loopholes that will surprise gamers to their very core. Do you know? Dota 2 comes with thousands of mechanics where gamers have the highest potential of participating in the most challenging battles of all time. To the reader’s surprise, each year, Dota 2 tournament prize money goes up. According to our research, each year, 10 teams in total participate in Dota 2 eSports. Among these 10 teams with five members, each has the chance to win 225 million USD. 

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#2: CSGO (2012) – ESL Pro League

CSGO or popularly known as the Counter-Strike Global Offensive game originally launched in 2012, hasn’t lost its charm after 9 years. Each year, this eSport attracts over 24 million gamers, including those who play in teams and join international tournaments. This game comes with multiple mechanics. For example, in each tournament, two teams of five members each stand as opposed to each other in the best of 30 matches. 

A team that wins the final game goes home with 96.5 million dollars worth of prize money. One team comes under the category of “terrorist,” and the second one is “counter terrorist.”” It is also one of the reasons why CSGO is so popular. And to your surprise, it is also free to play now. It has been a part of the ESL Pro League for the past 7 seasons. 

#3: League of Legends (2009) – World Championship

With all the rankings given above, you must think that all the best multiplayer games have launched before 2015. Well! You will be more surprised at this one because league of Legends indeed launched in 2009. The popularity of this game is robust in Asia and spread all over the world. Apart from the popularity of the game, its plot is mesmerizing. In the LOL world championship, a total of 24 teams participated. In the finale, two teams face each other in combat. Each team plays to destroy the “nexus” of the other team. However, the challenging part is whenever a team member dies in the game. It reappears in the base where the nexus exists. Henceforth, making the game much more complicated. 

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LoL Esports World Championship offers over 75 million USD as a reward to the winning team. 

#4: Player’s Unknown Battleground (2017) PUBG Global Championship

PUBG may sound overrated. However, in reality, it is one of the most mesmerizing gameplays of all time in the history of eSports. In 2021, the prize pool for PUBG will have crossed 20 million USD. The most surprising yet entertaining part of the game is that over 100 players play on the field at a time. What’s more? As a PUBG player, you can enter the PUBG Global Championship as a solo gamer, team player, etc. Apart from this, if you are a newcomer when it comes to PUBG, you will have a great time unfolding its historical storyline as you go ahead in the game. 

#5: Hearthstone (2014) – World Championship

Hearthstone is last on our list. However, it is not the least thanks to its most entertaining storyline and unbeatable graphics. The amazing part is that hearthstone is not just a game based on winning combats. Instead, it is also a game of mind where players are required to find their capabilities by using turn-based cards. Prize money for this outstanding gameplay is 21 million USD. With all stated, if you are a pro card player, you shouldn’t wait to sign up for the Hearthstone world championship. 

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