New Champion Trailer Hints at Aphelios’ Weapons: Here’s What You Can Expect


Riot Games launched a new Champion trailer and with that, fans cannot sit back and not predict! With rumors and anticipations doing its roundabout this new installment expected to see the lights of the day no sooner than later! So, with the new trailer, fandom knows that there would be a new champion in the near future!

With the launch of this new Champion trailer; there’s a power-packed complex kit primer that Riot has also released for the forthcoming LOL champion Aphelios!

With that, fans know that Aphelios is expected to be joining this game as the newest marksman of MOBA. It will be uring the time of December. His potentials are really far from that of the traditional marksman. Nevertheless, it becomes easier for him to use them in both off-hands as well as main-hand positions.

New Champion Trailer

From the Champion Trailer, it evidently hints at the interesting weapons that aren’t used for one purpose! The different weapons are basically for different purposes and come with different abilities. However, these weapons also give different passives as well as different attacks for follow-ups to the future hero’s ultimate!

Apart from Moonlight Vigil or Aphelios’ ultimate, he has the ability on the Q which changes named that is based on the used weapons! From the Champion trailer, it is pointed out that E would not be there! On the other hand, the W will be switching the off-had weapon that doesn’t have anything to do with the follow-up attacks! It gives a number of boosts to the ability of Q. Aphelios doesn’t choose the weapon to use at different times. Nevertheless, since the weapons can switch automatically, the ammo is entirely used. HUD is a special ability indicating that the changes are designed for the new champions!

A Total Of 5 Weapons Used – Different Weapons For Different Purposes!

Aphelios makes the best use of a total of five weapons which are Severum, Calibrum, Infernum, Gravitum, as well as Crescendo. Now comes the different aspects of different weapons. So, what do fans know about the weapons? To know more, keep reading on!

First comes Calibrum! Calibrum happens to be the rifle having an additional range that can mark the enemies hit. With off-hand attacks, it deals damage and marks explode. Q (Moonshot) happens to be a damaging skill shot! This particular weapon also focuses on harass and poke and even follow-up attack to the Moonlight Vigil to give additional damage on the marks.

Next comes the scythe pistol, which is the Severum! It is that weapon that is used to sustain. It heals the damages of Aphelios! The Q or Onslaught is the fires shots right at the closest enemy that is from both the weapons. The use of Moonlight Vigil helps follow-up with the flat heal.

Aphelios’ Weapons

The next weapon is named as Gravitum which happens to be the utility cannon. With this, attacking enemies can apply slow and this gets turned into global root upon using Q or Eclipse. As a matter of fact, the ultimate is presumed to increase the slow.

The flamethrower of Athelios happens to be Infernum. And that’s the reason why it is also used for the AoE damage as well as wave clear. It even deals damage and also creates damaging cones right behind the ones hitting, thereby allowing in affecting the enemy teams or minion wave.

With the help of Q or Duskwave, it fires the flame, and it gets followed by off-hand attacks too. Moonlight Vigil will be changing damaging cones to the circles. the last comes Crescendum! Crescendum, a chakram, is a boomerang-similar DPS weapon. When the abilities of Crescendum or a follow-up attack damages the enemy, it gives rise to copies, thereby increasing basic attacks with every enemy hit. After ultimate, the damage will increase to about three champions hit.

Right before the triggering of the five plausible and boosted attacks, Moonlight Vigil would fire the bomb sticking to the initial champion hit! It will deal with damage across them when it gets detonated!

Aphelios – Riot’s most complex champion by far

With the capabilities set potentially different than other things that League players have been used to so far (even the requirement of its HUD), no wonder that Riot presented Aphelios as champion with a skill ceiling that gamers have already witnessed as of now. So, if you wish to start off with mastering it with patch 9.24, you need to wait for a couple of days! The scheduled date is set for December 11, 2019. And much to the knowledge of fans, it is going to be the last and final patch for the year 2019!

The Champion Trailer for Aphelios: The Weapon of the Faithful is recently launched and with that fans already got hold of information that was necessary for the knowledge of the entire fandom. Apart from the information on the kit, gamers can expect three stats about the level-ups – Attack Speed; Attack Damage; as well as Bonus Armor Pen!

As of now, no other information is provided! The only thing that gamers are excited about is the interesting weapons that have been spotted in the trailer. So, in case you are someone really excited about the Aphelios, you can wait for further rumors and anticipations to surface in the recent future.


So, now that you know everything about the Champion trailer and interesting weapons that Aphelios: The Weapon of the Faithful is going to feature, here’s counting days for the next installment. If you are eager to know more about the news and rumors, then you can keep watching this space to be familiar with the expected features that it is going to incorporate in the future game. Thus, this compiles everything to know about Aphelios: The Weapon of the Faithful and when it is going to get launched! You can expect to get further news and rumors on this front! To know more, keep watching this space until more such news surface here!


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