What are the new features on the Instagram Explore Page?


Want to know what are the new features on explore page of Instagram? If yes then this post is for you. Instagram explore page is a great feature for businesses as this feature is designed to help the users and brands to boost Instagram post engagement and gain exposure with a little effort. Instagram recently rolled out its new explore page and add some new topic channels. Also, Shopping feed, IGTV videos, and Instagram stories are also a part of the new Instagram explore page. 

What’s New on Instagram Explore Page?

Instagram has been working to make its Explore page more customized to each user. When you click to view your explore page on your Instagram profile, you will see that it is different than your brother’s explore page because it is because it’s precisely personalized to help you find new posts that you ‘ll love and based on what you already like to view on this platform. There are some new features that are good to use for brands.

Instagram Stories:

The Instagram explore page will showcase tailored Instagram stories recommendations for you like explore page recommends feed posts based on the topics you like the most. Now you can click through and view the stories from Instagram accounts that you haven’t followed them but are perhaps similar to these accounts that you do follow or engage with their stories.

New Topic Channels:

At the start of 2019, Instagram launched a new feature named topic channel on explore page. Instagram wanted to give a new way to their users to explore content around their particular interest. According to studies, more than 200 million visits explore page to explore new ideas and find inspiration for their own posts every single day. So Instagram organizes these posts by topic channels to make it easy for users. You can explore a lot of personalized posts to your interests such as Music, Art, science, Fashion, Lifestyle and more.

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IGTV Videos:

The good news is that IGTV videos have their own dedicated space on Instagram explore page. The vloggers and brands can get the most out of this new feature. When you tapping through the IGTV, you can see the new IGTV videos of the channels you follow. You can also view the recommended videos from the video creators that you haven’t follow. Using IGTV on explore page, Instagram is driving more video content on this image-sharing site.

Shopping Channel:

Introducing a shopping channel on explore page is not great news for businesses but also a great move by Instagram. On explore page, shopping channel has a dedicated section where people can shop anything they like from the brands they follow or discover on Instagram.

If you want to get on the explore page, try to curate content for the above features. You could soon see to rise in your following count and boost engagement when people will explore your Instagram stories, videos, feed posts on their explore feed. Also, consider purchasing Instagram followers and likes to increase your exposure across this platform.

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